► World of Tanks: RNGesus #8 – Ameno!

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks RNGesus series. World of Tanks RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments Compilation Video Series. World of Tanks RNG Moments / Derp Moments.

► Once again:
1) Upload your to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know what happened and when it happened.

Your weekly dose of RNG is here, take a look at another segment of epic shots, amazing jumps and super hardcore RNG… RNGesus episode 8 is here! There is only one rule – ENJOY!

PS! If you sent your clip last week, you are still able to win, because I have created a little “backup” for myself with clips!

► In this episode, once again, I am going to be able to give away premium tank codes to everyone who are sending me RNG clips:
4 x T-127, garage slot, 300 gold, 3 days of premium!

Feedback is always #1 information to see what you think about it, so please do that. Comment, Like, Dislike… whatever helps me to see your reaction.

Now sit back and enjoy the video!


  1. 3:28 wouldn’t that shot be nearly impossible to get without that mod??

  2. ARGH… that +PointyHairedJedi Sith master Conq ON THE EFFING MOVE clip
    again… who’s paying my shrinks bill this time? The nightmares had nearly
    stopped :(

  3. Without question the best series of any channel. Great work and I’m
    already looking forward to the next one. Whoever gives this a thumbs down
    must be riding the short bus.

  4. Dez hats off to you man!
    Absolutely amazing videos nd especially the editing is gr8!Keep it up! :-)

  5. few weeks ago i got hit by fv4005 for 2134 in my is-7, unfortunately my hdd
    broke :(

  6. its normal because i think that wot is not a finished game, its only a

  7. Christopher De vries

    Do you think shooting at one artillery and hitting another invisible arty
    and killing it would get in?

  8. Jedi sold his soul cause of that

  9. Hey Dez I sent an email through to you just want to know if you got it

  10. I’ve been playing WRONG the whole time. I should be aiming at non lit tanks
    and at people across the map.

  11. 10k Subs No Videos?

    wait, was that GW Tiger using 9.10? If so wheeere did they get the battle
    assistant mod? ;-;

  12. I knew you’re gonna use video from Jedi. :D

  13. Can you say if you saw a replay from a amx 50 100 with 3 ammo racks from
    the same player???

  14. SovietTenkDestroyer


  15. that live stream with jedis kill was awesome that game though was
    astounding, best stream ive watched in a little while.

  16. Bro wtf, I’ve sent my replay like a month ago and still haven’t seen it.
    Last RNG videos super tired was best for it. ???

  17. After hours of going through replays and editing, it is done… RNGesus
    episode 8 is here!
    Hope you enjoy!

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