► World of Tanks: Somua SM, Tier 8 Premium Preview – First Look, First Stats!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Somua SM Preview. World of Tanks Somua SM, Tier 8 French Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Somua SM.

In today’s World of Tanks: News episode I am going to take my first at one tank, that is most likely our upcoming new tier 8 French premium heavy tank – “Somua SM”. Super weird name for a French vehicle, but hey, name doesn’t change the man. 🙂
Looks and feels a lot like the AMX 50 100, but let’s see what is about this one!



  1. What is the point of buying revelorise if you can buy this tank?

  2. dezgamez as always, knows about tanks other youtubers have no idea

  3. Another shite premium? Go and suck WG cock DezGames you shill.

  4. I know what World of Tanks doesn’t have enough of: TIER 8 PREMIUM TANKS

  5. Is time to stap stap stap

  6. I think that’s it for me. No more world of tanks, they f*cked the game completely. Can’t believe the greed of those guys.

  7. with current MM there is no need for a T8 Prem.

  8. They got tired of making impenetrable tanks so they make tanks with ridiculous guns

  9. DeHavilland Vampire


  10. why are french heavies even classified as heavy when they all have such low armor values

  11. If the mobility is going to be that bad, the intraclip needs to stay where it is. No mobility and poor armor more than make up for the high dpm. As it stands id never buy this tank based on the mobility coupled with tier 8s new shit MM make this tank a loser. If your gona nerf the intraclip, the power to weight needs to be on par with the 50/100.

  12. ? 50-100 has 6 rounds in magazine.

  13. Thats it Im switching to Warthunder

  14. waiting for the day they finally buff the most underpowered T8 HT……..Tiger II

  15. soon we will have only premium tanks in game,

  16. Are regular tanks even relevant anymore?

  17. Still better than Caernarvon. But i got 2 MoE in Caernarvon hahaha

  18. Dez. T69 vs Lorr.40.t. whic is better?

  19. I hate to think this but YouTubers might be paid to be silent so another Foch incident won’t happen I hope it’s not true

  20. this tank is actually so bad , why would i buy this when i can buy the lorrain ,honestly

  21. Another New T8 Prem Tank?!?

  22. glad i quit because they fucked this game SO much in 1+ year…

  23. Soon there will be more premium tanks tthan regular. In full tier 8 games there is 20/ 30 premium tanks.

  24. Either reduce magazine or interclip, but both…. thats nuts… its like Lorr with 1 more shell….. yea… fuck wg with all those prems. I get it was in dev for a while, but do they really have to bring all the prem in game at this rate….. i guess with each new prem. Ppl buy less and less so we need mooooore and moooore of em to get the $$&&

  25. Another tank ? FFS. How about some maps war gaming ?
    Sorry Dez I’m not watching the video. I just don’t care about new tanks I know you are just reporting the news but anyway… NEXT !

  26. Did I miss something? Because at 10:00 someone draws on the mini-map near the bottom. Is that a thing now?

  27. the 1 and only main thing about these prim tanks, i mean any prim tanks in the game is that they have to be a little under powered and worse than there same tier non prim tanks or else these prim tanks will be pay 2 win tanks and everyone will be playing only with prim tanks and everything will be fucked up very big. so WG should consider and pay full eyes on these matters. what do u guys say????

  28. Help i need gold username Ted_L

  29. Somua can clip a 50 100? OP. Like the French didn’t have enough trouble being French XP puddles
    wow 50 100 can sometimes bounce tier 6? lol

  30. ‘Yeah let’s make a new premium tank. Let’s take the Lorr 40t and AMX 50 100 and put them together’
    Fuck off wargaming??
    Guess I shouldn’t play my 50 100 anymore cuz it’s useless now..

  31. Really the only thing I could think of is buff the engine with 50 more horsepower and leave it at that.

    Oh and buff the T32’s gun so it stops being trash.

  32. Instead of bringing out those shitty premiums they should focus on new tank lines……

  33. We just got the Stg and now cannon d’assault and then somua sm wtf?

  34. I just want premium tier 8 tanks to lines that don’t have one yet. And ofc new tier 8 german heavy, löwe is a bit outdated. Or wg could just stop with premiums and rebalance all shit tanks, i think nobody cares if their op premium gets nerfed for gamebalance. Wg reasoning for not rebalancing them is bullshit imo.

    the new firepower stats is waaaay better than what’s on tanks.gg at the moment!

  36. This is why I don’t play wot anymore…

  37. MM is fucked up long time ago with constantly adding new prem tanks and op tanks…cc

  38. Paper tank check, copy of 100 50 for 40 euros check, milking the game before its dead check.

  39. 0.48 accuracy are they out of there minds . Yea they can keep this premium tank. To give you an idea of how bad that is it’s the same accuracy as a fv215b 183

  40. DG , can you do an episode of BT-7 art (I wish you can have some RNG shot with it)

  41. I know there’s a lot whining about prem tank after prem tank after premium tank….you dont have to buy it or them it is a free to play game and a business…

  42. Ερμής Μανίκης

    they should buff turret armor

  43. Super awesome episode lol

  44. Nerf the armor by a lot, buff the power/weight ratio a lot as well, it’s French, come on…

  45. So basically a better Lorraine

  46. I think the tittle is a bit misleading, came here expecting to see a new tank in “action” not just a replay of another tank with a voice over explaining the upcoming one….. “nontheless” good job.

  47. Great video Dez you always  have the news. I think WG are realy running out of ideas for new premium tanks. Ths Souma sounds and looks to much like the AMX-50-100. I love mine and its a beast in tier 8, but can still perfom in high tiers with its 232 pen. I would not buy another French premium as I already have them all , and dont need any more.

  48. Sorry to contridict Dez but I see the tank doing 60 kmh in forward your stating 45??

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