► World of Tanks Soviet IS-2 Review: Berlin Trio – New Tier 7 Premium Heavy Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Berlin Trio IS-2 Review and Gameplay. World of Tanks Tank Review Series.

On the May 7th, we are going to be able to buy 3 new premium tanks from “Berlin Trio” package:
– U.S.S.R. IS-2, Tier 7 Premium Heavy Tank
– British Berlin, Tier 6 Premium Medium Tank
– U.S.S.R. -85 “Rudy”, Tier 6 Premium Medium Tank

Today we are going to take our first look at IS-2 and hopefully we are going to find out if this is going to be worth the money or not.

You can only buy them from WoT Premium Shop, not from in-game shop!

Reviews about other tanks will be uploaded shortly!


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Oldskools modpack:


  1. Looks like a decent tank. I’ve so far not played the IS as I went up the
    IS4 line instead and the KV3 has been an overall fun tank to drive with a
    much better HP pool at it’s tier to make up for the somewhat lackluster

  2. these lazy wg employees,the did not even bothered to change this tanks
    name,there are 2 is-2 in the game the regular chinese one and this russian
    premium tank with the same name.lazy ass russians.

  3. and look at that huge lower plate,and basicaly at-8 commander hatch.:))
    this tank is crap.

  4. this tanks is a chinese is 2 with -4 km top speed and +80 hp so plus he
    dosent have the epic heat amo that the chinese is-2 has 250mm pen guys on
    t7 chinese is-2 compared to this russian premium tier 7 217 heat ammo
    hmm,dont fire heat ammo at track or spaced armor and you are gold.But this
    tank dosent get that,try pening a e-75 lower plate non angled with 217
    pen,good luck,the normal ammo for this gun 175 pen hmm you cant fight the
    next tier 8 tanks from the front with that pen,tiger 2
    is-3,110,is-6,vk4502a9(well you can but only the lower plate non angled,so
    good luck),ferdinand,t34(hull down,every competent t-34,t29,t32 will find a
    hull down positon to shoot at you from),t28,t28 proto,kv4.may i have forgot
    some tanks but the point being.Good luck if you are not top tier,and
    remember this tanks can see up to tier 9 tanks,if he struggles penning t8
    heavies from the front imagine this tanks agains a vk4502,e-75,t95,m103 and
    many other mediums.This tanks is only for colector,it has not practical
    role,yes he can train crew,but so can is-6,chirchill 3 can,an chirchill 3
    can fit 5 crew members and he does decent at t5-t6 the is-6 has a crap gun
    (bassicaly the same as this tank)but it has good armor,and is a brawler you
    can go up close and personal and start finding weakspots on tanks(still he
    struggles against is-3,110 tiger2 not so much he he catches his lower plate
    non angled)

  5. When I started to play WoT, there were two OP annoying tanks in middle
    tiers: Hellcat and KV-1S.. so I’ve decided to dodge these lines and go
    funky! After 16k games played, KV-1S was removed from tier 6 and I went
    directly on IS via KV-13 thinking that I’ll avoid KV-1 sealclubbing… man,
    was I wrong!!!

    It just felt too easy.. even in tier 8 games I managed to influence the
    game outcome! I set the heavy tank capping mission during the whole IS
    grind, but nope, couldn’t make myself stop and cap after doin’ 2k dmg..
    awesome experience! Loved the IS but I sold it ’cause it just felt too

    Now, giving me the opportunity to buy fancy-dressed IS, with almost the
    same characteristics as the regular IS, is more than tempting!

    Anyways, I was wondering why WG isn’t introducing historical event tanks
    long time ago.. I mean, this Berlin IS-2 is awesome, but why stop at only
    one ‘432’ number?? Why not have at least 3 numbers and make people who
    platoon in 3 different numbered Berlin IS-2 extra credit bonuses… it
    would be the closest thing we could ever get regarding the historical
    battles in WoT…

    Same applies for Bovington Tiger! They could implement 131 and two other
    numbers and make them tier 6 prems with extra bonuses for tooning in 3
    Tigers combo!

    Nice video! Keep them coming… Cheers!

  6. Seriously WG, you are releasing the WTF Cromwell with NO NERFS?!

    If ANY of you have Tank Inspector, open it and compare Cromwell to Berlin
    Cromwell – the Berlin IF FUCKING OP AS ALL HELL! Take regular, fully
    upgraded Cromwell, give it 50°/sec track and turret traverse, and lower
    it’s ground resistance by HALF!

    Cromwell WILL make the OLD KV-1S look like a total joke! Hell it makes the
    current fully upgraded Cromwell look like a BAD joke!

    All I can say is WTF WG?! I will stop playing mid tiers if every time I run
    into a Berlin Cromwell it basically means I’m dead (unless the driver just
    sucks in general) 

    • Henri Kuivasniemi

      +Dysphoricsmile But, but, but the Cromwell B can’t use the derp!

      But yeah really, the Cromwell B is op

  7. saint emil? wtf

  8. 3 videos in one day from you! Lord have mercy 

  9. Nice video, but I would personally drop the vents for a tool box. Too bad
    they dropped the frontal armor to 100 .

  10. New IS2 go epic frontal armour! 200 mm on upper hull!

  11. Dez give 121 Epic Battle :D!

  12. woot

  13. Today you are going to see 3 tank review episodes! :P

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