► World of Tanks: Such Sniping, Much Rage – Lightning Power!

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I decided to jump into light tanks and I had some pretty awesome moments… Because light tanks are always fun!



  1. Ain”t had such a good laugh in ages! thank you :))




  3. Well you pushed your luck too far deep into enemy territory. GG

  4. NNNNNerdgasm….

  5. Bram Van der Meer

    29 shermans v 1 maus 744k views. Why don’t they fkn press the subscribe
    button too. We all are dez’ loyal subskrubbers

  6. I wish I could play this game with a ping rate of 30-50 but my best is 190
    on the west server and 240 on the east.

  7. The indecision killed you :)

  8. lolz to the last clip

  9. t49 the greatest light tank.so awesome when tou penetrate tarGEt with rhis
    yummy 152mm shell uh ?.my favorited tank ever.

  10. Volltek The Bear

    CAN YOY PLZ DO A SU-100Y VID PLEASE. I love the tank and no ones done a fun
    vid on it yet.

  11. omg only in 46232196545,12p hd!!

  12. lol … thanks – great video

  13. Always man…. to risk die tracked, or to risk dieying ammorekt :p

  14. I LOLed for the final few seconds – classic Dez.

  15. Use some of that sweet HE in the M41 90mm GF…..

  16. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?! lol

  17. hahahah nice,quit rage?

  18. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    That last game was a great example of how my best LT games end up.

  19. Lol

  20. Chris_The_Autotech

    That ending though, tracks and ammo rack… I would have seized for a sec
    too lol, tracked in front of a bat-chat 4+4 quick… wait my ammorack too
    at the same time… ERROR: 404 ACTION COMAND NOT FOUND lol

  21. Quang Huy Vũ (AgeMiu)

    LOL Track and Amor Rack, same confusion!

  22. Good old t49 was actually t67. I’m still tryin to get over it

  23. Nice snipes.

  24. 9:47 Nespresso what else? xD

  25. “Chrismas” xD xD xD

  26. Bram Van der Meer

    9 diehard dislike losers D:<

  27. Bram Van der Meer

    SHIT! FKING HELL MAN rage much xD

  28. dez you should do a lowe review!

  29. Bram Van der Meer

    Much Stronk Murican Tanki Stronk Damage

  30. Rekt lol

  31. LOL to the last hahahaaaaaaa

  32. Hahaha, that swearing ?

  33. that shot was a thousand in a million ;)

  34. hi can I get some advice about German tank line please cause I’m having
    trouble and often get shoted at and I’m dead

  35. 9:18 pls nerf, 866 penetration op

  36. 10:45 = the worst thing that can ever happen to you in WOT

  37. awesome!!!

  38. more swearing next time

  39. Haha that ending was gold

  40. Michiel van roekel

    Just a random question.
    Should i go for the french autoloaders, or the american autoloaders?

  41. Typical cancer player ram u for 120hp didn’t even say sorry

  42. You are one jammy git in that T49 :)

  43. 5k subs a week u da real MVP Dez and congratiolations un 85k :D

  44. Adrian Filipowitz

    great video =)

  45. daaaaamn that rage at the end 🙂 get rekt Dez 🙂
    Good video man, as usual. Keep up the great work!

  46. Last Zzzzorry is funny because in spanish “zorri” is a way to gently call
    someone “Little bitch”. Dat ammo rack tho

  47. Vector Signorelli

    world of thanks

  48. Correct me if I’m wrong but did you ever / do you have a WoT clan?

  49. hey dez i just got the t49 any tips on how to play it and thx for the vid
    was awesome.

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