► World of Tanks: Skoda T 40 Review / Gameplay – FIRST Czechoslovakian Tank In The Game!

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Source: DezGamez

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Today is going to one special day, I am going to upload THREE “Tank Review” episodes!
In this second episode you are going to see very first Czechoslovakian tank in the game! It is going to be “Skoda T 40”, which is new tier 6 premium medium tank.
This thing looks weird, but in tier 6 action it can hit pretty hard!

Let me know what you think about this tank!



  1. The Skoda T 40 isn’t available at the moment due to the VW emissions

  2. cool game played by T64 gj Dez :)

  3. Ok, where do you get your garage backgrounds?

  4. SHIP….Great feature. HA! So, Skoda is in the house with a good little
    vehicle. I expect it to become a righteous pain in the ass in the hands of
    a good driver, just like the VK28 series on the German tier. On the open
    map like Steppes or perhaps Salient/Prokorovka, even Malinovka, its going
    to be a concern; many wont really know how to fight it so its going to be a
    bother, at least for the first month, then folks will adapt…I think.You
    had good cover AND help on the east side of the Steppes map; well played to
    your team-mates to see it. Good sense.Speaking of sense, every time you
    play, I hear you over and over crying you don’t have 6th Sense. How many
    more times are you going to say it before you correct it? Like a fat girl
    eating donuts complaining she cant lose weight?!!! GET 6th Sense!
    hahaha.You will realize how much more effective it will become in aiding
    you with the game play. its actually the first thing I get for my TC, every
    time. Every time you open your mouth, something else happens to catch you
    mid stream. WTF!The O-I/O-NI, OH-NO just derps your ass within inches from
    the steps to doom with that last boom. Then, in the game, the same time
    moments later, suddenly a sound like an A-10 bringing the BRRRRRRT to your
    location (yes, we have A-10’s now in Estonia flying around!) in your
    background during your production. Don’t they know the BOSS cant be
    bothered during his creations??!!! If its not an A-10, then its the
    neighbor upstairs playing with her vibrator while she sits on the floor,
    scaring the wood! LOLAfter she is done, you can roll a marble in the gutter
    just to see it magically follow the path….when you are bored!Lastly,
    house on wheels? In the USA, we call them Winnebago’s (WIN-e-bay-goes).
    Mobile homes. they are boats on the highways here. Good stuff.

  5. Didn’t show how many credits were lost shooting all that HEAT

  6. Joshua McLaughlin

    what is the “Hot Keys: Alt+1” thing….?

  7. Looks like a solid flanking tank. pen is kinda low but again for most side
    and rear armor 132mm of pen is enough.

  8. Men of War Assault Squad 2 Dez, I believe it can be a good series for ya

  9. You should’ve been dead in the second game XP

  10. Yes, the music is back thx dez

  11. It looks like a not so good vk 30.01P

  12. Hey Dez, we are getting a Czech medium tank line by the end of the year so
    if you buy this it means you can have a crew trained up before they arrive.
    Also what is that garage called?, looks like something out of Avatar.

  13. Are you on the test server?

  14. Looks like you definitely need Snap Shot and Smooth Ride as the fist skill
    for the crew. Looks like it can be fun to play though!

  15. does somebody know which one had WG acc 49?

  16. i am waiting for Israeli premium tanks they should provide a lot of credits

  17. The gun is frankly terrible vs T7 and up. I can see the Czech contingent
    patriotically buying the Skoda T40 but it’s hardly effective when it’s not
    top tier.

  18. BorryCZE /// World of Tanks [CZ/SK]


  19. For people who want to try this without buying it get a VK 3001P.

    It has the same dpm and standard pen, 171mm APCR pen on gold ammo BUT worse
    gun handling (snap shots are even worse).

    The VK also has a weaker engine but weighs less so they have the same power
    to weight ratio so the mobility is almost the same, the VK 3001P has
    slightly worse acceleration due to having worse terrain resistance.

  20. What do you guys think about Czechoslovakian tanks?

  21. What is up with the hidden video?

  22. Looking forward to the czechoslovakian tanks

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