► World of Tanks: SURPRISE MOTHERF*****… BOOM! – RNGesus #36

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks LOL/RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments. World of Tanks Best Wins and Best Fails! World of Tanks RNG.

► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN happened.

Episode 36 is full of surprises! 🙂


used from https://player.epidemicsound.com/:


  1. Dez?
    When will you do an new from the Past Replay ? 🙂
    I need this old good stuff xD

  2. Is it just me or do I like the old sounds better than new sounds

  3. we need more suprize motherfucker

  4. uhm, last shot @9:43 was at an IS-8… how old is this replay? xD

  5. 4:49 kv-2 had 666 hp

  6. Dez your famous now! you made it into an episode of RNG!

  7. Hey Dez, can you do a face off?

  8. OMFG I know the E-25 team killer and was in that clan a long time ago

  9. I’ll be real sad if my replay is not in this Dez

  10. Luís Augusto Panadés

    That T49 from last video is amazing. But, in this Leopard was magic.

  11. The e50m rams never get old lol

  12. Thomas Connelly-moss

    Amazingly made dez! i honestly love your content

  13. HI
    The last Shooooooot…………………………………….. Waoooo XD

  14. Stephanies Rendra (In Stasis)

    When my KV-2 get uploaded :(

  15. something looks a little different about the comments today

  16. cubanwargaming not for pros

    remember me from wot blitz? erickelcapitan, Churchill mk3

  17. 7:37 you use that crosshair and you still cant figure out where you where
    hit from :/

  18. bo huff (Dragonking)

    I got 5 kills in 7 seconds before but i deleted in x.x

  19. Where is my kv-2 replay? It was a way better shot than that other kv-2

  20. when u gonna stream again? u told us u would stream more often. it’s been a
    while now ;)

  21. Dez had a moment of his own lol.

  22. What’s your Twitch name?

  23. there is a negro on the thumbnail?

    what does negros have to do with ww2 tanks? what does negros have to do
    with anything not concerning violent hatecrimes and rap music and
    overrepresentaion in white countries welfare systems?

  24. I can’t open the link for the music. Anyone else having this problem?

  25. Epic vid Dez, great music,laughed n laughed, and yes last shot was sooo

  26. 4:35 jingles close your eyes

  27. How could you bring up that sound effect? I mean, cannon firing sound
    before 9.14…

  28. Omg hahah lol look at 8:48 the RU clearly doesn’t point the gun at the tank
    but somehow it hits

  29. Teamkiller AND E-25 killed? Oh that was so sexy!

  30. well done i like it :Ddo more RNG videos :D

  31. i Miss da old Sounds :(

  32. so basically E50 is a fucking RAM!

  33. Oh that charioteer. From your light tank challenge I believe 🙂
    great vid again. Thanks Dez.

  34. While this is another amazing video, “Surprise motherfucker” is only funny
    once or twice. Please don’t spam it like that.

  35. yo dez. how can it be that i sent in 2 clips that were so much better than
    some of these but u didnt put in either of those?
    im like im gonna help u out with a video and u dont even use it.

  36. Another epic video sir , love the music too, your snap shot was f******
    awesome lol

  37. Dez reply did you get my replay in my O Ni when i killed two tanks with one

  38. The Dez one int he and was best.

  39. You should try and get a t95 getting pushed by 29 amx cdc

  40. 10:18 I was Watching his stream :P

  41. Damn you Dez! I though the video ended at help me make RNGesus at 2:25 :D

  42. haha, my name is dad. i drive this is-7 :)

  43. Especially glad that last clip got included xD

  44. Music sounds a bit AC/DC or maybe Airbourne? Whats the tracks? The
    epidemicsound link is not working

  45. Hi Dez (or anybody), I need your help. How did you manage to activate those
    “eyes” next to the players list without having the Aslains XVM config ? Is
    there a modpack that allows this on its own without mesing um QBs XVM setup
    ? Thanks for help.
    PS: love your videos, keep it up :D

  46. at min 7:50 I was laughing my ass off

  47. Federico Di Liberto

    I ricochet the side of a tiger (fail platoon) with my JgPz E100

  48. Tiger Tigger (tiger7512)

    1:00 the guy that went blue was the leader of a clan I was in about a year
    ago. Ayyy lmao

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