► [World of Tanks] Sucking… It is an art! | And I am Level “Master” in it…

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Source: DezGamez

E-50M, AMX 50B, 183 and Live Gameplay Action.
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Hello there!

Taking a brake from exams, trying to clear my mind and what would be a better way to do that than playing World of Tanks? There one better way – Sucking in World of Tanks.. This one of the days where everything going against you. 😀 But still I had a lot of fun!

Sit back and Enjoy!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Another epic video from Dez. Got first comment for once in my life, be
    happy for me internet :)

  2. What microphone do you use for recording?

  3. RIP tractor

  4. i have played the e-50m on the test server and i have the e-50 on the live
    server and i have to say both e-50s are consistently powerful and i enjoy
    playing them. i cant wait to get an e-50m myself but i will keep the e-50
    too as long as wargaming doesnt mess it up or change it for another tank.

  5. haha welcome.to the tomato world 

  6. Dezgames i got that they say it in game too only in english, Search for wot
    9.5 modlist And you can Find the stats result mod

  7. Join the average player, who sucks most of the time 🙂 I only have a 1097
    WN8 rating with 3k games, mostly Tier 5-7 tanks….. :)

  8. omg that was so bad, but at the same time it was so funny. You suck ;)

  9. Does somebody know what the mod below his aiming reticle is called?

  10. Watching this a tiny bit drunk, can’t stop laughuing about the tractor in
    the start!!!! Tractor… No tractor… 

  11. “Turning in slow tanks is like watching old people have sex, but it has to
    be done” XDDDD

  12. Lol the rage. I feel your pain. 

  13. Agustín García Flores

    “Turn slow tanks is like watching old people having sex” LOOOL

  14. What is it today? My games sucked ass today aswel… Where did that come
    from? Personal missions? Weekend? Idk but it was a pain in the ass playing
    today… Anyone else same problem?

  15. “Skill” Ammunition.

  16. Like your vids, because of your sense of humor, keep it up. And good luck
    with your exam.

  17. E50M is my favorite tank, dont know why people hate it …

  18. C’mon Dez! Don’t watch old people sex. Just don’t. 

  19. Good luck with your last exam Veedo. I’ll say a prayer for you.

  20. I bloody guessed the tank correctly. Much game knowledge, such wow.

  21. Good to see you have “Bad Days” like the rest of us. Good luck with Exams.
    Old people having sex really !!!

  22. Love to see someone else not being always perfect, something else than
    those super unicum performances by the other youtubers, (which I only have
    maybe once in 1’000 or 10’000 battles), so vielen danken! 🙂
    But, I’m using 480p quality viewing option and the replay quality is much
    less than usually, something you can do on the recording settings?) I’m
    using Chrome)

  23. tractor. no tractor hahaha nice video sir …

  24. The STI-I is OP. The top turret it has, is an utter pisstake. 

  25. Can u make a video where u show how to download that crosshair and stuff.
    i love it 

  26. Dez, what do you use for your hitlog? to show the incoming damage?

    I use Locastan’s hitlog and it doesn’t show the type of ammo that hits me,
    or whether the shot pens or not.

    Thanks! Keep up the great videos.

  27. Hey dez I recently got your modpack but for some reason it’s not like yours
    could you do a vid or help me in the comments Tanks

  28. Acctually lol ive fixed it thanks for the modpack

  29. But there’s one thing I don’t want is e stats it gives in the garage any
    way to stop it ?

  30. On like the crew and other things

  31. I LOVE these replays!!! I do not feel alone anymore!

    I was watching that minimap on the E-50 game and I was wondering if you
    would note the T110E5 before he shot you…

    You are not level Master btw… If you want I can send you my replays 😛

    Also do not like the nickname Nazgul… *brrrrrr…* ;-)

  32. What song is that? You have it in the background of so many of your videos.
    It’s a tad cheesy (or maybe cause I can’t here the entire track that well)
    but so damn catchy

  33. 9:05 is a human supposed to be able to make that noise?

  34. He was trying so hard not to cus

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