► World of Tanks: Stereotypes #3 – Light Tank Players

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Source: DezGamez

Stereotypes Series. ÜGuideÝ. World of Tanks Players. World of Tanks Gameplay Review.

It time for “World of Tanks: Stereotypes #3”, this time featuring light tanks. I was surprised to see how many of you wanted to see lights actually… Love to see them suiciding?

Anyways, now just sit back and enjoy the show!

– How did you like it?
– Who’s next?



  1. oh, cmon, thats test server!!! :D

  2. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    37 dislikes…37 butthurt light tank users

  3. wanted to punch the screen fifty times… nice work ;)

  4. And a prem 8 “just got wot yesterday” tank driver. Just Lowe drivers are a
    show in themselves, but IS6 too…

  5. Great stuff! Do a seal clubber stereotype – so much nasty to be had :P

  6. i really enjoed this :)

  7. brilliant :)

  8. pls dont tell every one what to do

  9. lmao WOW Tyeam

  10. Again FANTASTIC video.

  11. You are awesome! I ROFL too much.

  12. Please do an episode about whiners! (Hacker! fucking RNG! Noob Team! etc.)

  13. its a funny series but there are only 5 types of vehicles, so theyre gonna
    run out soon, what will you be doing after you completed all tank types?

  14. Great stuff again mate! When you are done with the tank classes, the series
    could continue with individual tanks?

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  15. TDs next! And you must include that one camper that doesnt get spotted and
    has a huge gun :D

  16. When you’re done with vehicle types maybe do Annoying XVM users

  17. So, is there no risk of people who are butt hurt reporting you and your
    accounted taking some hits (i.e. Bans N’ stuff)?

  18. that yolo run was so perfectly hilarious

  19. Brilliant I couldn’t stop laughing

  20. i loved the “nice aimbot” ahahaha so many ppl whining these days about
    that. every time u own someone they go “reported for aimbot”

  21. very funny but to often very true ,,, great video @DezGamez

  22. Such a PITA to watch. I do some of the same with T49, like go with heavies,
    camp from behind another passive spotting light, but I never rush and sui
    40 sec into the game.
    +1 for doing it on test server with “fake” account Kappa

  23. :)))))))))))))))

  24. You forgot to complain about the matchmaking with a light!

  25. oo, this was the first one where I kinda got uncomfortable watching it
    hehe. Well done!

  26. really nice man 🙂 .. it was daily example from WoT :D

  27. Great video Dez not quite as funny as the heavies but not bad at all. Look
    forward to seeing TDS and Meds. Keep it up its an hilarious concept and
    very enjoyable ?

  28. Nice, can”t wait for TD”s episode :D

  29. I like the suicide scouts. ;)

  30. As t49 driver I am not on drugs all the time maybe 90% off time lel

  31. Its pretty deppressing when you get the medal for spotting 9 enemy vehicles
    and you get 0 spotting damage………

  32. Thes hert me Brian cels

  33. That was so true again. Laughed my ass off. But really….???
    facenuke_us???????????? uhhhuhh?

  34. Currently, the best series on the Net…I absolutely love it!!

  35. Top 3 W.o.T filmmakers on Youtube(My Opinion)- 1) DEZ 2) Quickybaby
    3)4tankeranddog……………I learn the game alot from them all with
    great laughs too.

  36. Lmao, Dez…………..I have in the beginning playing W.o.T done the last
    one and did actually drown………………….a few times.
    :)………never drink and drive my friend even when it is bottle of Ginger
    Ale. “A know it all Unicom player be sweet to see.”

  37. nice driving on the last one .. you PRO –^^

  38. pls do more and next time tank destroyers

  39. Ronald T. Washington

    you should do one on players thet die 10 sec into match, spending the rest
    of it telling you how much you suck with your 2k+ damage

  40. make DERP gun stereotype

  41. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  42. best one yet

  43. Omg yes

  44. Must do TD’s..the lights were ok, not like the heavy’s. love this series
    though, keep the good work up!

  45. Do a tank destroyer one next plzzzz!!!!!!

  46. I cant wait for the arty

  47. OMG! Fucking hilarious! I was cringing watching it! Classic!

  48. Right on the monies again….crying with laughter…again

  49. Best one yet!

  50. i agree with T49 part lol!!!

  51. from a T49 drivers
    yeah i love this XD

  52. Another wicked video! Can’t wait for the next one. Good job!

  53. some epic dodging action!
    next up I like tank destroyers :)

  54. That Mines gameplay. I see it so often it’s not even funny anymore.

  55. You should do a world of warships one. Be funny to see the different types
    of captain stereotypes.

  56. Bush kemping TDs next pls Dez!

  57. You should win an Oscar. These are great!

  58. all of these are hilarious! you got something with these in your

  59. Fucking genius! Next up has to be TOG drivers and 152 derpers

  60. very good

  61. This one was so hard to watch. Jimmies were rustled.

  62. Those 18 dislikes are from butt hurt light tank players who do this stuff

  63. you forgot to hide behind arty :)

  64. TD players.. for example su152 in toptier :S

  65. Do a Stereotype of people who complain that they have been killed by gold
    ammunition even when they haven’t been hit by gold, i think its fucking
    hilarious when i kill a tank in WOT with no gold even used………..GOLD
    NOOB! haha its great

  66. Epic videos 😀 I would love to see stereotyp unicum video aswell :D


  68. From: IchiNiSanShiGo. Like I requested before. Be a unicom hiding in the
    back of the map until 80% of the enemy team is destroyed. Then show up.

  69. Nice video!! 🙂 DezGamez what is the name of the music you use on the T49 ?

  70. Sven Croon (MacSvensson)

    “I know the way” was the best! Seriously, it was an unintentional driving
    error, wasn’t it? You f#cked up didn’t you? 😀
    As of right now, this series is officially my favorite WoT series ever! GJ

  71. Wargaming facket upp all light tanks… How ? All maps are made for havys
    and mediums, bushens has ben removed from the game so we light driver Can
    be one shoted by anyone and t7 Will always vs t10 Why ? Because we like to
    Fuck y…

  72. So funny. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  73. Tank destroyers next? Will we see the 183 be a super star, or a duper star?
    Only you can say, mumumumhahahahahaha ………simply diabolical!

  74. TD’s, one is not using snipe mode, one brawls like a heavy and another

  75. Lmfao

  76. Suiscouts never learn their just the most useless motherfuckers ever. Yeah

  77. Great video DezGamez. Keep up the good work.

  78. You are a moron

  79. Haha I realy enjoyed this episode. Nice work keep it up!

  80. td!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. The guys with premium tier 8 tanks and their biggest tier is 4

  82. More arty Stereotypes xD

  83. Exploding Baconeer

    You’ve hit a nail in the head with this episode, it’s great ^_^

  84. All the stuff you show in the stereotype serie should just be an instaban
    in game, like people playing scout and whinning it’s bad etc… Like wtf
    most wn8 farming class and insane potential

  85. Matthew Tomlinson (TheNaughtyEwok)



  87. So much in here is exactly how I played LTs for sooooo long. lol

  88. Hilarious…. 🙂 but true………….. you rock….

  89. Hästi tabatud :)

  90. Here’s another ‘type’ for ya… – You just got your 1st Tier 10….and you
    think you’re invincible!!! Last 15 seconds and scream HACKKKSSSSSS! lol

  91. Jean-Marie Hoenen

    Make noob campers ??

  92. Nearly fell out my seat watching that last one hahaha – Great job :)

  93. OMG!! I crack up so hard!! Where do you get it all from!! sooo funny!! love
    it! keep up the good work man!!

  94. thx man really enjoyed this one!

  95. man you have to whait a moment and then go spot, you dont let them to
    aproch te pozision

  96. A. “sgeler” Finchen

    great ;))

  97. Aw, no Speedy Gonzalez in a Luchs tearing around screaming “Yriiba Yriiba,
    Ondolay!” 😀 (No offense our Spanish brothers in Iron, I grew up watching

    Great funny vid Dez! You rock!

  98. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    sooooo nice pls more i must laught so much

  99. Brandon Pemberton

    lol, run into quite a few of those type of players everyday. I seen a
    couple of T 54 lightweights camping 4 grids behind the heavies last night,
    they both had 2900 to 3200 wn8s as well, but we’re at about 3000 games
    each. the awesome tactics of a reroll Stat padder. my favorite stereotype
    in the game is the medium tank drivers who overcrowd the heavies or tds and
    use them for rolling armor. there is a right way to do that, but I’m
    talking about the ones who get behind and block the escape path while
    shooting over under or in between the heavies and tds. ruining a heavy or
    tds game, lol. I see this all the time unfortunately.

  100. Follow me! *SPLASH*

  101. OMG, Ship, that M41 into the water at the end after “follow me”… that was
    totally accidental, wasn’t it? :D

  102. Superunicum stereotypes! Spam all the gold, call everyone noobs, be
    especially verbally aggressive against other clan wars clans!

  103. LMAO. Awesome video. Keep’em coming DG :)

  104. I have to say, this has become my new favorite series from you. Well, this
    and RNGesus.
    Oh, and one more thing: The last clip with Bulldog flying to the lake,
    that’s going to happen a lot when 9.14 comes live. Looking forward to then
    see some ridiculous RNG clips.


  106. Exactly Dez, dead on the money!!!! Great view of stereotypes!!! Really
    enjoyed it!!
    the old man out!!

    take care, aka flea1951

  107. Another great episode mate, laughed my pants off! And I don’t even play WoT
    o.O Keep up the great work!

  108. Way to make RU hate NA players more lol

  109. The las one is the best, that driving, like a drunken chicken!

  110. hey DezGames! when you are done with the tank classes, you can do players.
    (example) the a-hole who thinks that he is the best and knows everything…
    the guy who always spamms something in an other langue than english… the
    guy who kills his own team and so on!

  111. looool funny shit but im lighttank player …

  112. That M41 on Mines, I know that all to well. Every. Goddamn. Time.

  113. Epic 😀 Thank you
    you can do now ,,Arty sleeep…useles arty”

  114. Airsoft By Oliver

    wheres the afk scout

  115. Dezgamez has the perfect noob voice to do these kind of video’s xD

  116. that was fun

  117. We’ve all seen all of these, of course, it wasn’t me, oh no…

  118. Dez this episode wasn’t funny this is how I play light tanks ?

  119. That last M41 on Lakeville was just too funny!

  120. Playing on test server haha 😀 so u can say what ever u want and do what
    ever u want

  121. Implying suicide lights say ‘sorry’ after being annihilated in the middle
    of the enemy team… They’re more likely to call their team noobs for not
    supporting them on the other end of the map

  122. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Dude, you are way too friendly for this, Light Tank drivers are always
    raging in chat :P

  123. Unicum med drivers.

  124. lol why didn`t you use youre own account for this ship:)

  125. I totally loved the Murovanka run, pinging just about every grid square on
    the map, speeding right up to their cap, and complaining because no one is
    shooting the tanks he’s spotting…love it! The typical sui-scout run!
    Also, gotta love the “side-scraping” light tank, up front with the big
    guys; seen it all too often! Well done DG!

  126. Could you do tank destroyers? You could have hellcat/t67 suicide speed
    scout, and a hellcat/t67 brawler (kind of like the side-scraping AMX 13
    90). You could also have a deathstar that never aims and then complains
    about his reload and accuracy and RNG. And of course, you could have a
    jageroo who thinks he’s so good because he just spams HEAT (or a deathstar
    that spams HESH). And then a camping one.

  127. jajajaja that ending

  128. TDs!

  129. These videos are fucking hysterical.

  130. i hope u do these in training rooms not in actual fames

  131. Good as always 😀 How about next time GOLD NOOBS ?

  132. They dont hear you because they are russian and dont know english, like if
    you notice that in the chat

  133. Omega Kevin Allahu Akbar

    T49 drivers. This topic should get its own T49 compilation show :D

  134. Absolutely spot on awesome! If only you would always help my enemies :)

  135. Mediums tanks

  136. pressed like before the video even started :P

  137. so hilarious! good job man! GOOD JOB MAN!

  138. the camper lights are the ones i love the most on my team <3

  139. Really enjoyed this. Good effin job!

  140. First part about being a heavy tank was hilarious ahaha nice one dez

  141. im more surprised that russians didnt tk you

  142. Hey Dez, have you accepted the ARL challenge?

  143. The bulldog one actually hurt to watch

  144. 0 damage tier 10’s.

  145. LoL i love the commitment. Can we have Steve the IS7 driver?

  146. Hey +DezGamez ! 🙂 Love your work mate. Really enjoying this series XD. You
    should do TDs next: “Not suppose to spot me!” (rhm), “HOW DID I NOT PEN?”,
    Low damage roll… really??”
    Keep up the awesome work!!!

  147. soooo true .. unfortunatelly I simply can’t watch it … seen it enough in
    game and boiling just from watching :)

  148. awesome stuff again Dezzz…missed only lights desperately trying to ram
    reds….. and what next? Medium snipers in home nest…

  149. So on T-49 section if i read right all games were played by you so you are
    high every time you play T-49 :-)

  150. Great video man, Keep it!!!

  151. I can feel my brain melting… I really hope you don’t ACTUALLY play like
    that 😀 (Also, nice how you tried to speak English on the Test Server :P)
    But really nice video. I’m looking forward to the next one ^^

  152. Good job man! Gotta love deez(nuts) 😛 :D

  153. This was great kappa

  154. MinorJrPvtDexterGrif

    I see nothing wrong with the T49 Driver…am I on drugs?

  155. LOVE IT!!!! Next video needs to be the challenge video. T49 – Fully
    upgraded except the gun. Only fire HE and do over 2k damage.

  156. The maps are too small for lights to be useful in early game.

  157. it sounded like you were really tired and demotivated the whole video 8[
    are you okay?

  158. Amazingly accurate. I see lights like these all the time. Mostly the
    suicide scouts though. Great video as always mate. Keep em’ coming.

  159. Nice video, try arty TD, heavy sniper, lone lemming train/rager!

  160. Christian Armbruster

    Super unicums next? :D

  161. I can actually remember that I was something like that at the beginning 😀
    Great job, Dez! :)

  162. Yep … things that do not change in the game, regardless of the number of
    games … no one sees the videos lol!

  163. Instand like from me. O man I love this sooo much. Best idea ever to start
    this serie!

  164. Guys i know the way! to the ocean!

  165. Anyone else just feel really bad for his teamates while he is making these
    videos ? But great video Dez as usual man keep em coming

  166. I love it!!!

  167. Limousin…. It would be perfect for the TOG

  168. That last one was the best lol

  169. Waffentrager stereotypes ;)

  170. I really do hope you enjoy it!
    And I have to say Thank You for helpful comments under my previous
    episodes. I got a lot of good tips and “player types” from you guys! Tried
    to be as detailed as I could, but what did I miss? 🙂 And this time I
    played on test server, otherwise it would have been way too painful for
    myself! :D

  171. Loving this series man lol’ed so much on the last one XD give us the
    mediums next pls I wanna know my stereotype

  172. that t49 clip…… lmfao, im dying!!!!

  173. Hi Dezgamez! I love your vídeos!:D

  174. Yessss I’m here

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