► World of Tanks: Stay Calm, Drink Coffee and Carry Gamez! – T110E3 and FV4202 Gameplay

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World Tanks T110E3 Gameplay. World of Tanks FV4202 Live Gameplay Commentary, Ace Tanker. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

It is one beauty of a morning and what would be better than start of today’s episode with some World of Tank live gameplay action?
In this episode I am following one motto – “Stay Calm, Drink Coffee and Carry Gamez!” 😀 My little mission is to deal at least 5,000 damage in every single game… So let’s see what is going to happen and how I managed to sneak one Ace Tanker out from FV4202’s game.



  1. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    “Stay Calm, Drink Coffee and Carry Gamez!” Can we get that on some DeGamez
    T-shirts please?

  2. nice video as alway sir can you drive panther next?

  3. But the main thing is… Drink Coffee! 😛

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