► World of Tanks: STRV 103B, Version 2 – 8,000 DMG – Buffs and Nerfs – Patch 9.17 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks STRV 103B Gameplay, Review. World of Tanks Swedish Tanks – Tank Destroyers. World of Tanks Patch 9.17 Preview, 9.17 Test Server.

World of Tanks 9.17 test server is back, with a lot of changes… New overmatch system is not going make it in and they also changes new Swedish tanks a little bit.

List of new tanks in the Swedish Tank line, in 9.17:

Pvlvv fm/42
Itv 72
Sav m/43
Ikv 103
Ikv 65 Alt II
Ikv 90 Typ B
Strv 103-0
Strv 103B



  1. Dez i have a question to you can i ask you something buddy ?

  2. 5:00 and ur DPM is still 20% higher than my grille 15 with brothers in arms
    crew, gun rammer, food etc -.-

  3. Its now more OP

  4. It should be less frustrating to play now, but maybe not. Before it was
    the very slow movement in siege mode, but now it’ll be down to the much
    lower dpm with that low alpha. It’s basically as effective as a tier 10
    medium tank now, but trading a turret to get more accuracy and pen.

  5. What gpu you have?

  6. are the 8 and tier 9 change also in some way? or was it just the 103b that
    got changed?

  7. So, in siege mode, camo net and binocs stay activated when you move?

  8. Imo, It should get a dmp buff since the armor is horrible.

  9. I think this tank is still really op. If you look at the amount of armor
    and how easy it is to block damage from high caliber guns..

  10. so they nerfed the dpm enough so that it’s no longer interesting as it has
    the same dpm and alpha as avg tier 10 med.

  11. The old DPM was perhaps OP with the new overmatch system, but when they
    scraped the new overmatch system it got a serious nerf when they also
    nerfed the dpm…

  12. I gotta say I’m excited to grind Swedish TDs!

  13. 14:30 One of the reasons I don’t enjoy WoT that much. At high tier it is
    way too easy to lose money without a premium account.

  14. ao now the only thing siege mode does it let u traverse your gun…. i
    honestly didnt think this thing was op in its oroginal state. the armor
    nerf is whatever but the reload nerf is serious nerf. i wont start a new
    grind for what is basically the worst tier 10 td

  15. WG gonna fuck up both lines. GG maybe they should cancel the new TD line
    atleast for now

  16. They should buff the reload to 7s and the accuracy to .20, it’s still worse
    than original but it makes the tank competitive again. As it stands now
    there’s not many reasons to use it over the Leo 1 because leo has similar
    gun, but so much more flexibility.

  17. I have tried Str S (as we say in sweden) briefly and I really really enjoy
    it, glad you do to, oh, and get well Dez

  18. Luís Augusto Panadés

    They are getting away of Harry Potter style settings, what is nice.This
    vehicle is much more credible, now. But Grille 15 is still shit. They do
    not fix the shit they did with that vehicle they pushed over us.

    I really liked the new settings of this vehicle. But it’s penetration is
    still ridiculous kind of gun while Grille 15 penetration is ridiculous low
    with all ammos. Ridiculous low and fake about shell speed, completly Harry
    Potter style. Elevation and depression completly shit and fake, seens
    Grille 15 was projected by a down sindrome engineer. I hate this Harry
    Potter aprouch that they get closer when launched Grille 15 and the idiot
    settings out of the line they put on Grille.

    Seens they were going in the same direction. But, fortunatly, they listen
    community and change the way.

  19. Did anyone notice the binocular and the camonet, now get interupted if
    moving forward or backward.

  20. This update is pretty damn interesting. Those SP’s, Lowe’s, Panther’s 8,8
    changes are impressive. And that brand new tech tree. Can’t wait actually.
    I mena, I want only TD, HT are IMO for those who want OP tanks. I want
    Strvs because it is definitely something new (finally) in the game.

  21. no comment on overmatch which will render armor useless?

  22. It’s still a bit op but more balanced undeniably

  23. So the Swedish tds will be auto penned now. seems like i wont care with the
    game anyway now.

  24. when is 9,17 comming out?

  25. @3:12 Not so kind 🙂 Good video, thx Dez.

  26. Des did you change your mic? You sound different

  27. Seems to me they overall buffed the tank, better mobility vs little less
    accuracy. Dammit Dez you make it for me more and more difficult to choose
    between the heavy line and the TD line 🙁 Especially with the 3 man crew of
    the TD line……… Dreaming of the premium tank crew in the tier 10 TD
    with BIA……….. such nice dream :D. Only 500K xp to spend………
    decisions, decisions………….. BTW seems the Lowe gets lots of love
    cant wait how she is in 9.16.

  28. I was like what the hell why are you not getting spotted at the location at
    the beginning. No 6th sense and people ignoring you hehe =P

    I think the changes where good at balancing out the tank, personally not
    going to try the tree out; as much as I like tank destroyers I suck with
    them, especially the turret-less ones (minus the British ones for some

    Also get better soon if you do end up getting sick ><

  29. Please Subscribe to the best channel on Youtube!!! I love it and I’m old!
    Meaning I don’t like too much out there on YT but this channel rocks. I’m
    so glad you like this tank again Dez and great video!!

    Take care, flea the oldman

  30. pew pew pew rape on the 1 line!!

  31. Even with the adjustments in the 103B, you said last segment that this
    machine was not active enough for you; since you are a devoted
    medium-driver, have you changed your mind now?

  32. still second highest dpm on any tier X td

  33. Honestly this tank looks like it can hold another tank on top then BAM! You
    get two guns!…if you don’t crush the guy on the bottom.

  34. Stb-1 (tier ten Japanese medium) had hydraulic suspension also

  35. Lmao a tank that entered full production in 1967 wtf

  36. Thanks for video DG! Hope you feel better soon!

  37. The S tank,finally,and it is the S tank,always been called that.just S tank

  38. pepe trump for president 2020

    wish they add the same tank in AW hahaha ;)

  39. Did this really need the buffs given?

  40. Holy shit those Swedish TDs are worse than Hellcats with armor!

  41. The camo on that tank better be good

  42. Love your videos Bro!

  43. Just another example of war gaming favoring and pushing the new tanks for
    sale, Just how they’ve made the t34 completely obsolete with the pushing of
    the patriot, which kicks It’s ass entirely in every attribute
    imaginable ….This Game is getting gayer by the year…Been here since the
    very beginning but lately I have been feeling the urge to play this game on
    average maybe only 2 nights a week, their exists ample reason today to
    desire to play this game less given the apparent state of things….playing
    This anymore then that simply Isn’t worth it, It’s A money trap.

    A pay to play game, What a pathetic venture, Even sadder that other people
    don’t recognize how they have to adjust and go with the flow by throwing $$
    at something in order to compete and be on equal footing when facing
    an adversary constantly . The T34 drivers that paid 60$ in America back in
    the day have become completely disavowed by the latest engineered feats of

  44. Some people think it should be more costly to run tier 10s DezGamez, what
    are your thoughts? Would that promote better play or less poor players at
    that level?

  45. But the biggest nerf of this tank must be overmatch system will continue as
    before? This will almost never bounce anything from tier x.

  46. You sound German to me, are you?

  47. Siege mode , they need to bring something like that for arty. ( and
    honestly I would love if they replaced arty for armored recon vehicles (
    but great speed good maneuverability good armor but ultra shit gun )).
    I’m not an arty player hater, I just dislike the vehicle , I use to play
    arty a lot now mostly td’s and my full honey bunny crew T54E1 ( damm I love
    this thing ) but after getting 1 shot too often while in 9 and 10 for 2k+ I
    decided to stop doing to other’s what I find irritating AF .


  49. Hey Dez, just a tip…. when ur in the test server You can use your free
    exp to level up your crew by converting free exp to perk/skill training.
    Its right beside the “reset” button. You should put at least 6th sense
    on ur commanders. keep up the good work.

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