► World of Tanks: Road To STRV 103B Start Now! – Low Tiers

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Swedish Tank Destroyer Line. World of Tanks Swedish Tanks – Tank Destroyers. World of Tanks Road To STRV 103B Series.

patch 9.17 update is up and running on all servers, finally. Patch 9.17 was very big patch, it came with a lot of buffs to the premium tanks, new HD models, new features and the thing of course… New nation! From now on we have full tech tree of Swedish tanks. Today I am going to start my journey to the tank destroyer Strv 103B. In today’s episode I am going to with tier 1 light tank “Strv fm/21”, tier 2 tank destroyer “Pvlvv fm/42” and tier 3 tank destroyer “Ikv 72”.

But let me know if you would like to see anything like this in the future as well!



  1. I liked this low tier stuff a lot plus the new Swedish Tanks were

  2. i am on asian server and its not going to come out for another week :(

  3. not in the SEA server it hasnt…

    kill me…

  4. It’s nice to see low-tier gameplay every now and then; something a bit

  5. Keep up the good work Dez love the channel and something new.

  6. The tier 3 seems beast, has potential to be a good seal clubber in this

  7. yay my su12244 looks soo amazing now

  8. Second battle on 1 tier “Meister” and 2k exp :D

  9. Did the swedish tanks come out today?!!

  10. Mittengard is the worst map in the game

  11. love that you are playing with the 75℅ crew. Gives a better impression of
    what to expect if you haven’t pre trained a crew.

  12. Dez, these are some great video series ideas. But not just the ideas, your
    execution is very well done. You have done a great job building this
    channel IMO.

  13. My suggestion is to skip the tier5 swiss TD, its slow, no armor, and a derp
    gun with 10sec reload. It wouldn’t be so bad if the guns that are offered
    were good but they aren’t, the first derp gun uses HE ammo and for whatever
    reason i was only getting 100 dmg average per hit with it. After I upgraded
    to the top gun that shoots HEAT shells all it did was bounce shots, which
    was very frustrating so I went back to stock gun.

  14. lol you actually played the tier 1 😀 :)

  15. Love your videos,greetings from Lithuania neighbour 🙂 P.S make as much
    videos as you want,cause every one of your videos is amazing,so do a lot of
    road to… videos,thanks man.

  16. Nedoshius Žaidžia

    Another awesome video!!

  17. btw: IKV has super OP camo

  18. lepetitpecheuralamou

    this format is a good idea

  19. 37 mm Boomstick. I died at that part xD

  20. All I want for Christmas, is for Dez to say Hello and How are you


  22. Gonna follow this series for sure, great idea ;)

  23. very good idea dez!

  24. FCM 36 Pak 40. Little tier 3 French prem TD. 400m base view range…
    fucking wargaming

  25. Lower tiers are so retarded. Nothing is balanced and all they are designed
    to do is make people use gold to free xp out of there as fast as they

  26. DEZ!!!!! Why do you upload in the middel of the night????? I can watch it
    in the middel of the night to be erly ;(

  27. you have 825k Comvert

  28. I really like the mid-tier sweedish mediums. That t6 gets 15 degrees of gun
    depression and the leo is pretty much a revamped a-44, which is one of my
    favourite medium tanks of all time! Good vid Dez :)

  29. dat free XP Kreygasm

  30. From tier 4 and higher I would like to see struggling with standard setup,
    not using free exp…
    That could be a horror story I know :)

  31. hehehehe, vacuum cleaner gun depression. Good one! :D

  32. I think this is going to be a grind and a half for the early tanks. Good
    luck, I’ll be watching!

  33. I got Tier VIII with free XP and its a great one. Yes please morer roads
    too…. whatever

  34. 9.17 still not released yet in SEA server

  35. You should carry a 3 to 1 he – ap loadout on t3 to. You will one shot
    almost every tank you meet.

  36. New tech trees always remind me just how bad things below tier 6 can get

  37. Multiblack rambo (Multiblackrambo)

    I would like but for the foch it will be fun :)

  38. That Strv X tier is kinda worst TD i ever played. Even when siege mode
    activated reload time is 6.5s IT IS TERRIBLE.

  39. awesome, tier 10 battles are cool, but we need to see other stuff as well
    occasionally. thanks dez.

  40. Hi Dez, a question for you please. When you grind a new tank line, how long
    does it take? And do you keep every tank? Most importantly, do you have to
    train a tank crew with all the perks to dominate the battlefield? Please

  41. All i want for christmas is Dez to reply to my reply to his reply to this
    comment ?

  42. Good idea. I like to play every tank too. After first day I am at tier 3 td
    and tier 4 medium of Swedish tanks.

  43. M2 light weight when i was playing has pretty good view range, in my

  44. Äntligen! Lite härligt svenskt action av en bra spelare!!

  45. ASIA/SEA havent updated :(

  46. More!

  47. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    What a great idea for a series. Just a bit of a shame that so many other
    players are using the same vehicles. Inevitable I suppose. Thanks for the
    vid and keep the series going please:)

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