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Source: DezGamez

Map Guide / Tutorial. Map Secrets, Tips, Tricks and Tactics. Map Tutorial Series.
Hello there!

Second episode in this series going to be focusing on “” map.



  1. I would like see that in practice.Those position are good in theory….

  2. Vlex aka /Twitch.tv/Der_Nachjoiner

    Would love to see a series for every map

  3. Second position one is OP

  4. postition

  5. At least they look great locations for BBQ parties!
    Can TDs go there, they’re more for snipping, right?

  6. Aleksa Babic Rezonja

    Why don’t you do a video where you try to use these positions in real
    That would bre great!

  7. thanks for another video like this WG will simply take away the access to
    these locations I wish people would stop posting these vids.

  8. very usefull in clan wars

  9. Just because I saw the BC… How do you actually call the new one?
    For Foch, it stays Lorraine, because “he would be too stupid to learn the
    new name” (his own words).
    Circon calls it the BAP.
    I call it the Fat Rat.
    What names did you come up with? (Dez and viewers)

  10. That’s nice way to waist 20k credits, using premium consumable in training
    room o.O

  11. You could tip also tanks which enough powerful do this. Not all have Bat

  12. funny how these areas on these maps that you have to climb to, would be
    more fun to play on than the actual parts of the map that we were supposed
    to play on, and on some maps these areas are quite big. It angers me that
    wargaming are starting to block off all this positions, little by little i
    started noticing that the areas i used to climb on were blocked by
    invisible walls, really wargaming?, am i at fault that you cant make a good
    balanced map? exploring these positions and using them in random battles
    was the most fun i had playing world of tanks in a while and its your fault
    for being so. Work On Maps! WG. Work On Maps! no, we dont want you to work
    on new minimap drawings, work on actual maps.

  13. Dez Games how long did it take for you and your friend to finish checking
    the entire map?

  14. Well goodbye to these locations again :(, WG blocked again a few in the
    latest patch and they will block all of them especialy when they see this
    videos :(, I beg you DEz please stop this series until is too late :(

  15. Really like this vid Dez. I saw a lot of videos how to get somewhere, but
    they never do the arrows thing like you did in post tits 1. Thats the thing
    you definitely want to keep in the next videos and please, always try to
    zoom in as much as possible in a slo-mo just to be 100% sure which moves
    and rocks you used to get somewhere. Sometimes things look really easy…
    until you try them. Oh.. and the music…

  16. oh and BTW DEZ I got a good position for sacred valley

  17. Fuck these positions, I wanna know how to get the huge mountain behind
    north base

  18. I’m going to use that second position now in Stronghold. Thanks Dez!

  19. Overlord Team Pootis

    Wow you really suck you can only reach them with a really fast tank on high
    speed you idiots

  20. the southwest position would be a fantastic arty spot.

  21. dez just asking but how will we no if we won the giveaway do we just hope
    to see a tank in the garage or gold or do u like email us???

  22. Can you make a highlight video where you go into these spots in real games?

  23. Just looking at the map pisses me off, the only thing I actually like
    looking at are the patch notes in-case a drastic change to the game is
    made. If by any curiousity you wonder why I hate the game, I play I’m
    purple, I make a new account I’m purple. I am purple no matter what if I
    want to play normally, I hate being focused over xvm so I don’t like
    playing, especially with artillery the way it is.

  24. If you want to be useless half of the game while your team is dying/killing
    enemys go to this useless position! If you want to have impact on this game
    play normaly! This is for all maps and “secret” useless positions!

  25. stop uploading shitt i need game play footage you noob upload more for me

  26. i dont want to up your workload. 🙂
    but maybe test these spots as well on acces for artillery?

  27. bs

  28. Show us some spots you dont need mt25 or Batchan to access.

  29. If you’re gonna waste ammo for a youtube video, why would you use a bc 25t?

  30. Untill you get there, you announced dead

  31. ClashingWithRhett

    Just a word if warning i used one of the spots on mines a few days ago and
    killed a guy who got mad at me and sent reply in to wargaming and i got a
    day ban for “abuse of physics” and i have a screenshot to prove i was
    banned, so just be careful when using these spots 😉 still fun spots to use

  32. Dez, nice video, but could you do some more commentary on the videos. Your
    voice is very, asmr I guess. Thanks

  33. Nice points of view !

  34. I think since the physics update so many spots are possible to get
    to.Unless WG patches them all.

  35. That first spot is so OP.

  36. As with the mines vid…another great job. Is it possible to make the
    minimap larger?

  37. Only problem is now there’s gonna be that one teammate that wastes half the
    match trying to get up there.

  38. omg that is so AWESOME jesus crits hope i can someday be aible to use some
    of those positions 😀 love u man and ur vids always lift my day up. <3

  39. this series is rly nice pls do more

  40. some unfathomably moist, saucy, creamy, crispy, succulent flakes of perfectly aged tortilla chips

    dez ur an hot babe

  41. Dez if you look ingame at statistics -> infographics and than look at
    matches played (the countries) you see swedish tanks now too :O

  42. Manfred Von Richthofen

    you dream :)

  43. if you dont go make a face off i go leave you channel

  44. Peter Zwackelino

    Hey Dez, i know another location on that map.
    Text me if you want to know

  45. the funny thing is, I learned the first position the day before this video
    came out. xD


    es for chaffe and amx

  47. the 3th position was well known for arty players

  48. Dez, for the future of the series, could you try to get some random battle
    footage of you using these spots? That would be interesting to see.

  49. I think it is good to get rid of the coffee so you don’t have to pay for it
    in the training rooms

  50. Hi Dez! Will you announce the winners of the 80K Giveaway in a extra video?

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