► World of Tanks: Road To STRV 103B Start Now! – Low Tiers

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World of Swedish Tank Destroyer Line. World of Tanks Swedish Tanks – Tank Destroyers. World of Tanks Road To STRV 103B Series.

World of Tanks patch 9.17 update is up and running on all servers, finally. Patch 9.17 was very big patch, it came with a lot of buffs to the premium tanks, new HD models, new features and the main thing of course… New ! From now on we have full tech tree of Swedish tanks. Today I am going to start my journey to the tank destroyer Strv 103B. In today's episode I am going to play with tier 1 tank “Strv fm/21”, tier 2 tank destroyer “Pvlvv fm/42” and tier 3 tank destroyer “Ikv 72”.

But let me know if you would like to see anything like this in the future as well!


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