► World of Tanks: Stereotypes #4 – Tank Destroyer Players

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Source: DezGamez

Series. “Guide”. Tank Destroyer Players. Tank Destroyer Gameplay Review.

I am back with another episode of “World of Tanks: Stereotypes”!
This time I am going to review tank destroyer players… There are so many stereotypes actually, so maybe I should make more than just one part about each class? What do you think? 🙂

– How did you like it?
– Who’s next?

►Special thanks to the “Pelle_The_Tank” for epic WT E-100 gameplay!
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2399630#stats

►WT E-100 music:
“ES_Soft Tears Trailer – Johan Hynynen”
“ES_Heavy Industrial Anger 5 – Victor Ohlsson”
Tanks in action:
– USA/American , Tier 9 Tank Destroyer
/Germany Waffenträger Auf.


  1. Hey man I always like your vids. You have good game. I know a great song
    for your search and destroy missions. The song is called Mission by Stanley
    Clark. Good luck man and keep having fun with this great game.

  2. connor trevaskiss

    HESHGAMSMS. really funny thanks dez

  3. connor trevaskiss

    you should stop pretending your entertaining us like. dont make it right
    for us. pretend you by yourself and talking to yourself. like vacuum
    cleaner was golden but beginning was kinda scripted.

  4. I like the WT part , nice~!

  5. ahhahahahahahaha ffs xDDD u fucking nailed it

  6. hahaha, i know T-95 is a slow tank…. BUT MAN< THAT SLOW!?!?! 😀 :D

  7. Not as good as the others, but ok

  8. Man you got this on point! All of these are soo common to see in battle…

  9. maybe WoT natiolan stereotypes? For exapmle Polish , Turkish players. What
    doYou think?

  10. Bro tip – Find a girl who plays TDs = clean home = profit.

  11. I think you need a second part of TD stereotypes. The annoying bush campers
    were not there neither was the undetectable e-25

  12. Thx, another great show.

  13. Kajetan Jankowski

    do siemka pl stereotypes or stat padders

  14. I miss ‘I’m a TD, I should camp the red line’ in the E3 part :(

  15. “where should I go” – this is totally me in slow TDs.

  16. vacuum cleaner rolf
    if you want to see how balanced some tds are in this game watch this! :

    Watch “WoT Xbox: FV4005 Stage II Review!!! Lol” on YouTube

  17. you need some elevator music to go with 3 minutes before getting into
    action in t95… Jingles uses “Girl from Ipanema”

  18. Very funny, catches the soul of each td… Great ideas and entertaining!!!
    GJ DG :’)

  19. You missed the biggest baddest stereotype, the “TDs should always kemp
    bush! He stays base camping, not in position to shoot anything, and finally
    dying when the base gets rushed in the end. And then the scrub still thinks
    he helped the team because he got a couple of kills and some damage just
    before dying.

  20. do one of a new player with their first heavy tank thinking they can pen

  21. Alper Tolga GEDİK

    Next time,meds

  22. The tea and cookie bit was hilarious.

  23. Love it Dez! Please do the “stat snob” next!

  24. The hesh part lmao

  25. what about the classic ” im going to stay here and guard the artillery”
    or… every t67/hellcat driver ever? “dont worry guys, i can snipe AND

  26. You need to try the T67.
    The mix of LT, MT and TD…
    You can only know what you are doing when you know the composition of both

  27. “We are from balancing department”…at that moment, we all knew it was the
    waffle XD

  28. I freaking LOST IT when the vacuum cleaner started.

  29. Those clips with the 183 were hilarious!

  30. how long is the update?

  31. “Oh fu*k you, ohhh… fu*k me”
    This is the quote of the century :)

  32. you’re fucking hilarious

  33. Meds spamming heat!

  34. LOL wtf E100 balanced man balanced.

  35. where are you from bro?

  36. Very nice! You did forget about the guys that play wolverines and jacksons
    like heavy tanks…..and base campers! Great vid as always!

  37. so medium tanks next :D

  38. hahahahah so crazy :D,good job man haha

  39. Kristoffer Johansson

    Great, but where was “kemp bush, no move no kill at all”?

  40. Oh man this was a good one! I think this might be better then the arty
    episode. Great work!

  41. I was watching a Wot stream once and the and the streamer did her nails
    while triving T95.

  42. I laughed so hard at the T95! This is pure comedy gold!

  43. you save my day :D

  44. very well made :)


  46. This has to be the best WOT series on YouTube. Great job!!

  47. @DezGamez for mediums do one where you have a platoon that always wolf
    packs the one player :D

  48. Lol. The T95 one is SO true. I love mine but GOD is it a chore sometimes.
    Also that vacuum, I died.

  49. least entertaining stereotype yet, sorry to say, lol.

  50. Whos next?????? only one left

  51. Vacuum cleaner did more in that battle! :)

  52. I think that stereotypical noobs and unicums would make a good vid, anyone

  53. Don’t play WOT but this is awesome

  54. Stereotypes: Noob vs a super Unicom decision making on the battle field

  55. an_average_player

    You missed the typical td player who sits in bush all game and watches
    everyone die while doing fuck all, all game.

  56. td and arty are amazing good job

  57. My roommate walked in as you were firing the HESH and going “ooh” and he
    thought I was watching porn ._.

  58. Ones you run out of classes, are you doing the tank nations?

  59. what about frontline stubborn emil or pz. sflvc. V? and mad e25 players who
    think they’re scouts or try to out- maneuver meds and heavie? or those
    bunch of russian zero depression su line that try to come over the hill to
    shoot you, there are like thousands of people who are playing those ways

  60. What if you did one on suicide scout hellcats not understanding why they
    keep on dying and blaming the team for not shooting everything?

  61. Josh's Minecraft Tutorials

    This is hard to watch LOL!

  62. Try to impersonate the typical arrogant purple player, WN8 sniping at the
    back and complaining about pubbies.

  63. xD probably the best “stereotype” video so far

  64. Lost it on the “Balancing” part.
    That’s how I played my Waffle when it had 6 shots ;)

  65. hahaha t95 is such a sad tank, and WG even removed the best map for the
    tank south coast.

  66. loved it

  67. Do the guy who dies within the first 2 minutes of battle, then proceeds to
    tell everyone else how poorly they are playing, or how they should be
    playing their tank =)

  68. First one is totally me… ;)

  69. hehehe you Made my night, because im watching it on 22;00

  70. seal clubbers

  71. Made my Day again. 🙂
    I have to train those sounds until I get my deathstar…

  72. arty and light tanks are the best so far, laughed like crazy

  73. Erik “Hortn” Hortlund

    Cockie-part, I laughed and cried. Mostly because that is your avarage T-95
    player. But also because of how you said the word: Cockié. 🙂 Wonderful!

  74. good job dez good job!

  75. Vileppii Growtopia

    im probably that where should i go…

  76. “fuck you credits” lmfao!!!

  77. meanwhile inside the T95: goddammit I dropped my cookies

  78. bwaaahahahahahahahahahaha!

  79. “Fuck you, Credits”


  80. you a fu**ing genius xD
    The part with WT got me…

  81. Lmao Rock star……….I too drink tea, Earl Grey tea not that flavored
    stuff. Keep it up, mate………had tea floe through my nose as I watched
    todays video.

  82. keep it up loving them with lots of laughs, Thanks!

  83. Do a stereotype of a German tank driver, pls also do a German accent and
    have schlager music playing on the background!

  84. Dez your a bad lad 🙂 and very funny :))

  85. do this with world of warships

  86. do one stream sniping quickybaby lol

  87. can’t stop laughing :DDD gj Dez

  88. I would love to see one on the players I hate, the unicum that keeps at the
    back, running away, hiding behind friendly tanks and shooting you in the
    back if you touch his tank or you don’t do as he wants… hate those cocky

  89. Just plain great DG!!! Thanks again sir!

  90. Sebastiaan Postma

    I died when he revved up that vacuum cleaner xD

  91. Could do a nontank specific one, such as noobs, “everyone who kills me is
    hacking” ones (seriously, how do people get to tier 10 and still not know
    how bushes work), xvm win chance worshiper, etc

  92. “I dropped my cookie” sounded suspiciously like Schwarzenegger

  93. No mention of ISU152? What about derp tds or hellcats that throw their
    tanks away? No basecamping? So many missed potential jokes…

  94. well WT auf E100 clip was best one specially that music

  95. Brandon Pemberton

    lmao, best ever. I can always count on you to put 5-15 minutes of laughter
    into my day, lol. your editing, and your commentary make you a step above
    all and I enjoy every single video you have posted. good job Dez as always,
    fan for life here.

  96. Which title has the Rockmusic during the WT E100 part?

  97. 4:57 -> sooo juicy! =,D

  98. yu’re videos are great.thank you Dez.

  99. Great video Dez, best of the series so far. Looking forward to part 2.

  100. will u be doing a part 2 to these videos???

  101. I’ve just fully upgraded my tortoise now the grind for the Deathstar so I
    can spend all my credits on hesh ?

  102. t95 was painful to watch :)

  103. The vaccum cleaner got me. XD

  104. Sven Croon (MacSvensson)

    “fuck you… fuck you… fuck you… … ah, fuck me”

  105. I fucking LOVE your videos! keep them coming!

  106. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    o man.. the WT Auf E 100 was funny af.

  107. Heavy tanks!

  108. *fvck you, fvck you, fvck you. Ohh, fvck me..*

    lmao xD

    Since you used a clip not played by yourself, are there any stereotypes
    you’d like people to send to you? (clips I mean)

  109. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    World of Tanks British tank Stereotypes. Our fuel’s hit. We’re leaking tea!

  110. cookies and tea, at least TD players have more class than arty players.

  111. do togg 2 drivers

  112. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    Kemp Bush! This is me in my first 4k games ;/

  113. Another wicked video. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next one.

  114. damn that chill music while reloading XD

  115. When he turned on the vacuum i died laughing

  116. I think it would be funnier if you said ‘should I go drown myself?’ In the
    T110E3 gameplay. That FV part killed me?

  117. Mediums? One medium suicide pushes, side scrapping fails, full heat spam,
    auto loaders doing 1 shot of damage… that’s all I got…

  118. lol! One of your best videos! The waffle-part was totally epic! :D

  119. Does anyone think this series is good?

  120. Stereotype Platoons, Please? Pretty Please?

  121. 7.8/10 not enuff fair plane


    (disclaimer: i’m not really that dumbass)

  122. T95 doesn’t seem to be going 12 km/h – 13 km/h. It feels like 5 km/h, I
    swear I could walk faster. T95 should go the same speed as a running
    person. Come on, WG! Also, great video as always.

  123. CroMusic PlayerHD

    Red players stereotypes?

  124. moreeeeeeeeeee

  125. Schnitzell Muffin

    HESH shot montage. Hah so true though. Mostly all fuck you! then when i
    goes in just beautiful

  126. OMG!
    the heavy metal is real :D

  127. LOOOOL T-95 one of my best and “worst” tanks ever!!! always do a prayer to
    cap loool!!!!!! Either you carry all team either you cant do SHIT!!!!!!

  128. You had me dying with the 183 and “f*cks” :D

  129. That moment when you were all these players at some time….

  130. Nice one Dez :)

  131. This was so funny throughout great job

  132. Alexander Krikorian

    I love the smooth jazz wtfe100

  133. Worst tier 9 td

  134. Mediums next

  135. Needs moar kemp bush. 2/10.

  136. yesterday i make 9kill and 5k dmg with type t34! 9.14 update!!!!!!!! i love
    this update!

  137. i giggled so hard. Thx Dez. You made my day :’D

  138. dind’t all these stereotype videos had any influence on your games. 🙂
    cause if i would play like that i would loose all my knowledge in the game
    how to drive a tank. i feel like a…lika a tomato.

  139. I can’t get over the vacuum cleaning part xDDDDDDDD I want an autograph
    from you x’D

  140. love it, loads of lolz, the hesh/nerd-gasms and the softporn-music when
    reloading, great episode! :-D

  141. gj m8

  142. Tomáš Kondr (JdaxCZ)


  143. I rate this awesome out of awesome!

  144. Tuukka Toiviainen

    thanks for awesome video dude keep up doing good work mate

  145. Stereotypes pro players when they die from noobz :P

  146. more please

  147. teamkiller next!!! ;)

  148. I lost at the vacuming xDDDD

  149. omg, can’t stop laughting when watching this

  150. My FV can balance a WT very quickly :)

  151. this is some good stuff man! thanks for taking the time to make these. love
    your videos

  152. Try “How to be a Noob” series XP

  153. *Oh i drop the cookie doown* (arnold schwarzenegger voice)

  154. Love it!

  155. boop beep baap biip I loved that part :D

  156. Do one which is about medium again with the t26e4 example ‘im going to
    stick with the heavies

  157. omg! as I said before! were do you get it all from?! love it! :-)

  158. LOL that t95 clip had me crackin up! Awesome vid as always DezGamez! Medium
    tank players next please. :)

  159. maybe do Unicom players next i wpuld love to see you do a stereotype of
    quickybaby. but you will probably finish off the classes then move on to
    different XVM players. we if you do medium tanks next be sure to add in the
    wolfpack or the player who gets mad because their Russian t62a turret got
    penetrated or if you do a TD part 2 then please try to add the guy who
    hides behind artillery and calls everyone a scrub while he dose zero
    damage. XBOX ONE WOT in a nutshell?

  160. best one yet

  161. Unicum stereotypes ?

  162. I don’t play the game often but I see enough videos to understand these are
    pretty accurate, but most importantly, funny AF

  163. Benjamin Stratford

    Really like the channel, good quality. Good Job!

  164. My favorite next to the arty one!

  165. great video

  166. Zak Stratford-Smith

    Should do noob for next vids down in low tiers. new players are very
    unfamiliar with the game so it could be funny

  167. so next is the medium tank drivers then

  168. Medium tankzzz!

  169. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    10/10 m8 ;)

  170. Gareth Fairclough

    Argh! First day of diet…and the first thing Dez mentions? Tea and
    cookies!!! :/

  171. Gareth Fairclough

    Argh! First day of diet…and the first thing Dez mentions? Tea and
    cookies!!! :/

  172. Dez: “Oh oh house’s…Gotta avoid the house’s”

    *Destroys all the house’s* :’D


  174. Hahaha so cool :D

  175. FeelsBadMan

  176. Sounds like an elephant in the room 2:03

  177. HAHAHAHAHA. I remember this grind all too well(T95). So much speed and
    agility! And that smooth Jazz during the WT E -100 reload…….needs to be
    in game.

  178. Enjoy yet another episode of “Stereotypes”!
    I actually have a lot more awesome ideas(with different classes), but I do
    not want to make one episode longer than 10 minutes.. So maybe part 2? :)

  179. holy ***, I’m early!!

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