► World of Tanks: T-10 feat. Conqueror – Tier 9 Heavy Power!

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay, Review / Preview. World of Tanks 9.13 Update. World of Tanks T- Gameplay, Review / Preview. World of Tanks New Czechoslovakian Tanks.

It is time for another live gameplay episode! So today I am going to play with the tanks that you wanted to see the most. “T-10” received a lot of requests, also did “Conqueror”… That means today you are going to see some tier 9 Heavy Powa!

Enjoy the video!


  1. 3:41 for skillful dynamic gameplay

  2. Really looking forward to watching you stream with Circon tomorrow mate,
    you two together should be awesome funny.

  3. Tim “runfox” B

    Good gamez Dez, I think the T-10 9 IS-8) is already a a great medium heavy,
    it has the best tier 9 gun for pen and alpha damage, I am surprised they
    are going to buff it but Ill take it. At the end of the first game with two
    fast tanks left, its always best to cap, the Leo PT-A is so fast and
    mobile, its not worth trying to chase them down. The second game in the
    Conquerer, you can see the burst damage of the BAt CHAT. While the heavies
    are all locked in battle, he is on the outside killing off the week ones. I
    cant wait to get a BAT CHAT in my garage.

  4. Good tries Dez! yeah that E-75 shot should have penned…then again I would
    have just shot his turret.

  5. Good vids Dez, love them! Keep up the good work! :)

  6. Would you like to replace fv215b for super conqueror with spaced armor?
    because WG have that idea

  7. I really enjoy the T-10, in my opinion it probably has the best tier 9 HT

  8. Hi M8 can i ask something did you gave up the War Thunder tanks or will you
    give us some in the future
    thanks and keep up the good work

  9. Hypocrite in a bush

    at some point in the future could you do a gameplay of the 263. i havnt
    seen it in a while and i was wondering if it is still viable

  10. Des show the STI some love.

  11. You are going to play with yourself after the episode?! ok, good luck I
    gues ;)

  12. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    DEZ the way you say WOT is funny 😀
    ” welcome back to VORLD OF TENKS” :D

  13. imastalker - something :D

    Hey, is the E-50 any good? I would like to know if it is a “must have” tank

  14. Hey mate! Did u know that render distance is now circle? Not old square ;)

  15. back in my day it was called an IS-8, and we liked it that way!
    could you play some tier 8/9 meds please Dez? really like your videos!

  16. What recording programm are you using mate ?

  17. Keep up the good work DezGamez !

  18. yo man i realy like your work! keep it up :)

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