► World of Tanks: RU 251 – Size Does Not Matter! – Spähpanzer Ru 251 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks RU 251 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Best Battles.

Back with another epic battle episode today I am going to feature one light tank gameplay – tier 8 “Spähpanzer Ru 251” is fearsome light tanks with fast firing gun!
out how “WorldofTanker2” is going to his team to victory, with scout, in tier 10 matchmaking!


Player: WorldofTanker2
Replay file: http://wotreplays.com/site/3103306#stats


  1. awesome replay ! just piked my RU 251 and got 15 games in it, I just love
    this little tank

  2. calling the team idiots? what a mature player, thx for such replay :(

  3. That aiming circle has a suspiciously strange movement…..maybe just

  4. Hes from germany world of tanker 2

  5. Marco Payri Garcia

    nice video even beign sick

  6. Music a bit too loud

  7. Bad ammo distribution, bad ammo usage…

  8. Dez u just gained a new sub- your voice is amazing! ??

  9. nice video but not fan of the background music, quite annoying

  10. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Oh the Title… a lot of Men were have never been seen again after this
    sentence ^^

  11. Mnamn Mnamansen (Mnamafaker)

    he is little bit toxic :D

  12. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    i just did a almost 7k dmg tiger 2 game is it worth it sending it to you?

  13. nice one ;)

  14. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    I like how the HE is actually useful in the RU-251.

  15. hey Dez, how can i send a replay to you, got a pretty awsome wz-132 replay

  16. Spazpanzer Ru 215 is my name for it

  17. funny how this thinh is better than the panther 2….

  18. Good video first of all. And the pronounciation was incorrect. Spähpanzer.
    It is hard to explaine how to say the ä in germany to an english speaking
    guy, because there is no letter that could be pronounced like an ä. Maybe
    it could be compared to the expresion “eahh”. its like a mixture of e and
    a. And in case you didnt know, spähpanzer means scout-tank. ?But dez i
    love watching your vids and keep going.

  19. Credit economy for RU-251 is horrible. Even if he was running premium
    account he still would have lost loads of credits. Ridiculous!

  20. how ru u. get it because ru….. forget it

  21. nice game. and “späh” is pronounced something like normal “s”, “p” without
    the “e” and the “a” of “and”. you can’t hear the “h”.(maybe type it into
    Google translate and you can hear it) also its nice that you try to
    pronounce the German words correctly. not like some other people which
    always fail so hard on the “jagdtiger”^^ and I wish you a speedy recovery

  22. insane amount of xp!!!!!

  23. Good video once again DezGamez good job
    What about sending you replays, do you always reply or are you spammed? ;)

  24. michał Zachariasiewicz

    Is 3,8k dmg solo carry with a “beautiful” heartbreak on Scorpion is worth

  25. ComputerDoctorChios

    True textbook for lights! (except ammo distribution)
    I hope you feel better soon Dez and keep up the good work!

  26. Do not like players calls the team idiots

  27. i got a high caliber in my Pz. I C lol:D, nice replay dez

  28. WG suckers should increase T49 HP to same level as tier 8 lights. 

  29. dez u feeling better?

  30. Best remedy for winter sicknesses is garlic and onions… stinky,stinky,
    but u get better fast :D

  31. Zak Stratford-smith

    12 HE lol, that’s a bit excessive lol

  32. Dez hope u are felling better. Can u do the preview on the new German TD
    that just came on Russian server if u can would much appreciate it. Love
    the videos u up load keep up the good work.

  33. Yo dez pls change the title to size matters not, it’s a Star Wars quote

  34. The a in “Spähpanzer” is pronounced like the a in “sand”, and the h just
    draws it out a bit. There is no “kr” sound in it, that would be
    “Spächpanzer” at worst and no, that is not a word.
    “Spähpanzer” simply means “scout tank”.

  35. Dez what country are you from? just wondering I’m American. lol. just

  36. you pronounce it like Shpeahpanza

  37. omg nerf the Ru.. i can’t pen it with my IS7…

  38. Most damage in RU251? I’m pretty confident! Well played!!!

  39. Size does not matter. It’s how you use it that counts.

  40. That was an odd load out for RU don’t you think DezGamez? I know the HE is
    good but 12?

  41. should have shot that other Ru with HE

  42. he had to many HE shells, 5 are enough

  43. Stopped by just to drop a like for the title. Good one dez

  44. Lite tank gameplay is life

  45. thumbnail “ru kidding me” GET OUT DEZ GET OUT

  46. pronounce: spearpenzer

  47. You should pronounce spähpanzer like speypanzer ;)

  48. yo u know what is Käsna-Kalle Kantpüks xD if u live in Estonia u should :)

  49. GeoRgE “DeViLoS” ChRiSto

    feel better bro! Cheers ;)

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