► World of Tanks: Stereotypes #1 – Artillery Players [NEW Series!]

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Stereotypes Series. . World of Tanks Bat.-Chatillon Artillery Gameplay Review.

It is time to release completely NEW series on my channel and it is called “Stereotypes”! This series is going to be about different players that are playing World of Tanks… Like artillery players, , bluenicums… medium players, heavy tank players and so on… Going to take funny look at all of them in the future, but only if you liked what you saw today!

So let me know what you think about today’s video and about this series!

Special thanks to “kobus70” for sending me this and for letting me to use it in today’s episode!

Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2235726#stats


  1. FAKE! No keyboard tapping sound writing in chat! Im out, SPG-15 is waiting
    for me!

  2. I like the tactical crisp and canned drink. Reminds me of when I play arty.
    But I never do insane damage


  4. That was freaking genious :DDDD keep this series alive and next time TDs :D

  5. in this video his drunk XD

  6. Arty is scumbag. Just sit his lazy ass, Shot from far away , wtf

  7. Was that your arty Dez lol? and is the BC actually tat good as an arty? I’m
    close to getting it lol and if so wat kind of crew

  8. This was a replay, plz dez. Kappa

  9. hahahaha …so funny

  10. +DezGamez What mod do you use to zoom in horizontally instead of
    vertically. It’s been pretty harsh for me in artilleries in the top view
    mode. Can you please tell me how to do that?

  11. THE BEST WOT arty GAMEPLAY ???
    GJ DG!

  12. like it dez-more plz

  13. you are so shit that you cant even fap while eating and then click ones in
    a while fss nap : >

  14. lets have some typical tier 8 premium play from players who have on 200
    battles. Like most lowe drivers for example!

  15. i quite enjoyed it as an avid Arty player i can confirm that is exactly how
    I play.
    But I also play heavy tanks alot, big russian heavy tanks. So yea :)

  16. I’ve been in a lot of pain over surgery the last few days been in shitty
    moods the whole time but this video made me smile so I thank you for that

  17. funny because its true ! :D

  18. Ok i like the troll kkkkk:)

  19. I think the aiming mod should be banned. It looks so much easier to aim
    with that than the regular top down view.
    ANd this arty game was amazing.

  20. haha this cracked me up dez. “think we have time for a video” then you type
    in pornhub. bwahaha, man oh man that really got me going.

  21. haha more pls soo funy :)))

  22. Haha this is awesome! MOAR!

    Suicide scouts maybe?

  23. That was asesome ^^
    Really funny 😀
    Now I just want to see the pro med player and then the dumbest heavy in
    higher tier :p
    You should do the same thing but with you playing at the same time it would
    be even funnier 😀

    Keep going!

  24. Great. i haven’t had so much laugh in ages. more please.

  25. 😀 this video is………awesome, fantastic!! Oh my god. I cant stop
    laughing! Good job me!! 😀 Thx Dez, please more vidoes like this!:D

  26. Stop eating when recording please, your keyboard will get dirty

  27. Beacuse of this i stoped play this stupid game

  28. Amazing episode! Polish E100 players next pls

  29. I’ve never seen an arty get so many consecutive hits, and no misses.

  30. 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D

  31. Funny a lot of LOLs

  32. Sounds about right. Add more autism though.

  33. WTF this was so bad video

  34. awesome! keep ’em coming dez!

  35. This is hilarious but it needs more wanking in a bush. Why eat with your
    free non-clicking hand when you can rub one out, right? Using the tears of
    your enemies as lube.

  36. @DezGamez This if sooooo funny! I laughed my ass off! ” oh, my turn!”
    :)))))) You are quite good at this! More please! I can already imagine
    heavy tank plays with a heavy armored tank going boing boing… MORE MORE!

  37. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    I have buggs sry all I write is in the comments 2 times

  38. nice Dez. I dig that

  39. Awesome vid. I laughed my ass off, even though it’s sad that these broken
    OP piece of shit mapclickers are still in the game.

  40. ahahaha, i think i piss my self! 😀 😀 Best video ever! 😀 😀
    PS. You whanted to complain about arty on porn hub? 😀 :D

  41. 9 out of 10 more chips needed.Next do stupid heavy tanks or e 100 who only
    use heat

  42. it feels even more frustrating when the shell misses at full aim and the
    target isnt moving.

  43. ELC lol

  44. hahaha die =)))

  45. Well let’s see, it is 8:35AM and i am already done for today 🙂

    Great example of how hard to play arty is, this is a good starter guide for
    newer players!

  46. Great, heavies next pls

  47. nice one, Dez! 😉
    i suggest camping heavies or yolo scouts for the next one

  48. awesome job. lots of lol’s

  49. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    were the fuck is the jerking off sound effects??

  50. For the next video i prefer a scout camping and yelling to the team it
    should spot ! :D

  51. Funny as hell and so true. Remove Artillery.

  52. looooooooooooooool! Damn, youre a f**** commedian, Dude :DGreat video!
    laught well :)

  53. more arty! ftw wg at least 5 arty on each team to make it fun to play for

  54. Is the next vid of a suicide scout complaining that arty didn’t shoot what
    he spotted in the 1st 20s? (when it wouldn’t even have been loaded)

  55. Dez your are with the laugh from Mr.Bean,Top of Artyplayer with a pugent
    sarcasm Video. You are the Best.
    Best Regards Dagpuhoo510

  56. next up, suicide scout, i can’t wait for this one

  57. Best way to wake up ?

  58. Ok, this made me L O L.

  59. Absolute gold! I can’t wait to see more

  60. This video eased my stress while troubleshooting my laptop problems. :P

  61. haha i know this first replay, think i saw it randomly here on youtube

  62. this one so cool bro love it keep it coming

  63. +DezGamez Video was awesome but, as a series, what can be next? I mean,
    arty players are special there’s no other class that requires wanking while
    playing. Mediums ? Can’t really blame a medium for other things that
    camping in the back, and heavy is more or less the same. A TD ? TDs usually
    do what they need to do, camp. And a light tank, maybe a video about LTs
    camping in the back or rushing and then spamming “noob team no help kurwa
    cyka blyat cancer” but where would you get a replay like that, who would
    actually send a replay like that. Curious about what you think.

  64. You could try to do it on light tanks

  65. How about top tier heavies that camp at the back of the map

  66. “I also like Poland comunity” Somebody call 911 i’m dying, pls

  67. TF2 replays all in all

    Inb4 arty h8rs

  68. This is EXACTLLY how arty players are.

  69. I’ve noticed that the folks who complain about arty the most are the ones
    who sit still when they have been hit.

  70. This is why everyone hates arty players. Arties get ridiculous damage and
    k/d ratios like a unicum because they don’t have to spot their own targets
    and can hit the enemy from anywhere on the map, but arties don’t actually
    meaningfully impact the outcome in the vast majority of games because they
    do nothing but farm damage. They don’t spot, they don’t control areas, they
    don’t cap, and they usually don’t even defend the base if the enemy breaks
    through. All arties do is piggyback on their teammates to selfishly farm
    damage and sacrifice their teammates. I don’t want to play against arty
    because I randomly die, and I don’t want to play with arty on my team
    because they’re just trying to use me as bait while they sit in the back
    and lap up easy kills.

    And that’s not even touching on the problem arty has with RNG.

  71. batchat arty IS weak… u need side shots to pen anything :/ lucky that E4
    was afk…

  72. Hahaha quite funny!!!! Deadpan humor is awesome.

  73. Awesome vid!! ???

  74. I am a stupid gold noob… And I really love playing arty! It is so easy to
    farm damage. And one-shot ppl! >:)

  75. anybody else get hungry

  76. next one: afker?

  77. Good job me !!!! Lol this was so funny. Good job Dez

  78. Great video man, and good game as well.

  79. “And here we see an artillery player in his natural habit…grazing on
    heavy tanks. One hand on his mouse, and the other firmly grasping his
    remarkably small man sausage. He drools from one corner of his mouth as he
    becomes more and more sexually aroused by what is to come…. The killing
    blow…. The flat engine deck of an enemy t110e5. He fires the shot half
    aimed… and suddenly Serb reaches up from his thrown in hell (where he
    likes to take his weekend breaks and chill with his good buddy, lucifer)
    and guides his shot straight and true! The t110e5 dies. 1200 hp gone in an
    instant. Rage erupts in chat and as our friend,
    xxxartyizbal3ensdcykablytxxx begins to ‘rape face’ at the screen; breaking
    out his supply of ‘Orphan tears lube’. Today is a special day.

    Well it was the t110e5’s fault really…I mean how dare he PLAY THE FUCKING

    **Audio ends**

  80. You missed the team kill due to firing too close to an ally and the
    drowning for no apparent reason.

  81. nice one dez

  82. Internet Explorer? Really?

  83. Matthew Tomlinson (TheNaughtyEwok)

    Crunching angers me so much even if it is making a joke. My first dislike
    on your videos.

  84. That was great

  85. Epic shit man. Couldn’t stop laughing :)

  86. I was dying… everytime you said “Good job me” I cracked up. Awesome
    job… please keep up the great work!

  87. I love this video. I love everything about it.

  88. Very funny Dez. Looking forward to the next one

  89. “Artillery, so hard sometimes”, says he while eating chips and playing…

  90. Oh, DezGamez, don’t you ever change. ;)

  91. Lmao I was laughing when you started to pull up pornhub. ???

  92. Not even two minutes into the game and it’s LMAO 🙂 The secret life of WoT
    Arty players exposed!

  93. That was great!

  94. You should make another one of these but in op Russian tanks or in a Maus

  95. Not happy with this video. At all. It’s 1 am and I have nowhere open to buy
    chips and the craving hit hard.

  96. Lmao, love the eating potato chips bit………..Lol………I am arty
    player and I do that myself and watch hockey game on TV too. Love the Bert

  97. Lmao, love the eating potato chips bit………..Lol………I am arty
    player and I do that myself and watch hockey game on TV too. Love the Bert

  98. Like the idea of this series, seems good :D. Hopefully people realize it’s
    a joke though, we are on YouTube..
    Also, when in fullscreen, type in “awesome.”

  99. I wanted to like this then noticed it had 666 likes already

  100. Oh shit this is really good

  101. Love it! would like to see a light tank one

  102. Dez Nuts is using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge!!

  103. I think arti does take some skill. Counter arty being one. Blind firing
    being the other

  104. What would have put this over the top is a good toilet flush at some
    point…..lol. Loved this video….

  105. That video was hilarious!

  106. Amazing… laughed throughout the whole video. Great job Dez!

  107. Loved it man! But here is my opi

  108. this was god damn hilarious

  109. “10/10, best World of Tanks video ever uploaded in the history of World Of
    Tanks” – IGN

  110. I have one question. Did you eat the chips?

  111. Not as retarded as actual arty players but it will do I guess :P

  112. Damn it now i’m hungry for some chips

  113. haha good stuff!

  114. Best video ever!!!

  115. Que Boss! Good job you, Dez!

  116. do soviet tds camping bush next, not enought camo

  117. Great video. Make more like this <3 :D

  118. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    you’re wrong…. a good arty player has at least 3 screens… pornhub left
    youporn at the right and wot in the middle he shall not alt-tab as it’s
    hard to hold your penis and the mouse! :P

  119. very good video

  120. I laughed way more at this video than I should. good job dez. keep breaking
    the mold man

  121. stupid slow top tier heavyes that camp in the back and atack at the end for
    wn8 !!!! pls :D

  122. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    I really enjoyed it. Next, I think it would be good to see the top tier
    heavies that camp at the back of the map.

  123. wow dezgames nice video love it


  125. there was a lack of going to the bathroom noise too.

  126. are you human? i am super human! <-- shit arty players say

  127. Lmfao! Great vid. I’ll feel extra guilty next time I play arty lol.

  128. Loved it!!
    Next, I would suggest either “CAPS LOCK WARRIOR” or “Why u no help me cap
    after 2 minutes of play?”

  129. I started sniggering, then lol’d when you went to reddit…then I felt
    empty and sad inside.

  130. Oh God. the nightmares are coming back!

  131. loved this Dez. would like to see the stereotypical Deathstar driver next
    🙂 Would be much the same though as I often drink a cup of tea or eat
    biscuits between reloads then slap a someone in the face for upto 2000
    damage and pull back for more tea and biscuits ;)

  132. More arty please! 🙂 it’s so intense gameplay

  133. dez i see lots of videos but this 1 also forced me to open a a bag of
    chips. very intense game play.LEL

  134. Best video yet imo.

  135. I like it. +1

  136. That pornhub joke lmfao

  137. this has gotta be one of the funniest vids you’ve put out in a while Dez.
    How about a passive scout or boosh kemping borsig? or the t92 for the lolz?

  138. The chips were a nice touch XD

  139. Nice video

  140. I have not seen such a funny WOT video before. good job!

  141. lmao LOVE IT DUDE

  142. In all seriousness though, how did you only do 304 damage to a Waffle? It’s
    got like no armor…

  143. Why in WOT that arty units do not have more types of rounds to take out
    tanks?As a Ret Redleg, we use is a combo HE and WP rounds to take out
    tanks, but we could shoot a little faster then WOT shows. The weapon
    platform I work with was the 109a6.Just wanted to get your thoughts on
    it. Keep up the good work and I have a blast watching your youtube

  144. like hhhh

  145. Had me laughing so damn much, I hate arty players so hard.

  146. But good enough xD

  147. I should get an EU account if those are how EU players play.

  148. I like this series Dez I like it a lot hehe

  149. À good copy of awesome epic guys

  150. Hanz Gooblemienhoffen


    you’re freaking hilarious! Best vid ever…hopefully arty players take it
    in the right way..

    Should be a series…stereo types for all tank types..!

    Thanks for the lols!

  151. Do the medium tank player who yells at heavys for not pushing up because
    that stuff pisses me of and half my friends on WoT

  152. The random moments I do play arta I am eating or on YouTube

  153. Your average MM-Rage-Noob (under 1000WN8)

  154. well… it’s true about chips, checking forums, talking on phone, rage when
    I miss or low roll and watching videos (not always pr0nhub.co), but
    everything else is a lie!

    Usual stereotype I see in WoT is rage when I don’t scout in light tank…
    which is actually better at sniping
    or even worse mistake by HT players when they think they are bulletproof
    or rage of light tanks when they die first

    Anyways, keep them coming!

    P.S.had to look for it

  155. I love how ur eating crisps or something whilst ur pretending to play XD

  156. fuck you, you made me hungry by eating chips there… anyways, nice video

  157. TheRedheaded Menace

    If only I was skilled enough to download the POV mod, then I could really
    play with 1 hand.

  158. this is how I picture all arty players except more snack and bathroom

  159. Hilarious man! Laughed my ass off! 😀 If I wouldnt already be a subscriber,
    at this point I would have created an account to subscribe and give the
    thumbs up!

  160. Bahahaahahaaha!!!! That was some funny shit!!!

  161. hahahah ridiculous man, one of the best videos you have done

  162. how do you get that view as arty ?

  163. Next one should be of seal clubbers.

  164. this is gold! love the bag of chips!

  165. thanks dez another great series is underway next could be camping top tier
    heavies who do zero damage and complain about how thier team are playing
    all game

  166. loved it!!!!!!! very good

  167. if they just make arty more accurate, have lower damage (a lot lower), and
    faster reload, and then you’ve got balanced arty.

  168. if they just make arty more accurate, have lower damage (a lot lower), and
    faster reload, and then you’ve got balanced arty.

  169. Make a light tank video. Oh wait, it would be over in 30 seconds :D

  170. heavy next?

  171. This video just made me want chips badly

  172. loved this video man, was a laugh start to end, love that loud ass mouse
    you used for the clicking

  173. Tea drinking crumpet munching British dude

    Sorry Dez, but I play arty a LOT, and this is complete BULLSHIT!

    Sometimes I don’t eat crisps with my drink…


  174. Yolo heat bc 25 t that rush unicums and stuff yolo scouts would be funn to

  175. Love it.

  176. One of the funniest wot vids in a long time

  177. Im going to enjoy this new series

  178. Haha, loved it! :D

  179. loved it my slovenian friend!

  180. You forgot to complain about your teammates and then kill yourself.

  181. none of the “one hand on the mouse one hand on the dick” stereotype?

  182. I need some fuckin chips now.

  183. Unrealistic, NO fapping noise!

  184. were was the furios fapping sound in the video? The pornhub part was 10/10
    but arty players fap just from the dmg they do even of their fingers are al
    greased up from the crisps. Some arty players say dick sweat and crisps are
    a good combo.

  185. Avarage !!!!! omg i can’t stop laughting ???

  186. I can now say i have enjoyed watching am arty replay

  187. love it 😀
    cool that you have new ideas…
    very funny one of your best videos ;)

  188. love it 😀
    cool that you have new ideas…
    very funny one of your best videos ;)

  189. Chill with the food bro. I know you are perpetuating a stereo type but

  190. Its not a stereotype if it is true.

  191. was it really you who recorded the voice etc?

  192. pretty funny I do play arty over dinner

  193. “Good job me” HAHAHAHAH died laughing every time ??

  194. I cant even!

  195. I agree Dez arty should be buffed?. By the way why didn’t you suicide .
    Great video as usual

  196. This is perfect! Next camping TD’s! I think that will be funny too

  197. mmmmm the sound of chips

  198. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    omfg this was hilarious, next do TD stereotype xD

  199. awesome video dez 😀
    super duper unicum scout would be funny aswell i guess :D

  200. My only criticism is that it went too long (in my opinion). I started to
    get a bit bored at the 7 minute mark; but that could have just been because
    it was an arty replay.

  201. roflmao, nice one Mr Nutz

    Good job getting the most dead horse ever to actually be entertaining to
    beat :D

  202. Light tank full YOLO!

  203. If that would be me “pls hit pls hit, again miss, what did I do to u SerB”
    Nice serie

  204. Haha funny video I found it quite amusing as an arty player but also
    annoying as a tank player at how easy it is for arty gg anyway

  205. hahaha made me want to play arty again! especially when its time to relax a
    little and make people rage 😉 thanks dez

  206. Love it ! Who is the next ?! hoppefuly some stupid td’s like Wt son auf
    bi.. 100, or another arty. 17.5/20 for this vid :)

  207. This was the best video ever! Do Stupid heavys next please!

  208. no joke this is what I think of arty when I’m playing

  209. EPIC =))))))))))

  210. Tension Boogie Woogie


  211. I got the BIGGEST deja vu.

  212. How can you change the arty sniper mode to be sideway like that!?

  213. I just spam Ap in my M40/M43, and it get its job done.

  214. best video in my opinion..so far ???. we are leafing and joking but
    there are so many arty players that plays exactly like this…uhh uhh I
    would eat some chips and piss off some wot players the same time.. ??

  215. 10:40 Adelle – Hello

    Hello ….. It´s me!

  216. Unicom medium hides in back of the map until the battle is almost over and
    then comes out to fight.

  217. awsome video 🙂 make more like this :D

  218. rofl….you nailed it :D

  219. Best Commentary ever :D

  220. Did you get friends to help you script this game? Or was it actually a real
    pub match, rofl.

  221. jajaja nice job there

  222. You have a htc! i like it

  223. This made me laugh more, than Donald Trump saying he’s a smart guy ….

  224. he he! funny video friend

  225. Drive the Batchat 155 58 like a T49

  226. nice ideea 🙂 cant w8 for the hyper active scout

  227. reminds me of circon’s video.

  228. and that belch at 5.39…only could of been battered if you had one shot
    someone at the same time…

  229. this is AWESOME!

  230. how to aim like that at 1:48

  231. how to aim like that at 1:48

  232. super great video

  233. PMSL. 😀 Excellent.

  234. for heavy tank players. U know how they think they are op and then get shit

  235. LIGHT TANKS PLZ!!!!!!!!

  236. literally the single most entertaining and amusing arty vid ever…I fully
    think that this is what arty players do. Although I suck at arty and can
    never have games like this….brilliant :Pkeep up the good work fella

  237. A TD camper pro, get a battle in the back ground with some 8k dmg done but
    barely moving :D, I love the last few words.. “Ehh average” XD… My dad
    had 4K battles in the Tier X Bat Chat arty… He’s exactly like this :D

  238. I would love to see the next one about those light tank drivers wich are
    very bad. lol

  239. really nice video Dez! :D

  240. I spotted a little sarcasm in the end

  241. Camping top tier heavies

  242. Best part at 7:48

  243. imagine conqueror gc with a demon voice

  244. Nice new series! Would be even funnier with a facecam :)

  245. LOL dez your the beast what a vid buddy

  246. awesome video 🙂 id like to see moar pls!

  247. how about camping heavys

  248. You’ve outdone yourself. Oh God I need some new pants XD

  249. i LIKE it

  250. This is so SICK! Dez man, please put more videos like this, this is so
    epic! GJ! :D

  251. Haha this was amazing. Now I can go to bed 🙂 But damn you for eating
    chips, now I am hungry man

  252. Funny xD

  253. more of these pls. Mayb for the other classes. Oh man I love it bro. epic

  254. Dude, this is great! I have yet to see anything else like this on youtube!
    Keep it up!

  255. I was playing my Leopard 1 Today… 11 Kills, 12000 damage. Last enemy is a
    T92. He doesn’t even hit me and i was on the move and i still die from the
    stupid splash…

  256. U have to give monkey woice for arty players ;D

  257. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    love it

  258. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    love it

  259. Amazing video Dez!

  260. So, guys… I do not know how you are going to take it, but hopefully with
    a good laugh! 🙂
    Let me know what you think and what type of player you would like to see

  261. good video

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