► World of Tanks: Stereotypes #2 – Heavy Tank Players

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Source: DezGamez

Series. Players. World of Tanks Heavy Tank Gameplay Review.

I never in a million years thought this series is going be that popular. The feedback I got in my previous Stereotypes episode was just crazy!
I asked from you what you would like to see next and a lot of you said heavy tank players… So here it is!

– How did you like it?
– Who’s next?



  1. you nailed it with Löwe, IS-7 ! E100 was a bit too much.. Playing WoT for
    years now and never seen such example.. Usually if they choose to suck so
    hard they are at least very quite.. very nice vid again..

  2. my favorite map is mines, i loled like a crazy man

  3. CHRoOMAX - Random Videos!

    This is too funny, haha!

  4. simply hilarious!!!!!

  5. love to see unicorn players at work – learning so much from them!!

  6. lol the Lowe one was played with the trackpad XD

  7. you don’t have platoon

  8. shit you crazy

  9. Perfect video mate. I was laughing like an idiot 😀 But I think, that some
    players will not understand a “message” of this video, unfortunately. But,
    great job!!!

  10. YOLO scouts. I figure in a 10 minute clip you should be able to feature
    about 25 games….. ,

  11. ahahah, that Lowe video, dident rly know wtf are you doing there, but then
    i understanded it! 😀
    How much you played with T-10 till IS7!? 😀 😀
    Great stuf man, great stuf! 😀 😀
    Next time, long reload arty video! :D

  12. I thought the Lowe one was the best.it really does some it up.

  13. Pro Lowe drivers use HE, remember it for the next time Dez ;)

  14. the lowe game goes down in history as the most accurate lowe gameplay ever

  15. Very funny and the spammers lol.

  16. Love your work Dez – very funny stereotyping and the Lowe vehicle driving
    is definitely the case for the majority of Lowe drivers hahahah! Keep it up
    man – look forward to the base camping TD special :P

  17. This is so awesome and totaly true :D

  18. Lowe best tenk for wallet warrior xD

  19. nIce one. I’ve seen too many of the angry bruisers.

  20. Great video, what you have forgotten:

    HT hiding behind TDs, MTs or SPGs
    HT going on MT Position and wondering, that they get overwheameld by 3 Meds

  21. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  22. Hilarious! You are different man, keep up.

  23. Dez, you should of did arties last because that video curb stomped this
    one. No hate, arty was just funny AF!

  24. Mediums next please!

  25. freaking hilarious.. good job

  26. Väga hea kokkuvõte erinevatest mängija profiilidest 😉
    Lisaksin veel paar ideed – Esimesena hävitatud tank hakkab vinguma ja kõiki
    õpetama, tüübid kes tahavad stati tõsta, kerge tangid kes peaks valgustama
    on rasketankidest tagapool põõsas, riiukuked kes hakkavad omavahel mängu
    alguses oma baasis üksteist tulistama kuna keegi müksas või pole piisavalt
    Edu sulle sellel raskel teel ;)

  27. This sooo needed arty rage.

  28. Yolo rushing scouts and BC drivers should be next.

  29. NSFW – laughing out too loud at office.

  30. This was funny. Good work.

  31. The Lowe was the best….”just got this, my last one was the loltrackter” I
    busted up!

  32. LOL that Löwe-part is so true :D

  33. next “stereotypes” is super tomato and super donkey

  34. it’s hilarious man 🙂
    Actually I having some of these every single day.

  35. This is great. I think one of gold spammers or seal clubbers would be a
    good one.

  36. Great job Dez. I think you will make history for record amount of views of
    the series. I laughed so hard.

  37. Hilarious! With special mention to the Angry Bruiser driver and the
    outrageous damage dealer Löwe :))
    Would be great to see some scumbag style chat spammer vid, hihi!!

  38. the e100 and the löwe were so accurate, it is almost scary :-)

  39. Again full of laughs and hard truths :-D

  40. I would love to see a typical AFK player coming back in the game near the
    end when they are one of the last surviving….

  41. “My favorite map is Mines.”

  42. Never has a world of tanks video made me laugh so hard! Great stuff dude.
    P.S. I may be the angry one sometimes hahah.

  43. Wow great video. Cheers mate! 

  44. Light tanks: Suicide scouts, especially cliff diving or drowning. Bonus
    points for ramming heavies. Base camping or TD wn8-padding lights. And of
    course doing the best spotting job ever as your team completely fails to
    hit anything.

  45. OMG BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!! Angry Bruiser is hilarious!!!!!! lolololol

  46. LOL Another great video Dez almost choked on my fries while watching that.
    Next should be the player that thinks every one is shooting gold at them
    and Light tank Drivers.

  47. Dez, you never fail to make me laugh, good video keep em coming!

  48. do one of an enemy tank knowing weak spots but you think thier hacking

  49. sucide scouts
    noob team no help reported
    🙂 :P

  50. no reddit cameo, 0/10

  51. I love how he has a mark on his Lowe ?

    When you’re so good that you can’t even find a tank you haven’t marked.
    It’s a good problem to have Dez

  52. Do a gold spamming jpE100

  53. Never met the first type. 2nd was pretty good. 3rd is damn accurate,
    laughed my ass off and the last one was too close to the first imo. Nice
    idea doing different types for all the classes. But you forgot the most
    annoying HT-drivers: The anxious guy. He is crouching behind a corner full
    health, too frightened driving out taking out a oneshot, because he might
    get hit in return. GJ dez keep it up!

  54. omg please for the love of Christ…..please never do that again lol

  55. wot mean while lol, i was playing with my wz 111-4 whem i charge the t110e5
    with 500hp , with my heat ammo , well i was full hp but 3 bc155 58 did
    together 1800 dmg in just 12 seconds ,was like boom boom bomm bomm bommm
    bomm bommm and dead :/ , wot best days

  56. For medium tanks, you should do HEAT autoaim :)

  57. OHHHH MY GOD!!!The wallet warrior 1 was the best. I was cringing
    remembering people at the start of game when they were playing for 2 days
    and bought lowes and t59s. I heard those questions, whats a t34 heavy tank?
    Is a t54 something i should worry about? Why does the arty guy always one
    shot me when i m sitting under this tree in the middle of the field on
    malinovka???? Best ever and the ragger in the is7…..

  58. light tanks

  59. The sad part about this, is there are people like this.

  60. What about HE spammers ? :)

  61. Thanks for this amazing game play. This video has heavily weighted me to
    play my tanks better. I see that there is a better way to use them. Dez you
    are so good at this no wonder ur the mighty beast.

  62. lol – “only 1500games in T10” – unfortunately, that’s about how long it’ll
    take me. How can you do this so deadpan without bursting into laughter?

  63. Kristijan Bičanić

    I liked the arty stereotypes video more and i think i had higher
    expectations for this video, it didn’t do it for me like the previous one

  64. pubbies in a nutshell

  65. the shit player that calles everyone a tomatoe, or the “report for gold”

  66. RIP STATS :P

  67. the problem with the camping commander heavy you portray is,,, he had at
    least some map awareness, normally they only know a tank is close when the
    tank shoots them

  68. Alexander Krikorian

    do one on light tank players :P

  69. My eyes are bleeding.

  70. The first one wasn’t accurate enough. The E-100 should’ve been loaded with
    HEAT shells and firing it even at the thinnest targets.

  71. camp with e100

  72. Once you’re done with this series, you should set up a custom game, and
    have everyone on both sides choose a stereotype to act out during the game.
    You may have to put a trigger warning in the title of the video, though.

  73. You’re the best WOT commentator ever.
    … And I want to see typical Light Tank Players next please!

  74. This was awesome!

  75. Stereotype super unicums please

  76. Most funny and true aspect of this game.
    I really enjoy this series, one of if not the funniest episodes on this
    Keep up doing great work DezNutz ;)

  77. Yes yes yes. A Gold-spammer is a stereotype you must do!!!!

  78. excellent video really funny. medium tanks who think they are tds and light
    tanks spotting behind heavies and tds.

  79. it feels like ur playing a RTS game… or is it just me

  80. It hurts watching you play so badly, but at the same time, its brilliant ?

  81. MORE MORE!!!!!

  82. Βαγγέλης Παπαδημητρίου

    hahahhahah love this new series u are soo fcking in trolling

  83. Or do the I only like Soviet tanks snob

  84. Got to do the gold hater next! Lol

  85. This is the best thing I have seen all day

  86. José Carlos Pereira

    Ahahahahaahahahaha you must do a wows version of this video cause in ships
    the potential is even increased.. a lot, cause distances, range of weapons
    of bbs and, er… other reasons. This last game with e5 was too much for me
    ahahahahaahha youre the best Dez id like to play 50% of you.
    PS: im a noob player with a noob pc but still have two eyes, two hands, and
    something like a kinda of an head in middle… and i hate any kind of
    chicken on around a camp fire.

  87. you forgot the heavy that only turns their turret to shoot instead of using
    the hull and the turret

  88. Spot on! LOL

  89. This, ladies ans gents, is what we call cringe worthy. And fucking awesome,
    love the series!

  90. Light tenks
    Scout them all
    the more the better

  91. Next one should be about unicum clan platoons that give everyone else shit
    all the time!

  92. Kristoffer Johansson

    Stereotype of a mission hunter!

  93. Jesus! It’s SO true sometimes. I always die a little bit inside when I get
    these guys on my team. AND THE MAP PINGING! I get it! I do it too sometimes
    but dear God there is a limit!

    GOD it hurts! that lowe game. I see that SO often but I saw that 50%
    crew….my skin is crawling

    This video must have been truly painful for you to make Dez. You have my

  94. next must be kamikadze light tanks AKA spot them all and die !

  95. I laughed so hard at this. Awesome. Your teammates must hate you when
    you’re making these vids.

  96. Please please the td’s – remember you HAVE TO HAVE the hellcat who thinks
    hes a medium and dies because of his shitty turret traverse.

  97. funny to see real wallet warriors aswell in AW…. they have no problem to
    pay 300€ ! (+-10hours of playing) 😀 iam like wtf why?
    btw again nice and accurate stereotypes:D

  98. what about all them plebs that shots HE without “derp” cannon? they have to
    be a special place like the rest

  99. Hahaha so funny

  100. holy crap, that shit is real! 😀 :D

  101. i almost peed my pants :)) great :))

  102. I see that we attended the same school for IS-7 drivers. ;)


  104. Maybe too early in the year but this must be the “clip” of the year :)

  105. It’s true and painful to watch :D

  106. whats really sad about this, is that this shit really happens. nowadays
    with this missions more often than not…

  107. Medium tank players, that sit right in the open, giving the open side of
    their tank, because “They would get penned like butter anyways”

  108. Light tanks!!

  109. I would have spat fire at you if you were in that game with me. Good video
    Dez :P

  110. medium tank please

  111. funny video

  112. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    Maybe TDs next? A lot of time to watch funny cats in those nice bushes near
    your base! :D

  113. Don’t over-do it mate. These vids are going to ruin your stats in no time.

  114. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    This is how I will play with my Tiger 2 😉 base defender is for me :P

  115. medium tank please

  116. i loved the lowe part most lowe players are like that hahahha

  117. Guess how many times he was called a noob while making this video lol

  118. “My favourite map is mines”…ROFLOL

  119. do more of these

  120. hahahahhaha best!!!

  121. The part with Lowe was just epic, I think I got little retarded by watching

  122. These are great lol.

  123. So true this video

  124. This was awesome man keep this up :D

  125. I like this kind of videos more of that :)

  126. wow im as good as a famous youtuber!!
    Well played dude XD :D

  127. These are the best! Keep making them please

  128. This is just perfect. I laugh so much. Maybe for next time like (russian)
    meds players who say “how can he pen my turret”

  129. this is not a parodie!!! its 100% the true world of tanks
    I cant wait to see the light tank episode…

  130. this was really good plz do another

  131. I love how he gets mad xD

  132. bluenicums/smurfs

  133. good series… after lt, mt and td I might sugest you do stereotypical
    player behavior, like ranting in chat, afk, bots, unicums, fail platoons,
    seal clubbers, etc.

  134. It’s a lot bigger than my previous tank the tier 1 lol tractor

  135. Epically hilarious!

  136. suicide scouts please!

  137. Love it! Awesome series, fun to watch!

  138. lol, too funny

  139. OMG, made my Day !!! :D

  140. Either light tanks or tank destroyers would be funny to see. :)

  141. So is it possible that the dislikes are by players that actually fit on or
    more scenarios…?

  142. I find the stereotypes more hilarious when its a replay of someone actually
    playing like that like the first video and not you just acting(and also
    maybe pissing off the people you are playing with lol)

  143. That’s not right. You should have been behind an SPG. And blocked a med
    from backing up. And kept saying “spot!” in chat – preferably when you had
    a target right in front of you. Oh yeah, and make sure you ram fast tanks
    as they try to leave the spawn.

  144. omg this is one of my pet peeves with players in this game. This is going
    to be difficult to watch.

  145. That just decreased my IQ by like 30 points!

  146. Please do a KV-85 player sterotype next, and complain when your 122 shells
    don’t one hit a tier 5 tank or bounce.

  147. This was one of the funniest wot videos i have ever seen 🙂 LIKE it

  148. Light tank players aka suicide spotters

  149. LOL I once saw an E100 camp at A0 on Fiery Salient all game.

  150. How, in that first game, did the team not say very, very mean things in
    chat about camping E100?

  151. OMG!!!!! that was fantastic!

  152. so you play bad just to get footage in expense of lowering team chance of

  153. Just the true………. 🙂 and you are scratching the surface of how many
    stereotypes exist

  154. We all want TDs players ! Because I want to know what do “you” think about

  155. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Was trying to eat a Taco Bell burrito. I bit my tongue while eating /
    laughing my arse off! GG, Dez!

  156. This one was not as good as his arty one

  157. Again, awesome video Dez, more please!

  158. KV2 player stereotypes? :D

  159. tds bro

  160. Suicide scouts

  161. make a video about waffle E-100

  162. Personally i liked the arty video more, but this was good, too. “Mines are
    my favourite map” got me 😀

    I look forward to seeing video on suicide scouts :P

  163. Hilarious 😀 I cannot believe you did not laugh while recording this.
    Also I wonder if you know what is that thingy with the moving squares on
    the bottom right corner?

  164. That was super funny what about asshole Td and arty players and noob med
    and light tanks players they only weak class is the heavy it needs buffs
    all heavy tans shoud have 500 armor all around hull and turrents

  165. Supposed to Be funny??

  166. EPIC@

  167. we need more heavy tanks in the city!!!…..and y a scout???

  168. Not as funny as the first one, but still funny. Medium with too many gold
    shells to fire OR Gold spammers trying to get a mission completed

  169. o bet your team was well pissed off with you lol

  170. i realy like this series, but i realy hate it that this does exualy happen
    in real games… :(

  171. if I played like that I would lose every game but he did that and won all 3

  172. hidden stats 🙂 comander stats for clicking the minimap most times ;)

  173. I think you should do this kinds of games in a test room on streams/tweet
    out and not ruin other people games.
    If i were in any of those games i would have bin quite irritated by how you
    hope you read this comment and take it into consideration (this is not a
    negative comment) :D

  174. Dank meme

  175. Dez pls make more videos like this hahahahahah i was crying hahahahaha soo
    sooo goood video..u are awesome

  176. Before i watch this video tell my Girlfriend that i died doing something

  177. The Wallet Warrior was the best huehuehuehue

  178. You are the best Mr Dez- legendary vid. I dont know how u get away with
    this camping. LOL-GG/ Magnus

  179. he lucky people listen to him cose hes nice and hes a good player

  180. hhahaha so funny but so true lol

  181. omfg im crying man that stubulitouluusevas

  182. Get some guest actors

  183. Erik “Hortn” Hortlund

    Hehe, great video again! You should also do the XVM unicums. The player
    that is top tier but decides to suicide because XVM gave 36% chanse of win.

  184. This MF wins battles wothout doing anything, and i lose battles with top
    guns and several thousand damage. How is this possible? Hilarious video

  185. My only complaint is that you should have had a heavily armored tank and
    only showed them your weakest armor and then raged in chat and on the
    forums that your tank needs to be buffed and gold is OP.

  186. pls do TDs next

  187. Comedy gold man :)

  188. This was so much better than i expected it to be
    Thumbs up!!!

  189. The light tanks !!

  190. Light tanks

  191. I like these vids and all but don’t intentionally fuck over your team for
    “funni clip whacky XD” shit


    A wallet warrior would have definitely loaded atleast 50% OP HE ammunition
    in his löwe because of that stronk 420 alpha, also exploding shells sound
    much cooler…

  193. I would like to see the “moar damage!” Noob playing HE-100 ??

  194. Honestly with the way teams have been going you probable did win the game
    just by being the “commander” XD

  195. Yolo scouts!

  196. Do the incompetent and learning resistent 20k games noob who only “pleyz
    for fun!!!111” and blames everyone who is better than him of having no real
    life next.
    It is a classic.

  197. Next, make light tanks, and put suicide-scouts :)

  198. I like watching your videos, but I feal sorry for guys who are sweating and
    trying to win so I cant give you like for fooling around.

  199. this was extremely true :D

  200. The guys that says “GG” at the begining of the game and “GG noob team”

  201. Fast videos of suicide scouting

  202. giving up his stats too entertain us. you da real mvp dez!

  203. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    You should do Salty Goldspammer! Only load gold, shoot at their best
    armored points and then rage in chat and call them OP and russian Bias 😛
    But this only works if you go hard in the paint in chat ;)

  204. Really awesome. Make one with TD and on could be that half of the tank is
    in front of the bush and you are woundering why you got spoted :D

  205. Some of the Highlights to me, personally:
    I THINK this is good enough position 😀 😀 😀 100% Arty shadow FTW!! lol.
    IS-7! Didn’t take that long! only 1.500 games in T-10 rofl 😀 😀
    loltraktor fully upgraded – time for tier 8! FUCK YEA! haha 😀 😀
    Finally some damage! (when your teammate shot the t20 😀
    450 HP? Thats got to be another tier 3 or 4 tank rofl 😀
    How can he see me? – so recognizable. People calling “cheater” as soon as
    they get hit by unspotted tanks.
    Man, keep this up. This series is, without a single doubt, the funniest I
    have ever seen in any World of Tanks related context!

  206. Th3.P4nz3r. Kn4ck3r

    I pissed myself! That shit is awesome

  207. Vincent van der Ploeg

    no, not funny sorry

  208. lol Dez funny stuff. When you do light tanks, make it about those suicide
    retards that run all over the place

  209. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to piss myself. The sad part is
    your 100% right on those.

  210. “How is the battle going by the way?” Amazing 🙂 Need to be the motto of
    clan wars.

  211. Julien Brouilhounat

    super hilarious episode…. best cat video 2015 is the real life of wot
    player… i was just about peeing on myself. Can’t wait for the next one

  212. Are you Estonian????

  213. You forgot to stay in chat until the end of the game and tell everyone how
    to play after you died.

  214. +DezGamez Amazing series m8, keep up the good work 🙂 this video can be
    also called: How to be a stronk BOT.. lol

  215. I laughed like a mad man! :D

  216. brain fart

  217. How your teams must have hated you :D

  218. So funny, made me cry 🙂 thanks for this.

  219. No Maus game, 0/10, unsubbing immediately.

  220. This was crap…. compared to the arty! that was hilarious, this one

  221. Next one: Suicide Scout… running directly to the enemy. Base spotting
    scout… he moves 30 meters from the base and hide in a bush. Lemming
    scout… follows the team from behind.

  222. This video gave me cancer. omg

  223. SUIcIDE SCOUTS!!!

  224. aarggh, these players that u r imitating are so irritating, I am surprised
    no one trash talked you during game. I certainly would have.

  225. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Awesome video! So much fun :D

  226. Light tanks suicide squad Bonzaï

  227. Nailed it. Please do light tanks!

  228. Suicide scouter light tanks next eh Dez my man? ;P

  229. Next time please Stereotypes Tank Destroyer Players!
    I think it will be great like this.

  230. Lol, nice add of pretty cat videos. Best heavy tank stereotypes especially
    when noob players buy premium tanks, that cracked me up as it actually
    happened yesterday playing. Light tanks, I am thinking will be your best
    stereotype videos IE: suicide scouts. I can’t wait for that as I am light
    tank driver. 🙂 ” Coffee set-aside” as don’t want coffee grinds plugging my
    nose hard to pick them out.

  231. lol Dez the second game with IS-7 did you see the what the guy wrote in
    chat? :’D

  232. ROFLMFAO!!! I tried watching this at work and everyone was looking at me
    as I was laughing so hard, especially with the Lowe…gets smacked by the
    IS-6, and just stays there, wondering where the shot came from…Please do
    Lights next…the sui-scout runs, or the light tanks that think they’re
    heavy tanks.

  233. Made me laugh. Thumbs way up. Great series. Just started playing last July
    and this made me reflect back on some of my own personal WTF moments.

  234. u still accepting replays for your rgn series?

  235. 10:05 WOW 35K IN 1 GAME!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!!
    But ahh you only have 2.2 milions… xD
    Dez just keep this serie up becuase I NEED to se more of this and the next
    1 light tank!!!!! :D:D:D:D

  236. 50% crew beast, i deaded XD

  237. Next: suicide scouts

  238. How ’bout spammers Dez?

  239. “Scout for me!!”

  240. Light Tanks – Suicide scout runs and stuff

  241. You should do a super unicum asshole bit, plus a stat padder stereotype.

  242. awesome stuff….yolo scouts next..?

  243. On your premium noob section you should have turned the mini map off :)

  244. godammit i love this series so much ahahahahaha xD

  245. CACKLE. I have resembled a few of those at times

  246. i was touching myself during this video, thanks

  247. Suicide scouts that are salty af

  248. For the lolz

  249. Augustin Whitcomb (Tintin)

    Wow I love your videos man keep them coming!!!! Sooo good thanks

  250. It’s Steve the IS-7 driver!! xD

  251. This was both hilarious and painful to watch.

  252. Another brilliant video. Keep them coming.

  253. hahahaha that was funny. You frogot about the side scraping heavy tanks
    that do it every where.

  254. A true “New Wallet Warrior” would be firing nothing but HE, ’cause more
    damage = better ;)

  255. This hurt my brain

  256. Do light tanks. things like “raging at being killed by arty” “raging at
    heavy tanks NOT being stupid” “suicide rushing” “stronk kemp bush!” “why no
    support fire team”. Oh and i think you missed no skill art clicker rage for
    the heavies. Honestly i feel their pain, heavies are like big cushions for
    arty shells.

  257. Epic small Movies ??? n’est episode pls do campers in fucking TD ?

  258. It almost hurts to watch it but can be so true… 🙂

    And the `one-liner-dude`s?: -Delete game
    -go play tetris
    -F*ck u MM

  259. & every time a heat round dosent go in wright to wargaming & co plane it
    needs a buff

  260. Just super Epic feedback in my previous “Stereotypes: Arty Players”
    episode, thank you for that!
    Now enjoy another one with heavy tank players!

  261. Do heat spamming t54 & just drive around killing things. & title it the
    heat 54 rides again. Ty

  262. Thats my type of game play

  263. You’re a f***ing genius man!!! The BEST WoT youtuber!!! Seriously man!!! I
    love it, how you acting perfectly the stereotypes!!!
    I will be happy for dying after these videos because the laughing 😀 😀
    Awesome vids!!! Keep it up Dez!
    Good luck, have a nice day! ;)

  264. I can just imagine you wife/GF wondering WTF was going on when you raged in
    your IS7. I am ashamed to say that was me when I first started to play Tier
    10 heavies. That’s why I have a 42% WR in mine. Yes 42%.

  265. How about…

    – the suicide scout who somehow keeps failing his mission goals because
    – the heavily pessimistic and always sad “im stock!” guy
    – the heavily armored, redline camping TD who rages about his team losing
    at the frontlines while watching them die
    – the unlucky, stream sniping artillery player
    – the hyperactive scout
    – the sponsored and super famous youtuber, who got a deluxe account from WG
    to promote the game and all the super cool looking tanks, which he however
    fails to understand completely
    – the immature and moronic fail platoon

  266. OMG, this shit is funny as hell! You are brilliant DezGamez…freakin’

  267. These are priceless videos. Thank you for posting them.

    Next, rental tanks and new crews!

  268. Red tomatos next?

  269. So fucking cool :)

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