► World of Tanks: Stupid, Broken or Just OP? – T110E5 and STB-1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks STB-1 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Today I am going show you 2 really nice battles that I had few days ago with “T110E5” and newest beast “STB-1”


  1. Jędrzej Rutkowski

    Just because enemy team was stupid… E5 isnt OP!

  2. I am sorry but the ammount of stupidness your enemy had was over 9000. If
    you’ve been in an IS-3 they couldn’t pen you. The E5 is not OP armorwise.
    Now you need more skill to pen it. The lower plate is still shit on this
    tank and the machine gun turret is still very much penetrable, you just
    need to shoot the lower part of it.
    AND don’t forget, WG wanted to make tanks more hard to pen by cutting their
    pen values and incresing armor(at tier 10) a couple of patches ago.

  3. it makes no sense that e5 gets that good armor. The tank has only 55tons

  4. How the fuck are u dinging on stb turret, I have it (even 3 marks of exc)
    and even 122mm guns like wz 111 (premium one) pens me at top. In first
    patches my stb was dinging a lot but now nothing…

  5. you can do consistent dmg to E5 frontally (lower plate side) with 203 pen
    cinfirmed. aiming weakspots is crucial. i don’t understand your point that
    they can’t do anything. you are usually more realistic than that…

  6. Did you post any STA-1 or Type 61 battles? I could not see any but they
    might be hidden in the description.

  7. E5 is 0% OP

  8. I think that out of the t8 the cdc is op because the gun depression -10,
    fast aiming time, power to Wight same as the power to weight as the elc,
    1,500 engine hp, the reload can be lowered to 5.60 sec and also the pen is
    good enought to pen a e100 lower plate

  9. I’m sad. I keep missing the streams.

  10. For the E5 players who spam all HEAT now a special place in hell is

  11. No dont give it special mm just nerf it to the old e5, it was a good tank
    before nerf and now it is op

  12. The E5 is OP, but what i hate more are blue players in this OP tank
    thinking they need to spam gold “because ap hasn’t enough penn”….

  13. and tier 8 have chance to do something against E100,Maus,JgpzE100? This is
    game man, if u face E5 try to hit his tracks and go from side of behinde.
    Every tier 10 can bounce every tier 10 if not aiming in weak spots. Game is
    far from balance but i dont think that u need special mm for E5.

  14. For the longest time, the E5 was a dog tank of the tier 10s. However, after
    a buff on this tank AND their new HD model it is now a far tougher
    opponent. Recently, WG admitted that the HD model of this tank gave it a
    higher buff of its armor, an unintended consequence of this new model. Not
    sure if they can or will adjust that without degrading this tank below the
    rest in terms of armor protection.

  15. Dez why using cheat xvm?

  16. Haha today I bough the STB 1 XDD

  17. E5 is an OP, I see retard tomatoes do well in them every day.
    Had a platoon of 3 E5’s on an enemy team yesterday, would have lost if it
    wasn’t for the fact I was in arty and focused the shit out of the platoon
    (they seemed to be a little unhappy with me…).

  18. I do not know why tier 8 in general meet tier 10
    there is no tier 8 that can beat a tier 10

  19. It’s hardly OP, you’re just playing against kids that have zero clue how to
    play. This is the problem allowing people to buy premium ammo develops.
    Kids never bother learning where to aim, or the weak spots of a tank. that
    IS-7 should have had zero issue taking at least one of you down. They just
    don’t learn where to aim, they don’t know how to take advantage of the E5s
    weaknesses and weak spots. Then they cry about how a tank is OP and needs a
    nerf when it’s not actually OP. It’s a sad state the community is in as
    they have essentially taken a game that once required skill and knowledge,
    and pretty much turned it into CoD. The scrubs creed is “if you can’t pen,
    spam prem!”. Why learn to aim if you don’t have to.

  20. The T110E5’s armor even after the accidental buff isn’t anywhere near the
    IS7 or the E-100. The game you played in the T110E5 was a top tier match
    with a lot of tier 8s. The T110E5 can actually be penetrated by regular
    ammo from tier 8s in the lower plate. Those tier 8 and 9 tanks shooting at
    you could have penetrated you. Its just that they were scared and running
    away rather than aiming and making their shots count. If you put a Is7 in
    that position the tier 8 tanks wouldn’t have a chance of penetrating. Heck
    they would have a hell of a time trying to penetrate it from the sides.
    Same goes for the E-100.

  21. Get the E4 yet Dez? Can’t wait to see you use it. :D

  22. T110E5 drivers keep defending the T110E5 because they don’t want to get
    their OP tank nerfed. It’s like in the VERY old days when KV was a tier 5
    heavy that could see tier 2’s with the 152mm howitzer

  23. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    What about the Machine Gunner Thing?

  24. André Miguel Mendes

    E5 can be easly penned with a tier 8 gun on the sides of the lower plate
    near the traks. Right now i dont think it needs a nerf because it is a
    heavy and its hard to kill it from the front but when you got his side its
    easy dmg.

  25. E5 – working as intended.

  26. Congrats on getting the STB-1, I’m still at the STA-1 but that isn’t so bad

  27. Geometry Dash Warrek

    E5 looks even better than Maus for HT15 and HT12 :D

  28. Do you feel that the IS-7 is inferior to the T110 E5?

  29. t110e5 armor buff was unintentional, happened when they made the HD model.
    They could/should just change some armor values to nerf it slightly.

  30. E100 and E5 are two extremes and Wargaming should consider adjusting and
    make them meet somewhere in the middle.

    Nice games! I researched E5 long time ago but no credits… that is on my
    next to purchase :)

  31. I actually penetrated all my shots on the e5 cupola 3 days ago in my T10. I
    thought they fixed it again xD? probably just russian magic eh?

  32. Come on Dez, too good players in tier 10 heavies on a city map with great
    MM against noobs doesn’t prove very much. You could have easily done that
    im IS7s or E100s. Pretty much all tier 8 heavies will struggle more with
    the IS7/E100 LFP than the E5 LFP with their standard rounds and even
    premium rounds. Tier 10 heavies just shouldn’t face tier 8, but that
    doesn’t make them OP, a few decent tier 10 players there to oppose you and
    you don;t have an easy round. I’ve had even more careless rounds in the IS7
    and had similar results.

  33. Broken, because WG “accidentally” buffed the machine gun

  34. Another Great Video, Keep It Up! o/

  35. I like the reroll T54 mod 1 from OMNI: Bot E5 3:34 😀 So bad….

  36. õige jutt

  37. WG said, they didnt want to buff E5 that much. The buff to comanders hatch
    was due to changing it into HD. This cupola wasn`t planned to be that
    But now WG will not change the mitstake back, because they would look
    stupid then…

  38. It’s so cool when you say “..high caliber” :D

  39. stb-1 its very nice and beautiful tank!!!!

  40. That E5 game was also HT-15 mission completed for the T-55a. If you had it
    unlocked that is.

  41. I had my E-5 before the buff and now play it more after it has been
    buffed. Would I say it’s over powered, maybe a bit, but not to the
    extremes in this video. I get penned by tier 9 and 10 often enough when
    they get good angles on me, or like was said before, anyone spamming heat.
    Also I can pen E-5’s in my 62A and AX easily, or even in my T-54, Lorr 40t,
    and Type 61, it’s all about hitting those weak spots. That IS-7 was a bit
    over matched and freaked out when two E-5’s rounded the corner. I don’t
    see an E-5 being able to go up against two IS-7’s and living either in that

  42. E5 is just fine. Finally we have one tank over russians.

  43. well, every tier 8 tank can penetrate the Lower Plate of the T110E5…..,
    the players you face were just not very good


  45. I still penetrate E5 with 20pdr gun on Centurion I for me it’s not a
    problem with tier 8 gun but it’s problem of players.

  46. E5 is buffed a bit too much imo. nerf it a bit, but not back to what it
    was. heavies will still need to heavy but shouldnt be totally unpenetrable

  47. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    I had a te5 and I shoot the lower plate with my stb1 and i bounced ….

  48. The E5 is a good tank but those enemies shooting at you were idiots. IS-3
    can pen the lower plate quite easily. That IS-7 should have penned every
    shot if he actually had half a brain. And not to mention any tier ten
    spamming heat can’t easily pen the machine gun turret. Anything you did in
    that first game an IS-7 could have done if the enemies were that

  49. I think it’s good that the E5 is strong now. The rest of the heavies needs
    buffs too. That or no experienced players will play them except for fun. I
    remember when I started playing in early 2011. In the beginning HT was the
    noob friendly tanks. I believe they lost that due to being totally
    worthless after the tier 10 meds came and prem ammo for silver. I like when
    you have to run or cooperate to take down a heavy tank! :)

  50. oh yeah that weakspot is a lie

  51. Hello! I dont need to view the video too say : t110E5 = Broken AF

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