► World of Tanks: Skoda T 50 – New Czechoslovakian Tier 9 – Patch 9.13 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Skoda T50 Gameplay. Skoda T50 Review/Preview. . World of Tanks . Update Review / Preview. World of Tanks New Czechoslovakian Tanks.

Not too long time ago we had patch 9.12, but already it a time for some new updates! World of Tanks update behind the door and letÙs take a look what this patch going to give us.
One of the main thing is that we are going to get entire new tech tree – Czechoslovakian medium tanks are introduced to the game!

In this episode I am going to play with new tier 9 – “Skoda T 50”.

Full list of new tanks:
* Tier 1 – Kolohousenka
* Tier 2 – LT vz. 35
* Tier 3 – LT vz. 38
* Tier 4 – ST vz. 39
* Tier 5 – Škoda T 24
* Tier 6 – Škoda T 25
* Tier 7 – Konštrukta /100
* Tier 8 – TVP VTU Koncept
* Tier 9 – Škoda T 50
* Tier 10 – TVP T 50/51

►Full patch notes for version 2:

Enjoy the video!


  1. We’d like to see the K. T-34/100 in action, and how it compares to the
    ancient, “derp” t6 t-34-85 when it had the 100mil gun for example. Or just
    simply how it fits in the game in general. Thank you.

  2. Jesus that T49. Sometimes I lose faith in the human race.

  3. I’d love to see an update on the 113:) since it’s getting some major

  4. Play with ru-251

  5. Keep it up Dezu san!!!!!

  6. BRU pennend you, watch THE dag panel

  7. That M40/43 had RNGesus’ blessing on that shot. :D

  8. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    DEZ….i want to see the kolohazinka tier 1 light tank!

    btw still waiting on challenger2 :D

  9. kolohausenko

  10. I know they are not that great, but could you play the tier 5-8 Czech

  11. Always nice to see people doing valuable artillery testing on the test
    server… ^^

  12. Dat lttb ru251.

  13. Who cares about czech tanks, do one in T-34-3

  14. Hi Dez, nice game. catch ya later

  15. Hey Dez, what do you think of quicklybaby’s controversial arty video?

  16. No dez, it wasn’t an lttb, because first of all it was a HEAT shell, and
    lttb’s don’t carry HEAT, and the shot damaged your track and it said on the
    bottom that it was an ru251 shot that hit you

  17. Great vid. Massive let down lol.

  18. Dez when do you stream World of tanks on twitch?
    Can’t seem to find your streaming schedules anywhere.
    BTW awesome video keep up the good work!

  19. nice vid, good tank, have fun with circ!

  20. please use the tier 7

  21. awesome video again dez!

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