► World of Tanks: STB-1, Textbook Aggression by The Memelord Circon!

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Source: DezGamez

STB-1 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Best Battles Series.

Pretty much perfect battle by The Memelord himself. Do not be afraid of STB-1’s paper … when played correctly, you can bounce more than Maus! 🙂


Player: Circonflexes
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3062893#details


  1. Trump 2016

  2. this was in mingles with Jingles right? I was impressed then… now I know

  3. Jingles also featured this replay yesterday.

  4. lol Mingles with Jingles Episode 171 same replay great battle

  5. he is not a memelord he is a meme-god ;)

  6. hmmm… i know that replay from somewhere
    E: ah it was in a vid of jingles, right?

  7. “Waving his anouse ” ??

  8. I see DezGamez video, I click lick :)

  9. I love it when people wave their anus at me. in game AND in real life.

  10. saw this yesterday on mingles with jingles … great game play.. Assad as
    jingles always say.. circum always make things look easier than it is
    really.. great episode bro

  11. SUBSCRIBED FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great gameplay indeed my friend. Great video
    as always. the oldman out.

    Take care, flea

  12. UncannyHoneyBadger

    Uploaded on my b day. Nice vid dez

  13. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    Dez FACECAM video at 100k subs? :)

  14. at the end ,,oh, hah, the wrong button.” xD

  15. Circonflex is a dick, but this is a good replay.

  16. are you ready for 100k?

  17. jingles was first :P

  18. funny in my stb1 that dont happens

  19. face reveal at 100k subs, palju edu ka sulle, oled parim :)

  20. Wrong button mate. Ex dee :’)

  21. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Do more of those biking videos…those were nice…

  22. You know it’s going to be a great game when the guy sending the replay
    streams and has his own youtube channel. That was aggressive as hell!

  23. DezGamez. I’ve been a subscriber to you since you had 20k or less. What are
    you going to be doing for your 100,000 subscriber count? :)

  24. Hey +DezGamez , GrammarNazi here. You once mentioned that you like to
    receive tips on how to improve your English:
    So here we go. You regularly say : “If you ask from me”, but that “from” is
    not necessary. Or technically, it’s quite wrong I think. “If you ask me” is
    enough. For more information, maybe check this discussion on that phrase:

  25. THis video looks familiar… oh yeah Mingles with Jingles yesterday..

  26. 12:21 is it me or does the stb have a double track at it’s right?

  27. somehow i don’t understand why i should watch circon’s gameplay on dez
    channel, if I can watch circon as much as I want on his channel..

  28. When you can’t get past tier three :/

  29. ese momento en que te gusta ver videos en ingles pero no sabes que comentar

  30. Dez and Circonflexes, pity I can only give one thumbs up or I would give
    double =)

  31. I saw this replay before :(

  32. who owns a TOG II mines called HMS quick

  33. We KNOW Jingles showed this in the background of Mingles with Jingles but
    he didnt commentate on it so shut up about it.

  34. #DezGamez He makes it look too easy, like a true artist of the game. And he
    almost always ends his games with a posing spot good for any WoT
    screenshot. Like look @ me, Look @ me. LoL

  35. STB-1 has pretty troll armor indeed lol

  36. nice episode, love that you left in the ending – ‘oh, wrong button’ cracked
    me up

  37. Hey Dez. if i sent you the file from my game in the T57 where i got over 7K
    damage in my 6th game. Would you show it? Maybe? pls? Haz oreos.

  38. I love to see how teams are not melting when ever im in their team.. My
    teams die in 3-5 minutes max.

  39. I do 8,3k in a stock m48 patton with 8 kills and still lose the game 4Head
    Got ace wanker the 2nd game I played that stock m48.

  40. You said anus right the first time lol, its not “Anoose”

  41. STB1 Monsterpiece. 

  42. lol “wrong button” me everyday

  43. I swear Circon makes even the hardest, most insane games look easy as fuck.
    I’m by no means a bad player myself but I’m fairly sure that’s a skill
    level I will never attain…

  44. Kind of a confusing game. That initial aggressive rush seemed to be enough
    to crush the enemy but they held on. If Circon hadn’t changed direction and
    moved to the other flank it might not have been a victory. I guess this
    shows even when you think the game is won, don’t get overconfident.

  45. The pizza is aggressive

  46. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    no wonder it’s so familiar, this is the background gameplay in the last
    Mingles with Jingles

  47. Daz ,Sercons stream is oful because he is just playing WG-s bulldog,tyupe61
    maby comet and its aĺl, his stream is so much boring because playing just
    that tank .I heat it specially because I am havey tank player.
    He sometimes play ather tanks but rarely

  48. Aw nuts! Jingles had this replay in this weeks mingles with jingles. I’ve
    already seen it! That sucks!

  49. 100k already jeez

  50. saw this on the recent mingles with jingles lol

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