► World of Tanks: STRV 103B – 12,000 Damage :O – Giveaway Day 3

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. Best Replays.

Patch has been live few days now and already, we some some super amazing games to show you. Today I am going to show you new tier 10 tank destroyer, “Strv 103B”… and the highest damage done with this beast! “Madhouse1010” is really going to do some MAD work!

Played by: madhouse10101
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3167839#stats



  1. Damn !!! Already T10 ! I only have the 2 tiers 4 …. LOOOL
    Username : HyperWilly10
    Server : EU

  2. Hey dez, keep up the good work! 🙂
    BrutalSword107 from the EU server

  3. keep up the good work mate and marry christmass to all viewers.
    Jurbar, EU server

  4. Good job Swedish vikings. Your engineers did it again.
    Nickname: Darijus_LT.
    Server: EU.

  5. NightSounds ComingIn

    ah Dez, I don’t want to lime honey around your mouth as you’re going to use
    the random-pick-program.
    I’ve watched almost all your videos bc i want to learn some stuff and I
    really did. I enjoy watching them. well done so far!

    *Dagda*, EU

  6. Name: CrouchingGrandpa101
    Server: EU
    And Merry christmas!
    (i don’t remember how to write christmas) lol

  7. thanks jack.
    and dezgames keep up the great work because your video’s are amazing.
    sebc02 from the eu server

  8. Gj Dez
    eu server

  9. Username: surprisenoob
    Server: EU
    Another great replay, congrats to the winners, hope you all have a good

  10. merry christmas dez!

  11. JackIam and Dez are this years Santas 🙂
    david_ghisoiu_20014 EU

  12. i subscibed and liked

  13. Merry Christmas for You, and for anyone who will read this! 🙂
    Exevorrr, EU

  14. Please more “when shit hits the fan” and BIKER videos 🙂
    Get200 / EU :D

  15. Good luck to everyone!
    username: aladinus
    server: EU

  16. Lol madhouse. I was in his clan before. But I’m not active enough for a
    clan. Good job man.
    Ign : ForkUrEyes
    Server : Asia

  17. Sharing is caring, they say, if u have something to share ofc 😉
    Bamzaj, EU

  18. nice give away!!
    Username: emzsi
    Server: EU

  19. Keep up the great work! Username:_Shalltear_ ,Server:SEA

  20. love ur videos !!!
    my username: henri1566
    server: EU
    happy Christmas!!!

  21. quite educating entertainment

  22. DezGamez Thanks for your videos. I learn a lot from WoT Youtubers like you.
    Keep up the good work 🙂
    WoT Name: TheDarkLord5600 ; Server: EU ;

  23. congratulations on 100k subs. please keep up the great work it’s always
    amusing with your dry wit. Dark_aly EU server

  24. big Nerfs incomming

  25. GOLD 🙂
    Trollhund33 EU

  26. This is awesome channel! Hope it gets even more popular 😉
    Teris79 EU

  27. funny !
    SEA server

  28. strv 103b isnt paper tank after 9.17 update to armor overmatch mechanichs
    username: atomic69996

  29. merry christmas to all ! Ty dez for this give away and gg for your 100k
    subs !
    user : robitueur2
    server : Eu

  30. my favorite tank is M40/M43
    Username: Shoot_Hunter
    Region: Asia

  31. Love your accent, keep up the good work. Dmadd. EU server.

  32. been here from 30K subscriber and enjoyed every bit of it. aging like a
    good ol, wine better improving every time.
    ign : Shaylana35
    server : EU

    and thanks jack i am !

  33. Are the prices also for the consoles?

  34. Amazing how the good in you Dez has brought the good hearted out of the
    mess that is WoT… keep up the great job of info, advice, and just solid
    entertainment that I always enjoy… PS all my clan mates love you too, we
    sit on teamspeak and talk about the latest Dez episode and laugh or argue
    or whatever…. LOL… thank you.

  35. can’t wait for those swedish heavies
    Username: EngineerTervo, EU

  36. Kristoffer Johansson

    Merry Christmas Dez and Jack! Stoffson01 @ Eu server.

  37. Your channel has gone so far. Keep up the good work and don’t stop!
    Filip131000 EU

  38. You are one of the best youtubers out there, so thats why I am subscribed 😉
    Username: BlackPrince1 Server: EU

  39. Can i win now
    Username: blackilan

  40. Merry Christmas!
    Username: gaba12
    Server: EU

  41. Merry Chrismas and a great day to everybody!
    Username: B00Mkruiper
    Server: EU

  42. Klaiban “Claiby” Andras

    that reverse speed is crazy
    User: Claiby
    Server: EU

  43. Love this channel for all the diversity that you bring! No boring concepts!
    Username: _ Warris _
    Sever: EU

  44. Keep up the good work with your videos and have a nice christmas!

  45. Keep up the great work!!!

  46. may the RNG and matchmaking be with you in the new year everyone
    ggah from EU

  47. mary cristmas all of you may all of your dreams come true
    plz god help my friend win atleast this simbolic thing
    his username is BlackWolf_LTU
    he is playing on EU server

  48. DezGamez first of all congratulations for the 100,000 subscribers and a
    Merry Christmas, I’m Brazilian and I really like tour videos. They helped
    me a lot when I started playing, thank you. Username: Carlinhos00 /

  49. You are the best
    markisa2015 ,EU

  50. I really like your FACEOFF episodes, they are so funny and also useful on
    the battlefield. Merry Christmas for You, and Happy New Year! Username:
    cman0605 , EU server.

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