► World of Tanks: Such Shots, Mutz Wow! – T110E4 and Panzer 58 Mutz Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks T110E4 Patton Gameplay Review. Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Perfect name for the episode. You are going to see some ridiculous shots and plays by me and from the enemy team!



  1. Thank you very Mutz for the video

  2. WHAA Stupid ads.. Another 2 mins wasted because i couldnt click further..
    Thought you’d be getting enough money from Twitch already…

  3. Such awesome how one small thing can make these vids even better…. ;)

  4. Lorraine didn’t reload as others have said but I don’t think he forgot, I
    think he thought he could finish you off with the ram but you evaded it.

    Any chance you could play some Chinese tanks? I’ve recently been working up
    the line and I’m surprised at how good they are if you can work around the
    lack of depression from tier 5 on. It’d be good to see how they should be

  5. Watching all those videos of you makes me want to play this game again so
    badly! 😀 A pity i have to wait some months before i can buy a new desktop
    tho! Keep the vids up like this, love ‘m! 😀 Also the E4 looks dope! Only
    thing i’m not looking forward to this line is the t25/2 and t28 prot. Also
    E100 on my to do list :3 …. that juicy butt xD

  6. Btw I love the new sixth sense icon lol


  8. You should change your ingame nick to ShipTheMutz

  9. @DezGamer – you probably took out the Lorraine’s gun so he couldn’t
    actually shoot you

  10. Well, I bet on no top gun so keep me away from Vegas. GG.

  11. I feel like I’m losing my mind. It says this video was uploaded six hours
    ago when I was sleeping, but the mutz gameplay I’ve seen before…

  12. that shot at the e5 turret roof is absolute bullshit wot why yu do dis

  13. Where doge at? :(

  14. I think that lorrain wanted to ram you lol

  15. Deeeezz gamez were nutz with teh mutz! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. If I had to guess, I would say lorraine was out of shells. It isn’t like
    they start with a bunch to begin with. Even as bad as I am I have run mine
    out of shells once or twice.

  17. E5 OP confirmed right ?

  18. that lorraine i think he forgot to reload, and he had only one shell in the

  19. Sweet!!! Gameplay sir!

  20. What is RnG? And what is a roll?

  21. No time to watch this today, I’ll be back tomorrow :P

  22. Need more World of Warships videos!

  23. just my thought after e4 game… those e5s… stupid, op… broken :P

  24. Dez, you might be interested to know that on NA right now it is World of
    Mutz. You can earn a free rental Mutz by completing missions in the RIpper
    Patton–which you can also rent for free by completing easy missions. Once
    you have a rental Mutz for the day, you can earn BIA crew members for the
    Mutz by completing missions in that tank. Some matches are literally 70%+
    Mutzes and Ripper Pattons. You have tomatoes with 0k and 1k games running
    around in tier 8 mediums, and bunches of blues and purples who rarely drive
    anything less than a 9 doing the same. It’s chaos–and the event is
    supposed to go on for like a month. (Starting today it’s a little harder to
    earn the Mutz rental, so that should help a bit.) On the plus side, if you
    drive a 9 or 10 you stand a good chance of being top tier with lots of
    squishy tier 8 mediums to shoot at.

  25. maybe he forgot to reload …

  26. do i spot a 9gager?

  27. much shots, sutz wow

  28. Mr. DezGamez, match in the Panzer 58 Mutz was on Abbey.

  29. Cool battles Mr. Nutz thanks for sharing them with us. Could we have that
    6th sense icon? I like it a lot and would love to use that when i’m

  30. That first battle. That matchmaking. Those tier 8s

  31. With the Lorraine, I’m thinking it was his last shell; either out of ammo
    or was reloading.

  32. Bark Bark The Meat Games

    Play T1 plssssss

  33. Play Ru215 pls

  34. KV-4 Ama

  35. Mutz damage in the E4! GG

  36. Oh, the irony. Dezgamez, aka Ship the nuts, is driving the panzer 58 mutz.
    Dez Mutz! Ha, goteem, ha, goteem, ha ha ha ha!

    ~I’m here all week~

  37. go play t-55a

  38. 2nd like as well yay

  39. 4th viewer that’s awesome

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