► World of Tanks: Super Conqueror & Soviet M4A2 Sherman Loza Specs Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch 9.20.1 Update Preview. World of Tanks New Super Conqueror, Tier 10 British Tank. World of Tanks M4-A2 Sherman Loza, Tier 6 Soviet Premium Medium Tank.

► Information:
– https://worldoftanks.eu/en//general-news/920-1-vehicle-rebalances/
– https://wot.express
– https://thedailybounce.net/

Patch 9.20.1 update in World of Tanks behind the doors, with a lot of balancing once again.
And also, my number 1 favorite tank in this game, FV215b, going to be removed from the and replaced by the new tier 10 British heavy tank “Super Conqueror”.
In this episode I am going to take my first look at Super Conqueror’s specs, let’s see what this tank has to offer. On the top of that, I can share first information about upcoming tier 6 Soviet Russian premium medium tank “M4A2 Sherman Loza”.

What do you think?


Conqueror: _Roller_


  1. Sorry for no upload yesterday, but better late than never!
    Here is some more information about new, upcoming tanks in WoT. 😉

  2. Hey dez, weight is not pronounced as way-th. You pronounce it the same as the word “wait”. Also, thanks to your other vod i am just 200k xp away from researching the deathstar. Going to convert xp to get it. Im not grinding tge same damn tank 5 times. (At2-tortois) Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Shame.. It’s dpm is lower than t9 conqueror

  4. Why not just add the chieftain instead of this piece of shit

  5. Now I will grind the british heavies

  6. Why does WG never show soft stats fx dispersion while moving

  7. Hey dez.any idea when the uptade is going live?pleae i need an answer.good videos by the way

  8. Love DG but MM is so broken, why bother with any new content?

  9. Seems meh compared to the chieftain

  10. WG: Here’s a new version of the Sherman, but for the Russian tech tr-
    Everyone: It’s time to stop. Ok?

  11. You forgot the Sherman 3 and the Firefly in the British tech tree.

  12. Hey Dez try bf1

  13. I was hoping for -10 deg depression as trademark of this line. Shame

  14. The game is reportedly shedding players in NA, player count does seem down to me. The company keeps churning out expensive (IMO) pixel tanks instead of fixing issues like MM, and arty. I don’t think I’ll be buying another pixel tank.

  15. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i’m sad i prefer to have both on tech tree

  16. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    shermen firefly and shermen 3 on the brits

  17. You didn’t mention how all the stats are worse than on the FV.. and you skipped mentioning the hull traverse in your comparison it gets hit hardest FV has 40 deg/s, Super Conq has 26…

  18. Great video Dez, again you have the info before I see it any where else. And I know your feeling ok about new SC because you already have and get to keep FV-215B. Im pretty bummed #1 because  WG in one patch will remover not one but , two British  tier 10 tanks I want , the FV-215B and Death Star,and #2 because I dont have  either one yet!!!  I knew the SC was coming, but I was completed unaware they were also removing the Death Star in the same patch!!!!

  19. Public test coming soon? Time to free exp the Strv 103B and troll all the HEAT with the front grille!
    And the new russian premium looks balanced, nice from WG to NOT make it OP!

  20. I really hope that their Soviet bias won’t make the Soviet versions of American tanks better, as they might’ve already done with some other nations’ tanks.

  21. personally I would rather see A TD replacement change for the brits Tech tree and see new maps FFS

  22. Does anyone know what they’ll be boring with the 215B on the Xbox and when? The 215B is my favourite tank in the game, it was first ever tier 10 and has been my pride and joy ever since and I’d hate to loose it.

  23. 0:56 “scratchya ass as hard as I can”

  24. Im just sad that they are making the conq just like everyother heavy…. with out armour

  25. Sherman III and Sherman Firefly

  26. depression and elevation is terrible.
    console has Australian sherman

  27. M4
    M4A2E4 (beta)
    M4 improved (premium)
    M4A3E8 Fury
    M4A3E8 Thunderbolt
    M4A1 Revalorisé
    we have 8 so far, the Russian one will make 9
    and that’s not including the British M4 Firefly

  28. While i happy with more sherman, the fact that in tier 6 its 76mm gun is kinda… meh, seems i will just get Sherman model kit instead.

  29. best c heat I found working for GoId is online here  – shortly.im/worldoftanks?356648181

  30. Yah yah another t110e5 nice work wg

  31. Erick RJ. Cross C.E.
  32. Holy shit, just clicked on this and realized you’re using my gameplay, thanks Dez.

  33. Sigh… I don’t want a super conq… I want a chieftain.

  34. We drove a premium Soviet m4 first on console

  35. 1:35 Crysler GF

  36. No OP M4 Russian?What happned?Probablly no more vodka to WG workers…


    Sherman III
    M4 Revalorise
    M51 Super Sherman


  38. Also kids, do you think we’ll get a M60 variant in the US medium tree? Not the one that was won in competition, but a different variant.

  39. Kinda chaps my ass the Russian Sherman has the best top speed while all the others are stuck at either 35,40,42 or 48 yet the vodka luzzy or whatever gets 51.5? lolwut?

    As for the Super Conq I’m kinda on the fence about this. I still don’t think 40 rounds is enough and the Pen on the 120mm L1 cannon is way to low. Should at least be 280mm as that was the rough penetrative power of the gun at 1 mile from the target and if it’s only going to do 400 damage a shot it should at least be able to do that damage consistently.

  40. Getting rid of a fictional tank to add another fictional tank, good job WG

    *he says in sarcasm*

  41. DEZGAMEZ could you do a face reveal at 200k subs that would be awesome:)

  42. A super fast c heat we can all do fast to get GoId is online here – shortly.im/worldoftanks?310185713

  43. Again a russian medium??????????????????????????????REALLY???????STUPIDE?????….

  44. Usually you make very cool videos, but this time, it’s obvious that you trick the subscribers with this slideshow. Informative but still a slideshow. Don’t do that again, please

  45. will be good to here about the British tier 10 TD replacement when its available. so as to decide whether or not to finish the grind on the tortoise. will you end up with two TD’s etc keep up the great content…..

  46. Mr Average plays______ with GamerDom

    That’s what I thought, the new Super Conquer is actually worse than the FV? Wtf

  47. Schmaltrum (not sure how to spell it and cant be arsed looking it up) originally had none working spaced armour and then they buffed it after about 3 years too 5mm…lol….so still a waste of SPACE!

  48. dez can you make a video about your rig (your workstation) ? 🙂 we would love to see it 🙂

  49. Im still waiting for my German T-34-88 .

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