► World of Tanks: Shoot and Squat – Why They Play Arty? – T92 and Conqueror GC Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Conqueror Gun Carrier (CGC) Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T92 Gameplay Review. Gameplay Series. World of Tanks 9.15 Test Server.

Today I had one really good idea… 9.15 test server is back up, so I decided to test out few OP artillery – T92 and Conqueror Gun Carrier, tier artillery.

Check it out!


  1. WolfteamVEVO Cömert

    How do you have that much xp ? Test server or somethıng ?

  2. why do people play in tier x

  3. Oliver Reiprich

    10:17 … LOL, exactly my reaction when i hit a blind shot on a moving

  4. the bc25t in the end. shoot he. with bc. YEAH

  5. Bloody great! Keep it up pmsl !!!!

  6. StugIIIG vs StuG IV please

  7. Fuck me you could play another game between reloads.

  8. OP artillerie… stfi Dezgames.. Jalous on the playerd who can play it? or
    that they can do 1000dmg? go play tier 1.

  9. Dez why didn’t you try the Obj. 261? It has better accuracy and less
    reload/aim time. It also shoots OP AP with 1k alpha damage.
    Have a nice day.

  10. Such clicking skills!!!!! KappaRoss! U one hand warrior!

  11. Pig. Squatting pig. Gold noob pig. XD

  12. Daantje Scheffer

    Arty life!! You can play and jerk of at the same time!

  13. Beaumont The Frenchie

    -DezGamez 2016

  14. conquerior gwun kwerior .

  15. fv304 vs hummel

  16. Joshua Günther

    I think I need a long shower now…

  17. Cool pic….next episode? French and Russian AP only :)

  18. Do an Fv4005 vs Fv215b (183)

  19. Rupster WoT Blitz

    Suk a cookie?!

  20. Dez, you seem to have attracted a lot of arty players with your channel.

  21. RonniePoleCasper

    “1072 damage’-i though you were gonna say one million XDD and dezz why
    didnt you buy camo for t92, it reduces rng

  22. i could never play a tank with such a short gun. Yes, i know it has a big
    caliber, but the lenght.. the LENGTH! We all know tanks guns are a dick
    measuring contest. I’d rather have a T92 xD

  23. These “tanks” look really difficult to play. No, really. Nothing but skill

  24. Kresimir Drofenik

    u have no idea how fun it is to take the russian t9 arty anl load it with
    AP im doing that with my clan and 3k dmg every battle each (3 of us in a

  25. Despite what people think, light tanks still have an important role in the
    game. At least up to the t7s, their camo and view-range really allow them
    to pull more than their weight more often than not. In my Chaffee (1.5k
    games), my dmg per game is in the top 3%, so I can say that I’m a good
    player in it: and yet, I would prefer to find myself in a t8 match with no
    arty, than a t6 with the usual 2-4 arties. It doesn’t matter what I do, in
    most games arty does kill, or at least cripple me. Whether it be while i’m
    going 60kph while swerving or shotgunned in the clean up. Don’t even get me
    started when I play a medium or heavy. Aggressive plays are punished,
    creating the opposite of the desired effect. Even despite my hate for arty,
    I still think they have a place in the game, but it must be balanced; which
    is complicated to say the least. If you nerf the damage and increase reload
    and aim, modules and crew will get knocked out more often. When you take a
    hit that takes off 90% of your hp and wrecks your crew and modules, its
    frustrating, now imagine having them knocked out over and over again, while
    you health disappears. Reducing their gun depression to limit the minimum
    range to around 100-150m. This would make arty think about where they set
    up. Either they angle on a hill, etc. A narrower shell arc could allow
    other tanks to make more use of cover, and have arty think about their
    deployment, forcing them to limit where they will support that game. Also,
    reducing the maximum arty to 2, but the Pascucci’s is so rewarding 🙁 That
    was my rant

  26. GO T O4:47 THATS THE BEST PART ….suck a cockie!



  29. I like arty players like u that don’t move between shots, makes countering
    u sooooooo much easier ;)

  30. See. They are fun and the object of video games is to have fun.

  31. Carlitos Benfica

    Hate geting shot by them but love shooting them!

  32. I hate British tier x arty I do better with tier 9.

  33. Next time play B-C arty, you will have time to go shopping :3

  34. Love your sarcasms. Never change.

  35. If every gay cancer nazi arty player did 10 squats for every shot they
    take, they would have less than 180 kg at least :P

  36. Murtaza_fighter WoTB

    Is this your real voice?

  37. Achtung panzer!

    Nice to see a good arty video! (I love my FV304) :)

  38. what bout camo
    ? ^^

  39. Samuel Peter Hunt Hunt

    while it is a stereotype, i havr never drowned nor i will in my arty ever.
    i fight until they kill me

  40. Samuel Peter Hunt Hunt

    while it is a stereotype, i havr never drowned nor i will in my arty ever.
    i fight until they kill me

  41. You didn’t have BiA’s selected in the games.

  42. How much real $ did you spend in WoT’s to make this awesome video? If you
    kept track of course.

  43. #DezGamez get the T92 and the GW E100 ! Conqueror GC sux

  44. “i decided to test out a few OP Arties” … We might agree on calling the
    CGC OP, but the T92 is a broken piece of shit which does hit as much as a
    full speed T49 with dead gunner and broken gun.

  45. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    dezzgamez If you want a very GOOD AND FUNNY ARTY you must get the M53/M55

  46. Thick_Cut_Bacon

    You rock brother! I enjoy your humor man!


    Look at it, now respect it! -is that a hodgetwins reference? Haha love your
    videos dez!

  48. some realy nice shots dez :)

  49. Nicolas Vandessel

    Yea fuck arty.

  50. social3ngin33rin

    lololol when I play arty and WoTs I do like to workout while I watch
    youtube on the side!!!!!!

  51. The only arty type I like is the dead ones

  52. William Ampuero

    The Holy light shines on de Boomstick……..lol

  53. No sissy squats for those pussy arty players, fuck no!

  54. can I have 30k free XP?!!

  55. arti is awesome. no endless moving at start, shoot all the sneaky guys who
    think they are safe and yeah… you can drink a alot.

  56. Next Face off should totally be T92s vs Conqueror GC

  57. arty drove me and my money away from this game.

  58. Whenever somebody thinks that arty needs skill and is good for the game,
    I’ll just link this video.

  59. ass to grass squats ftw

  60. Fake video. We can’t hear you masturbating between shots.

    Kappa :P

  61. 5:03 SAKE KAKE!
    hahhah oh Dez


  63. Wow, not sure if this was Dez’s intention, but he finally has shown that
    arty ISN’T point-click-win, as most of WoT playerbase thinks (screw you
    playerbase tho, all the hate for arty players is terrible, especially if
    it’s comming from ppl who never played them), playing arty is slow-paced,
    random and actually skillful.
    Dez, i know you’ve tried to be funny there, but long reloads? You’re
    supposed to relocate between them, find new target and, if possible, fire
    away the moment your reload is complete. Rinse and repeat.

  64. Hah, Nice one man! :D

  65. ROFL!!
    Friggin’ Artillery. 

  66. Djole Milanovic

    and that is why arty is so unbalanced,one shot or lucky shots or no
    shots,all or nothing,that is heavy shit,

  67. DEZ can u do a face revel

  68. Dez this is an awesome episode. Play arty, live healthy

  69. Konstantinos Savvoulidis

    I never understood what is the problem with artillery, i always thought it
    was pretty well balanced

  70. Daniel_ Carabott

    your videos are amazing dez keep it up

  71. I had terrible RNG in my M44 today–I missed 3 fully aimed shots against an
    AFK opponent, and in the same match I missed a fully aimed shot against the
    side of a Black Prince with the shell going through the gap between the gun
    and the hull. And that bad luck continued for the rest of my matches.

  72. If arty was so easy to play and do well in, then more people would be
    playing it.
    There are many tier tier 9 and 10 tanks (even 2 tier 8 tanks) that out DPS
    every SPG except the BC 155-58.
    Every tier 8+ tank has more hit points and all but a couple (light tanks)
    have better armor.
    Even after waiting 30-58 seconds to reload and then waiting 6-9 seconds for
    full aim, arty will miss a stationary tank 33% of the time. THAT is why
    each shell does (and should to) so much damage.
    OK. You may now resume the whining.

  73. I can certainly understand the appeal of these two artillery – biggest gun
    in the game, and great firing arc combined with the second biggest gun in
    the game – but the T10 arty I’m going to get (eventually) is the Object
    261. With the right equipment and perks, its the most accurate, has the
    second fastest aim time (only 5.55 seconds), and has the highest DPM. Plus,
    since I’m on console the DPM is even better because ours, for some reason,
    has a base RoF of two RPM. It only has a 180mm, but what good is a big gun
    if you can’t hit anything with it?

  74. What he does during the reload time…LOL

  75. Dez you are fucking hilarious!

  76. Abbadon Despoiler

    6:12 Hodgetwins reference?

  77. Dez! You forgot to play with the BC 155 58! it has a 4 shell magazine gun!

  78. Carbon Creations

    lol those blind shots are the best. You should make a cake when reloading
    and then post the finished result

  79. hopefully dez understands what it means to be artillery and strugglers arty
    players deal with

  80. Jędrzej Rutkowski

    I love your idea! It’s awesome really! I will buy m40/43 ?????

  81. Philip Hartmann

    hi o/

  82. “you can measure that aim time with calender” lol classic dez

  83. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Maybe in between shots you are supposed to use your mobility and view range
    to help spot.

  84. Apocalyth Greek

    XD you can measure that aiming time with a calendar

  85. Tea drinking crumpet munching British chap

    I play them to relieve the stress of all the RNG bullshit throws at me in
    real tanks (although I mostly play the M53/M55 (researched T92 but will
    never buy it, the tier 9 is so much better).

  86. Christian Mendoza

    Do a face off with artillery

  87. Derrick sommers


  88. 2:27 tea and puddink?

  89. christina engseth

    well U are hoked now admitt it its so feelgod mode playing arty

  90. BobbyJenkins Plays

    Dez, you dirty scumbag…

  91. Alessandro Depaoli

    U are a ZUPATROLL!!!!

  92. Dez, dez are you drunk? Playing artillery, you little…. well i got to go,
    will continue the comment later!

  93. You are damn creative and funny as always Dez!

  94. “you can measure that aiming time with calander” EPIC.

  95. Dick butt Nick butt

    dez if you have high pen with arty always use AP and only use HE to kill
    low health tanks

  96. Dez you could bring out an exercise video train yourself to a healthier
    lifestyle buy playing arty man keep up the good work.

  97. lol 66 666 subs

  98. Dick butt Nick butt

    I play arty so I can eat while I play

  99. i am your 66 666th sub ?

  100. DerSperminatorxD

    What does he mean with squads? English is not my native language and Google
    translater isnt helpful

  101. lol u can hear them knee bones cracking

  102. “Concwuerur ganwurur”

  103. You should put on face cam when you do squats ;)

  104. Plz do 15 T92 vs 15 Conqueror GC
    Gorgeous epic battle

  105. Lol dat shot on the Grille was Epic!

  106. lol, so salty.

  107. Full Scumbag mode activated…….HAHAHA

  108. The best artylery is dead artylery

  109. Zoutsteen from Holland

    More stereotype vids?
    Here you go, some suggestions
    – TD: hides,
    – LT, spots,
    – MT drive aimlessly,
    – HT hit on a single enemy tank one by one on the reload of the enemy AND

  110. Do a face reveal

  111. Put a facecam so we can ses your skates.

  112. Dez, you could have vacuumed your house while waiting between shots….

  113. Fucking scumbags. See how complicated that is? Pfff.

  114. As you see arty is historical correct! In the past arty was just to shoot
    moving lonely tank and meant to hit them with AP. Gj WG you made arty as it
    was in world war 2!

  115. Jeremy Williams

    great vid dez, entertaining as always.

  116. I can just imagine someone walking in while wot is playing and Dez is doing
    squats ??

  117. Everyone hating arty players instead of the game that gives them to the
    option to

  118. The river on highway ain’t deep enough to drown in, though I found the SU5
    arty can drown in knee deep water, seriously, it didn’t fully cover the

  119. Hans Ivar Olsen

    Why does artillery drivers drive Into water?

  120. LOL! Having fun?!!!?

  121. Epic trolling with arties! More plz!

  122. im 420 viewer

  123. ScottishTabasco

    Never EVER stop :D

  124. As a T92 player myself, I approve. I can assure you that this is exactly
    what I do when I play arty.

    Side note, AP is hilariously fun sometimes. Ammo-racking a Maus from 3k to
    0 on Himmelsdorf is enough to keep me scumbagging.

  125. Soviet Katyusha

    Filthy…just… just filthy, this is a abomination to mankind…

  126. So retrain some crews for those bad boy arty from the scrub tanks you
    normally play……

  127. Artillery the only vehicle in the game that gives you enough time to….
    eat breakfast, make tea/coffe, cook food, check your email.

  128. Dez’s best upload eva!! :)

  129. To Dez, try tier 4 German Pz.Sfl.4B to make cress even with premium rounds

  130. hi

  131. You mean the Conqueror Cock Carrier and the T-ninety NUKE?

  132. Srba Ćamilović

    Where are you from?

  133. I luv u 2

  134. 1st.

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