► World of Tanks – STA-2 Tank Review | New Tier 8 Japanese Premium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update 9.6 Patch Notes. New Japanese Premium Tank STA- 2 Gameplay Tank Review.
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Hello there!

World of Tanks 9.6 Test Server is up running. In today’s episode we are going to take our first look at new tier 8 premium tank STA-2.
All the premium tanks that should be in the game soon:
* AMX-13/
* STA-2
* M56

Your thoughts?

Sit back Enjoy!

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  1. STA-1’s premium brother STA-2!

  2. are those placeholder stats? or are they their final stats? 

  3. meanwhile the new russian tier 8 premium will have at least 400mm unsloped
    amour all around with a gun capable of putting HE through any tank in the
    entire game

  4. LennieThePolarBear

    Damn, only 72 views! Am I first?

  5. And yet another fucking tier 8 medium with better DPM then my Pershing and
    Super Pershing…I swear to god those tanks have been ground into the dirt
    with all the damn powercreep They’ve had to face. Whats that player base?
    Boost the ROF and penetration of the american 90mm guns to to make them
    more competitive with rest of the tier 8’s? LOL NAW! HOW BOUT ANOTHER NERF!

  6. way to low pen for a tier 8 without pref MM , if was fast sure why not but
    slow and low pen nahhh 

  7. AMX CDC probably way better

  8. I wish you played on the NA server.

  9. wargaming stop making more premium tanks and balance the game!!!

  10. Should i get a panther 8.8 or a STA-2? The Panther 2 is one of my favorite
    tier 8 tanks. To be honest I would rather have 201pen fighting tier 10’s.
    The seams like the 88 turns faster and gun didn’t get hit hard with
    accuracy nerf of 9.6.

  11. So no armour, bad mobility, no prem MM and a gun that is going to be lined
    with gold because you know good old sods law with the match maker..

  12. Why should i buy this tank, when the AMX CDC is available???

  13. they should rly buff the engine power of this tank , + its top speed , to
    at least 50kph or so…….

  14. average tank:( why is WG always adding average prem tanks? i know this shit
    that a prem tank is not being better than a fully upgraded tank and so on.

  15. Damn. I’m trying to exercise discipline with mah bucks in WoT. I know I’ll
    eventually pick up the CDC or the STA-2, but probably not both! Earned
    plenty of gold from missions in the past and I wanna use it wisely on both
    premie time and premium tanks. The news about the AMX 30 gets me leaning
    toward the CDC slightly, but I’m making progress toward the STB-1. 

  16. aha dez i didnt catch how much gold was it ?

  17. CDC has a better gun … it has better engine power… it has basicaly the
    same useless armour.
    Why would you even consider the STA-2?

  18. What this tank has no preff mm well thats bad

  19. bart van herrewegen

    do you also have a preview of T34-3?

  20. Are you gonna do a review on the amx 13/57?

  21. Hey Dez, you ever try this with fuel? I tend to run the Super Pershing with
    a fuel consumable and it really makes a difference to how sluggish it
    feels. I’m just thinking that it would bridge some of the gap in engine
    power to the STA-1.

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