► World of Tanks: SOVIET ELEPHANTS – KV-4 and KV-5 – Ding, Bounce!

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I am going to play with Soviet tier Elephants Ó and KV-5.. They are slow, they are steady, but are they any good? LetÙs find out!



  1. Yup, i got the minimap problem too :(

  2. +DezGamez congrads for 95k subs 😀 i enjoy your videos a lot, keep doing
    that 😀 btw i would like to see you playing csgo :D

  3. T95 or T28

  4. kv4 was a great tank anf then the enemy pressed the 2 button

  5. this isnt live

  6. Yep, I have that stupid Minimap-Bug too…

  7. I don’t find I need to use apcr ammo until T9

  8. hey dez! could you please play T-54? im gonna get it soon as my first t9
    and i would like to learn some good tips and tricks :)

  9. Eagle.D.Arkham 'Les pieds bleus'

    Hey *Ship’* , *why dont you use the KV-5’s crew for the KV-4 ?*

  10. Dez is de best at dis game commentary is very good yes. Stronk stalin tenks

  11. Yes I have the same minimap bug you are having, its really annoying

  12. yeah habe the problems to

  13. KV4 and KV5 have suffered facing penetration-creep, rendering their armor
    mostly unreliable (that’s when you aren’t blasting a weakspot). Their
    movement and gun handling is too slow to justify their weakness. Sure, you
    can farm potatoes (as you can with practically any competent player in any
    tank), but against anyone with half a brain you will be mostly useless.

  14. didnt the kv5 get a secret super armour buff in the recent mths not that it
    needed a buff, i guess they were bored one day.

  15. DezGames: What a Modpack if you using?

  16. Yeah I Have that minimap bug too

  17. I love elephants 😀 (the mammal)

  18. I would love to see the IS-7 with new gun sound again! Do it for mother
    russia and Stalin!!

  19. The minimap bug is in Aslian

  20. your minimap is small at the start of each battle because of your mods

  21. you should probably listen with your ears


  22. why do you play with those damage indicators? you can turn them off, making
    wot a little bit less worse. Stupid WG adding cheats to game play so they
    dont have to ban the mods..

  23. I’d like to see the KV-4’s 107mm top gun on the KV-5.

  24. Can you tell me what keyboard you use? 🙂 Thanks :)

  25. I haven’t seen a single kaneon pz td replay in a while, also it looks like
    a longer flat pz with ru251 gun doesn’t it?

  26. Minimap is XVM problem, when i delete it, it’s ok.

  27. Dez where did get the minimal mod

  28. I have the same problem with the minimap

  29. World of tanks vs Superman

  30. DezGamez can u plssssss make a video with KV-3 no one is doing a video
    about him :(

  31. I hate KV-4 ?

  32. russain bias

  33. 0:14

    i thought my screen was broken
    like if you thought your screen was broken

  34. Haha kv5 has shit armor

  35. Dammit Dez, I have AP Chem HW. Y U have to upload

  36. you ll learn to hate the kv 4 its an awesome arty magnet and everyone else
    will focus on you just wait and see

  37. Actually the AMX 30B has the biggest cupola in the game.

  38. Multiblack rambo (Multiblackrambo)

    My minimap is really small and I have no more mod ( 2 month sinze last mod
    ) how can I make it bigger?

  39. i so wished the S-51 would of have derped you with ap for 1400dmg in the
    beginning :^^))

  40. death from above ( the best jumping/ falling kills)

  41. Should have talked about the KV-4 armor, weakspots and gun as well as part
    of the second battle

  42. the mini map problem is an XVM bug

  43. Medilion Blaergoet

    Make a new face off episode KV-1S vs KV-2!

  44. you really need to play the t34-85 such a fun tank with surprisingly good

  45. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    seeing all the new tanks that have been hitting the live server… i really
    think they have to give the kv5 some love because i really feel it’s broken

    PS: map is a XVM bug i believe.

  46. The mod where you can see the HP of enemies on the minimap is forbidden by
    Wargaming. You should take this mod out or you could get a ban :/

  47. How to nake minimap bigger?

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