► World of Tanks: Stereotypes #5 – New Players

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World of Tanks Stereotypes Series. World of Tanks “Guide”. World of Tanks New Players. suck in World of Tanks.

Are you ready for Stereotypes episode number 5? Well, you have to be, because it is here and today we are going to see how new players are seeing World of Tanks.


– How did you like it?
– Who’s next?
Tanks in action:
– USA/American 5, Tier 9 Tank Destroyer
– German/Germany Waffenträger Auf.


  1. ELC players! :-)

  2. Do the next on fuckers who have PL or NL or GB in their names, I hate those

  3. hahaha, laughing my ass of again 🙂

    next: cocky unicums!

  4. Skjørestad Benjamin

    The “best” player

  5. I thought it was funny, but you never made a clip in honor of players with
    200 battles who buy tier 8 premiums and have no idea how to play the game!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. do next PL players pls!

  7. when i started with artillery i was just like that

  8. Alexander Schlecker

    i didnt even know that you can repair your modules by clicking on them :D

  9. “Medium tanks must be better than a light tank right?” rushes for British
    Medium III and gets rekt by Pz.Ic

  10. Андрей Беккер

    2:30 push to Alt Idiot)))

  11. Can u make one about super unicums the ego players the raging on tomatoes
    unicum etc

  12. You should also add the guys that shoot the clip to make a full reload.
    Like you have 4 shots, fire 2 of them, and don’t know how to reload so you
    shoot them in the ground :D

  13. Well im a bit guilty of being a map explorer, 20k games and I still do this
    first game on a new map :)

  14. Robin Tilbrook (Bosun_Bones)

    I probably went through every phase. Turns out I was just a rubbish player.

  15. Lol I was the map explorer, BUT I DID IT TO GET TO KNOW THE MAPS!!!

  16. How about the guy with a 60+ win rate but is a fucking prick

  17. Ben messaoud Mazen


  18. Thats exactly what i was doing at the first time i played WOT!lolololololol
    classsic!Good job YOU Ship!

  19. Michael Harper-Jones

    I’ve had unicum td’s shoving my light tank from behind to get out of my
    bush so they can have it (clearly they are more worthy 😉 )
    Also you forgot new players often drown on derpenberg!

  20. People who don’t like (kv 2 and Oi style) howitzers

  21. I have never noticed the gas station before lol

  22. i actually did the same thing with arty when i started playing hahahha

  23. Wachira Narongsack

    how about the raging unicorn player?

  24. this is so accurate it is painful to watch xD

  25. Awesome!
    Next? How about WN8 padder? people that only look for stats.

  26. Arjen Muit (D3al3r)

    Idea for stereo type players….

    The Rush forward, die within 60 seconds and then blame the whole team/arty.

  27. that with the arty was so true XD when i was new i acidently pressed the
    shift button and a wonder happens…

  28. nice one, but you forgot using autoaim on a fast moving scout and complain
    that it misses, kv1 sequence was very accurate tho im old player from when
    kv2 and kv1 was a single tank and when i first got it i did feel immortal
    in that went forward and died :D

  29. Actually, that “Map exploring” made me appreciate how much work they put
    into the details of the maps ^^

  30. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    you look at your gas station and your team still does well i do thousands
    of damage and loose 15 6 ._.

  31. he forgot the new player who thinks he knows everything he’s watched
    jingles quickybaby Rita or yourself

  32. this is great! :)

  33. ROFL, I was like this in my AT2. I can’t pen it in my T4 tank so nothing
    can. T29 taught me there is bigger badder things in the world

  34. you forgot when you bought a new gun or turret and startet the battle with
    no ammo!

  35. This is what i sadly find, Unicum players who dies always call their team
    ‘noobs’ and ‘idiots’ and i have actaly seen that when i write ‘Good Luck
    Have Fun’ then the unicum players go like ‘Shut up’ and ‘STFU’ and i mean
    im not the best but i have 1333 WN8 wich isnt that bad but i really think
    unicum players should stop being so ‘dumb’ to other players.

  36. As much as I hate to admit it, that was me first time I tried Arty back in
    7.2 or so.

  37. Do unicums next time ;)

  38. World of Tanks is freaking bullshit game. To many bugs, noobs, nerfs on
    tanks, to many deleted tanks. Pay to win game. Armored Warfare more more
    more better, balanced!

  39. N00b who thinks XVM will make him a good player

  40. “take that in the face because face is the place” this one got me laughing

  41. Half of this more or less sums up my experiences as a new player.

    Especially the ones where I had my Pz.38(t)N.A in high tier games. The pain.

    Also, the last one made me laugh. I was guilty of that when I got the

  42. to be fair never noticed the drug store

  43. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. :)

  44. Holy god, this is accurate af

  45. HAHA, at 4:00 I did that when I was new to the game! That time i thought
    orange tracks would make my tank slower.

  46. Who’s next? The pro player that needs noskillammo to win…. Gold!!

  47. the arty part pretty much sums up my early days of getting arty lol

  48. Medium stereotypes, please and thank you.

  49. It was funny when you click Resupply automatically but pick no supplies,
    apparently fire extinguisher and other supplies are so expensive lol

  50. you forgot to run the game vanilla(and 50% crew)

  51. Meds stereotypes

  52. I remember the days…

  53. IchButterMirDenLachs

    This was actually my first thought, when i got my 1st T2, the T18 back
    then, “what is that….a tank without a turret?! what a shiet, gonna sell
    it fast!” :D

  54. Sixth Sense… That’s how you spot a person that just bought a KV-1 😛 But
    seriously, Nice video. I like the series a lot. :D

  55. What about the “I have to protect arty”

  56. Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss

    I can see myself in every one of those, specifically the SPG…

  57. lol, the “the HE must be best” was me when I started.

  58. 3:15 I was actually that guy when I first started playing :/

  59. The Playing Dutchman

    OMG, the angling part was really cringy – despite knowing that you just
    pretended to be a noob. X-D

  60. 6:35 i love it how theres a dead whether who drowned and he does not even
    mention it at all

  61. lol I did the same thing in my first arty! after awhile I realized u had to
    shoot from the back but still didn’t know about the top down view. I was
    playing with another arty and I was randomly shooting into the air like he
    was. I asked him how he gt a kill shooting from back here and he said press

  62. Players with “good” stats.

  63. Do RENTAL TANKS next please. And pass my suggestions along to the WG staff
    who insist on keeping these abominations in the game. Please suggest all
    future rental tanks be furnished to players by WG as follows;
    1. Painted Hot PINK.
    2. Large black Mickey Mouse ears on top. Very large.
    3. Large eyelashes on the front fenders.
    4. See through frilly lace camo nets.
    5. 50% Crew skill max.
    6. Typical tier 4 player driving tier 8 med or heavy in a tier 10 game.

    Thank you Dez.

  64. kv-1 so true

  65. I have seen o-ni in TV actually…

    Godzilla and gundan had a good time

  66. that panther.. many hitpoints.. must BE an heavy tank made my Day ???

  67. Personally I would love to see a troll stereotype vid

  68. Newbs circling arty and using terrain as cover, really? You’re just too
    good to play bad ^^
    I missed the invisible tanks, but never seen that gasstation or the
    drugstore before :)

  69. I despise map explorers

  70. Do a stet pedder one!

  71. Premium noobs next!

  72. I remember when I was new to the game I thought the T-34-85 was OP AF.
    Reason is because I saw one and he was the last guy left, AFK, and a whole
    bunch of light tanks went behind and beside him and where shooting him.
    They were firing at his angled ass and the angled side, and bouncing
    fruitlessly. The T-34-85 eventually died, but I thought: “I must get this
    tank”. Now I’ve passed by that tank and yeah, it was good, but it
    definitely wasn’t OP lol.

  73. I think it wasnt very accurate about the light tank scout in a “high” tier
    match, that was too well played for a scout like that
    There were a few times when i was like “a new player doesnt move like
    that?” (There are times when i dont move like that… when i should…)

  74. These vids are hilarious keep them up?

  75. Dez you forgot to have a new player buy a Lowe after a dozen games we all
    did it didn’t we ?

  76. In my first game playing an arty, I literally didn’t even know about the
    sniper view until it was a 1v2 fight. A few people on the team were mad at
    me until they figured out (probably from watching me) that I had no idea
    what I was doing. After they explained, I finished off the tank I could see
    in one shot (he was still lit after destroying my last remaining ally), and
    went to the enemy base to find the last guy afk. There are still helpful
    players in WoT…

  77. jajajajajajaj …

  78. next is unicums

  79. Xbox 1 have got a few new maps, and I’m wondering what’s there is on the
    map thats new, so I don’t really blame the new people for exploring

  80. love the binos and net in the kv1 lol

  81. This was so funny maybe stet pedder next time

  82. I have discover on Windstorm than a model for the car is the French 2
    cheveaux from Citröen, this is the 2 ” ^ ” on the front.

    And for the next … The campers !

  83. Unicorns would be a good follow up.

  84. you should to a reroll account video

  85. need base defenders and trash talkers don’t forget them seal clubbers

  86. bouncing shouldve been done with the hetzer

  87. First time I played on Malinovka, I ran out into the field in a heavy.
    Things went south real quick. I quickly looked up a map strategy for
    Malinovka, embarrassed, and my hatred for the map only grew since then,

  88. Resupply automatically. YES

  89. Do some 50% crew spotting in light¨s or what ever really ^^ Haxors killing
    you when nobody is spotted.. I never tryid that “cough” ^^ Nice series good
    fun ;)

  90. Make a video for unicums

  91. lol the camo net and binos on the KV 1, priceless

  92. This Video was excellent !

  93. dez you are gonna fuck up your stats while you record stereorypes

  94. I laughed so hard at those “must angle my tank” moments

  95. Anton Anktonkovich

    You’re really avoiding medium tanks aren’t you?

  96. the kv1 should have met face to face whith a kv2 152mm

  97. I lost it when u called the panther a heavy tank because of the HP

  98. Christian Armbruster

    Super Unicums are next :)

  99. Best one yet ??????

  100. do rerollers next

  101. on that moment when you said resuply automaticaly, i laughed so hard!

  102. 5:40 didnt know there was a gas station there. lol

  103. Japanese heavies

  104. Reality#5 – New Players =D

  105. RAGERS!!! Stereotype the trolls and RAGERS that are so common in this game.
    Tiered of people getting upset because things didn’t go perfect for them.

  106. love your stereotypes

  107. This is made me lol. Funny thing: there’s so much about the maps that I’ve
    never actually noticed. Gas station? Pharmacy? News to me!

    This reminded me so much of myself as a noob, back when +/-3 MM was
    standard. I had read about angling and shooting weak spots, so I’d go out
    in my Pz III/IV, see a Type 59 coming, and think that the way to deal with
    him was to angle my tank and aim for his LFP, instead of running away as
    fast as my little Maybach could carry me. lol. Stupid noob.

  108. oh yeah deal clubbers in good player section!

  109. do good players who are twats…who slab off other tanks and order people
    around and push teamates into the open because they can

  110. Exploding Baconeer

    Next up… Polish players!

  111. T54 player??? Eyy

  112. LOL 6:39 someone actually drowned under the bridge.

  113. before i started playing i watched a shit ton of vids so i knew what i was
    about to deal with .-.

  114. Do people who suck but have a loot of battles. Basically people who spend
    20,000 battles to get to a tier 10.

  115. that sgt funny asf LLLLMMMAAAAOO

  116. freaking unicums. i hate those guys.i don’t mean the ones that are just
    good, i mean the condescending ones who call you a tomato because you’re
    freaking new…and rerollers

  117. Haha, the artillery one takes me back. I jumped off the German TD line for
    an spg cause I saw the damage and it took me until the next tier spg to
    figure out you don’t need to shotgun mode, I felt so dumb. The first few
    weeks can be hard as the game isn’t explained to you with much more detail
    than move and shoot.

  118. “HE is best choice…” that was me a long time ago…

  119. Benjamin Bastings

    I had That whit the HE ammo for 3 battels and then I knew How the ammo

  120. 12 year old rage and whiners! and pitch up your voice so you sound younger

  121. Dimitris Xouiazis

    all that thinks are true

  122. game chat stereotypes

  123. this reminds me of tier 5…oh wait…

  124. Something wrong with repairing/healing stuff with the mouse? I most of the
    time do it like that because for some reason my number keys wont work from
    time to time.

  125. Roberto Avalos Jr.

    Wow this player ??

  126. gas station, drugs store!!!!! whaaaaattttt?

  127. Why play like shit on purpose when you can just “dub” over all the existing
    retards in the game?

  128. New player noticing the “resupply automatically” button at first glance? I
    smell a smurf!

  129. now make bad players vs. KV-2, O-I, Cruiser II, FV 4005 and FV 215b 183

  130. this was the best one yet.
    Pls do sealclubbers next

  131. Try hard clan members

  132. the rage monsters. Do it

  133. Almost choked on my spaghetti watching this. Super Funny Again Dez. That
    Angling one and the Map explorer reminded me of Double Rainbow guy.

  134. i like that none of them have consumables :D

  135. “nope. nope. nope. nope. nope”… I shouldn’t admit that sounds like a
    regular game for me… OH NO. I’m a Dez Stereotype!?! OH FUCK.

  136. That’s how I angles my kv1 and I thought I was so pro

  137. 5:00 pun intended?

  138. Navie Celeb (NaVIE)

    Snow, river and Windmill hahah i think i may have be an explorer

  139. UNICUM UNICORNS Next ;)

  140. where is YOLO rush ELC game

  141. i remember when i was using HE shells only xD

  142. Great video, as always :)

  143. Haha love it
    Next can I suggest the unicom know it all, everyone else is a noob and s/he
    knows best etc etc.
    Keep up the good work

  144. do a rental players PLleeaasseeeee. thumbs up for him to see!

  145. The arty one really hit home xD not like I did the same duh >_>
    The biggest dmg shell aka HE naah never happend with me 😀
    First time seeing the old KV I was like “WHAT THE F that thing is HUGEEEEE
    omg what do I do…”

    Memories man memories…

    Also for next episode how lots of other commenter said. Pro player,
    unicomes who blame the team when they die. XVM users who commit suicide at
    the start saying “gg we lost already” because of low % win rate and tomato
    team etc.

    Keep this up Dez Its really awesome :D

  146. +DezGamez do one with pro players and they always tell people what to do or
    they decide to defend the entire flank by themselves or blame all losses on
    others…. yeah that would be cool, also love your content! :D

  147. I, as a new player, do not recognize myself in a lot of these things.
    my first artillery game was more like this:
    you should have included: I forgot to take consumables!
    also, where can you select the missions for vehicle types?

  148. can you do a *violet stet pedder* episode please??

  149. “so many weird names I have not seen before” – DezGamez 2k16

    how racist

  150. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    i love it

  151. you need to do the Erwin Rommel stereotype

  152. Btw, how do you use consummables quickly in wot ? 😀 im one of these noobs

  153. Next… Unicums

  154. These are great Dez. Once again thank you for yesterdays game with the 62a.
    the oldman out!

    Take care, flea

  155. Ha ha ha “Oh! I’m leaving I’m leaving…” love it!

  156. hahahha i remember my first tier 7. T29. I was like “wooooooow 1150 hp! and
    105mm gun wooooooooow. and the size of it! and a look like true tank not

  157. Jonatan Nordlander

    awesome!!!! do unicorn (elite) players too!!!!!

  158. OMG. Too funny. Epic. Keep them coming. Stay awesome.

  159. Abbadon Despoiler

    It’s sad that pocket warriors with tier 8 premium tanks also think that HE
    is the only way to go…I with there was some kind of tutorial for beginers
    on what type of ammo to use and when.

  160. I remember seeing a Wt auf E100 for the first time whit my (stock IS-3) I
    was like: what the heck for dinosaur is that?? Two seconds later, he
    clipped me and I concluded the Wt auf E100 uses hacks!

  161. OMG! I’ve had those players on my team. ROFLMFAO!!!

  162. rly nice one XD

  163. next pro

  164. Another type of new player is the one that shoots at very angled surfaces
    and expects to pen. And for the medium stereotype i would say the player
    that rushes to far in front and gets killed in the first 30 sec, or the
    stats padding gold spammer that shoots tanks 2 tiers lower with gold or the
    camper pussy that doesnt spotfor the team and TDs have to spot for him.
    Anyway, good job keep up the good work man!

  165. Hahahagafagaga i love it. Maybe next time making about 12 yearl old player
    and trollers.

  166. I see three problems, new players dont have six sense, two new players just
    stand in front of the enemy tanks when they see them, they dont try to move
    at all, also new players would just rush in the middle of the map. the rest
    is pretty accurate :D

  167. Stereotype 6 – 40K battles 800wn8 player ;)

  168. I shot HE in my first 200 games. Now I have over 3000 overall WN8. People

  169. Next episode: Arty players who think they are best and wank in A1

  170. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    minimap is to big

  171. the guy that says ”peanut” all the time, when something happens!

  172. You make you look so silly when doing this kind of videos ;)

  173. I feel like new players should be forced to watch a video that explains all
    the basics.

  174. Lots of hit points….. must be a heavy tank LMAO

  175. This is so painful to watch ?

  176. Why it is named “new players”? This video is straight rip of me streaming
    “friday night drunk tooning”…..

  177. cristian cqmpimeanu

    for arty click of the map

  178. Damn, you watched me as a nooby!

  179. I see one issue, new players don’t have sixth sense in kv1s

  180. good one man, each one is funnier and funnier:))

  181. so stat padders or asshole 20k games palyers next?

  182. Lenin Cat's Emissary

    oh the memories!

  183. That was me 2 years ago in my Pz.38 Na. at 8:20. I was like why can’t I
    penetrate anything!

  184. “good” players. (the ones that blame everything on everybody else)

  185. i died when u sayd panter must be heavy tank xD xD

  186. Dominik Šenkeřík

    i like this

  187. Who’s next?
    The “pro” that blames everyone else for their mistakes.

  188. omg So precise

  189. Hope you enjoy episode #5! 🙂
    Now, for the future episodes… how would you describe Unicums, Tomatoes
    and Medium players?

  190. stereotypes for unicums please ❤

  191. 10 minutes ago! Yay for Dez!

  192. That was me as an arty player for the first 100 battles :D

  193. New player and already so many mods? :O

  194. first ps your a best

  195. Thanks for uploadind Dez!

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