► World of Tanks RUDY Review: T-34-85 Rudy Berlin Trio – New Tier 6 Premium Medium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Berlin Trio Gameplay. World of Tanks Tank Review Series.

On May 7th, we are going to be able to buy 3 new premium tanks from “Berlin Trio” package:
– U.S.S.R. IS-2, Tier 7
Cromwell Berlin, Tier 6 Premium Medium Tank
– U.S.S.R. T-34-85 “Rudy”, Tier 6 Premium Medium Tank

In this episode we are going to take our first look at new tier 6 U.S.S.R. premium medium tank – T-34-85 “Rudy”.

You can only buy them from WoT Premium Shop, not from in-game shop!

Reviews about other tanks will be uploaded shortly!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. +DezGamez Hey any idea when you might be doing more ship reviews / epic
    ship battle videos? And on a side note – when playing WoWS, do you ship the
    nuts for USN, IJN or both?

  2. Does the Rudy come with 100% crew and the first skill as well?

  3. This berlin trio seem really good value. What surprised me is when I
    bought the Cromwell it came with crew AND with 100% BIA. I was expecting
    no crew but the blurb in the Premium shop says “and some resources” plus
    gold and 30 days premium and you can still use it as a premium for crew
    training. What’s not to like?
    Thanks as ever for the excellent videos, really enjoy your work.

  4. I do not get it…

    Berlin Trio is
    ISU 122C
    Cromwell B


    I have no idea why people say Berlin trio and include Rudy as well.. Rudy
    is just another new premium which gets released in the same time as the
    berlin trio…

  5. Springtrap The Fuckboy team leader

    The dog name is “szarik”

  6. Pan Granat (Mr. Grenade)

    I just saw that in 06:59 the Matilda you killed name was RUDY 102 XDDDD

  7. Pan Granat (Mr. Grenade)

    Dez where’s your doggie? D: I saw some youtubers making an review of this
    tank and they had a dog in their crew..

  8. What account were you on, did you say press account? I have just got the
    T-34-85 so hopefully will help 🙂 Great video as always

  9. Why dismiss the dog, Dez? It doesn’t do anything but bark :< Poor puppy :,<

  10. Paweł Konieczko

    Rudy cant Woof Woof, because this isnt name of dog 😛 

  11. wait so what does the dog actually do? i was under the impression from the
    leaked info that it would be an actual crew member. is it a sort of “free
    sixth sense” where it barks every time you are spotted?

    also i like how you’re one of the few players that actually properly
    utilized autoaim instead of shunning it like everyone else. even quicky
    i’ve seen takes forever to wait for the tank to stop rocking back and forth
    before aiming, i’m like use autoaim dude you could already have a second
    shell on the way!

  12. Hahah love the way u prenauce RUDY Hahah … just if u dont know … rudy
    is a tank from a very prestigious Polish series … that is quite old …
    its a black and white format … is it is actually really old n. Used to
    love watching it as a kid 🙂 thankd for the review 

  13. T-34-85 T-34-85M T-34-85RUDY all same …

  14. 11th like posted 14 minutes ago

  15. Casper Bolding Kampp

    no dog, whaaaaaat?

  16. Binjwan : Gaming Channel :


  17. Most videos i’ve seen you uploaded. Nice. Think you could post some
    T29/30/34 gameplay pls?

  18. Cool

  19. Nice stuff :D

  20. And here is RUDY… Woof-Woof!
    3 episodes in one day, crazy!

    • +DezGamez why your rudy doesn’t have a dog?
      I saw in QB review he has a dog in tank, and he barks when getting spotted.
      In yours, no dog but still have barking…

      anyway, the Cromwell B is the best in 3 to get.

    • +BlackPaw I saw that too, I have bought the Rudy and when I put my original
      T-35-85 crew in I could not get rid of the dog and put in my T-34-85 radio
      operator. DezGamez how did you do that?

    • Troll SU-100Y is TROLL! Lol I LOVE my box tonk! It really is surprising how
      many shots you can bounce in that GIGANTIC box with a gigantic cannon! Just
      do the reverse wiggle wiggle and many shots get eaten by the mantlet,
      tracks, or auto-bounce from too sharp an angle! 60mm all around isn’t bad
      at tier 6, especially with that nice mantlet and the frontal hull shape
      which is similar to, but more steeply angled than a KV-1/1S/85.

      Rudy looks like the first premium Russian Medium I might actually want!
      T-34-85M SUX, T-54 Proto is too slow for how crappy it’s gun is for the
      tier and MM it gets, and the Matilda IV again – REALLY sucks! Rudy seems to
      have a good balance for its tier and MM. Though it may make me feel just a
      little bit dirty for buying it – J don’t want to encourage WG to pump out
      even more “premium” tanks that are in fact BETTER than their contemporaries
      in every way that matters!

      I mean, the IS6 – it gets pref MM, has great DPM, and has awesome armor.
      But apart from that – the gun is most definitely worse, the turret armor is
      more dodgy compared to IS3, and the IS3 is a good bit faster – while having
      better view range IIRV, and definitely better signal range.

      Then look at the IS5 that is slated to replace the IS6, DEFINITELY worse
      than the IS3 – and comparatively due to no preferential MM – it is likely
      not going to perform as well worldwide as the IS6.

      Anyway TL:DR = I HATE the idea of WG releasing one-off premium tanks that
      perform FAR better than their regular counterparts – this is what Gaijin
      does with its premium tanks (See Pershing versus Premium Pershing in WT GF,
      the premium has round about 30mm better AP penetration, same reload speed,
      pretty much identical in every way other than the MUCH better gun – and the
      give it a LOWER “Battle Rating” aka easier MM!

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