► World of Tanks: Stereotypes #6 – Unicums – “Bad Boy” Edition

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Source: DezGamez

Stereotypes Series. “Guide”. World of Tanks Tank Unicum Players.

Long-waited episode about Unicums finally over here…
Let’s take a look at The “Bad Boy” Unicums!


– How did you like it?
– Who’s next?



  1. what is a unicum

  2. hahahahah error 404 team not found

  3. 15 fv215b 183s vs 15 jagdpanzer e100s

  4. do statpadders
    like low tier stat padders etc….

  5. Here, take this shell with you… 😀 😀 😀
    I nearly shit my pants^^

  6. You Can speak about clan War and team battles

  7. i know it meant to be a joke, but unicums are not likely spam gold if its
    unnecessary (unlike you “showcased” in the video):(

  8. I still say there are some clique tanks that you could do a montage
    of…How about “Derpers”

  9. not agresive enough.u should have smashed some things and look at their
    stats and say whyyyyyyyyyy killed by a fuckig tomato whyyyyy

  10. this series is getting better and better. I know that you DG, as unicum,
    would never go to that corner with AMX 50B but for purposes of shooting
    this video (and ST-I), nevertheless, this one made me laugh so hard =)

  11. 5:20 Polska Stronk!

  12. This hits a bit close to home…

  13. Please do one with “red” players :D

  14. Jantje van Speijk

    I recognize too much of this rage :”( Funny as hell though!

  15. Another epic video :D

  16. first one was a cocaine addict…no doubt

  17. You forgot the classic “enemy targets only me because of my high wn8″

  18. Dez that was your best video by far, those wn8 sounds you made every shot
    were so funny, I was laughing my head off! Keep up the great work man!

  19. you forget to scream in the chat m8
    A real uniscum always blames everybody in the chat and report the one who
    is killing you ;-)

  20. That sweaty try hard action in the first clip…..HHAHAHA!

  21. R.I.P money :D

  22. The best thing about unicum player is when they get oneshotted by arty and
    they start screaming and saying like “oh no!! My beatiful wn8 noooooo!!!”

  23. The XVM Junkie, chance to win or not as the case may be, the who has what
    stats in what tank, the who is using xvm, etc, etc.
    Example: Has played 12K battles in total and 10K battles are in the T1

    Or the first dead player, informing the rest of the players how it should
    be done while pinging the map.

  24. unicums are most agressive players that usualy spot,look at average spot
    dmg on their t10s,anyone who thinks they camp is usualy orange player that

  25. i am like the last unicum

  26. I like the wn8gasm in the first one after ever shot

  27. I need a shower after watching that

  28. Expensive episode ! ^^

    Nice job though!

  29. OMG!, one of the funniest trolling videos i’ve ever seen. Nice one.

  30. love the beep beep beep bit

  31. “Error 404, team not found” xD u made my day :D

  32. Shouldn’t it be ‘uniSCUMs’ instead of ‘unicums bad boy edition’? :D

  33. +DezGamez The noob who thinks that xvm will make him better. But he doesn’t
    know how to install it and uses 1 hour installin it.

  34. You are probably too subtlety funny to be understood by the internets. This
    is sad.

    But extremely funny for people who are awake and have half a clue. Thanks
    for the laughs.

  35. Triumph Spitfire 2

    Got an idea. KV-2 drivers

  36. Do seal clubbers

  37. Roblox alphaFanton

    He had orgasam in this video ???

  38. Epic!!!

  39. Stop making me hard Dez

  40. Lol! The last one,so true!

  41. Tea drinking crumpet munching British dude

    So..after spending £4k on WoT, I got myself a perm ban (intentionally).
    Best decision I ever made, as I was addicted to the game but nothing in my
    life has ever made me rage as much as WoT.
    I’ll still be watching Dez though, he’s more addictive than the game 😀 .

  42. 110% accurate

  43. Dez, great fun. These stereotypes translate so well to WoWarships too.
    thanx for the laughs

  44. I’m no unicum but I can relate to the 3:52

  45. I expected stereotypical unicum impressions not stereotypical horny drug
    obsessed pratboy impressions.

  46. awesome! although I disliked the excessive language…. keep them coming :D

  47. Christian Rautjärvi

    hahah those beep beeps :D

  48. So more or less any SIMP, BUIBA, OTTER, etc players.

  49. 1 Battle and you have ” I did everything, but my Team…” :/

  50. one of the better representations of unicums maybe the guys who rant about
    their teammates stats should be next

  51. actually AMX 50 b is shit for padding WN8, its expected damage is extremely

  52. amx50b only gold?

  53. Very nice video Dez. Wanna make part 2? “The player who looks chance to
    win” and “the quickybaby”

  54. So unicums smoke some kind a weed it seems….ohh well…another reason why
    I don’t like them ^^

  55. alot of this sounded like quickybaby ;)

  56. I relate so much to the arty one xD

  57. well wn8 junkie is still à better player than 99% of wot population

  58. Doesn’t use coffee, not WN8 junkie :P

  59. dez you should do mediums next

  60. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    this role fits you da best Dez XD

  61. WN8 impersonation was creepy xD

  62. I had so many laughs from this one.could you do one on players that push
    you out of position because they think it’s their spot.or is that risking a

  63. Pretty expensive episode, but hilarious 😀 Good job! :-D

  64. Think a bit of wee came out ?

  65. The Pilot Penguin

    “error 404 team not found” i actually laughed out loud with that and did
    you dump your load in your pants when you were eating that wn8 cause them
    noises tho

  66. Hey Dez can you do one on the life of red players?

  67. I laughed so hard when you sold a damn tank to buy ammo. How about a top
    tier heavy sniper video? You know that E100 player chilling with arty and
    trying to hit things across the map. I guess more along the lines of
    players that don’t know how to use their tank, front line no armor TD,
    suicide scouts, ext.

  68. First time actually hearing him input beeps, though it was better before!!!

  69. Funny arty rant. Probably the worst of the series though 🙁 When is the
    medium one coming?

  70. Your team in the last clip was actually complete shit though :P

  71. i think it was your most expensive video u ever made with so many prem ammo

  72. Jan-Willem Jansen

    the wn8 junkies are more active in chat when they get hit…?

  73. do smurfs

  74. very nice, like it!

  75. wow, no rusky hovertank…

  76. awesome series as always

  77. Best arty rant ever. making that my new ring tone right now!

  78. magical pineapple

    Can you do high tier noobs? xD

  79. I see myself in “I did everything, but my Team…” way too often :P

  80. i am a casual wot player what are unicums ?

  81. Holger Breidscheid

    Next Video, hard to make: “Unicums The Good Guy Edition”

  82. Intentional griefers. People who block you, disrupt your side scraping,
    stop you from retreating, use you as a meatshield…….those guys.

  83. wasnt till the end of the 50B clip that I noticed he carried only prem
    rounds lol ill admit it made me a bit sick to watch the prem spam but it
    was worth it cause Dez is hilarious and I love this series

  84. How pubbies perceive unicums :)

  85. nice video, wanna know how many people set u on their blacklist :P

  86. seal clubbing? next?

  87. Yellow players that teach unicums how to play

  88. you are stereotyping yourself now?

  89. TmdghTheGamer-Minecraft&Agar.io

    Uni cums

  90. Hey Dez? What was that? Orgasm? LOL

  91. Who came up with this? it was great!

  92. nice video though hahahahha so many bleeps the better!

  93. you bro talk like you are having ….. while you make videos calm down

  94. I’m early… let’s make a joke: SEA server and Unicum Gold ammo

  95. me first??

  96. Hi early Squad

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