► World of Tanks: T-22 Medium – Road To – Rampage Mode Missions

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Source: DezGamez

World of FV215b Gameplay, Review / . World of Tanks T-62A Gameplay, Review / Preview. World of Tanks Gameplay, Review / Preview. World of Tanks Gameplay Commentary.

Patch 9.12 is here and it is time to start grind towards The Mighty “T-22 Sr.” or “T-22 Medium”, Soviet tier 10 medium tank. But to be able to get this tank, we have to complete some missions… but some of those missions are pretty annoying to say the least.

Full list of missions: http://worldoftanks.eu/en//pc-browser/46/rampage-mode-personal-missions/



  1. Starting from minute 10:00 you drive a Soviet medium, still the display
    down left says FV215b… What kind of bug is that? :)

  2. Won’t even be trying to do missions… got enough tier X mediums as it is

  3. rampage mission is really a waste of time… if RNG is not on your side…
    other player will let you down.. your credits keep going down as well

  4. GlockMaster86 AKA FlatLineGamez

    i would love to have the t22 but i am really sick of grinding all the
    missions for the other 4 tanks. lol

  5. they have learned nothing from the last missions

  6. Missions are too hard for a player of my average skill.
    Another game mode, unless you are owning, you will loose too much credits.
    I think Dez will get it, not too sure about me…

  7. would love to get T22sr but just never gonna play for it waste of my time

  8. You realize the t-22 isn’t supposed to be easy to get right? Otherwise we’d
    have them running around tier 10 matches being all OP and kicking ass

  9. Fuck the T-22…load HEAT and let fly if you see it in randoms. Problem

  10. Nice video again sir!! Can’t wait to see the T-22.

    Old man out, aka flea1951

  11. i don’t have a premium account therefore i cannot play even when i came top
    of the team i still lost a little money so yeah

  12. does anyone here even have a clue on whats going on about the t22 sr? man
    that thing is being absolutely hated by soo many people. go and watch WG
    video on it and read the comments. just people saying its a tank that
    shouldnt be in the game and that WG is russian bias which btw is fuckin
    true…..really 5 godamn russian tanks at tier x mediums? peple are saying
    there gunah TK a t22 sr when they see it even on their team!

  13. This mode, while I apprciate you reviewing it, is not worth the T10 tank
    imo. I wont be playing it.

  14. Totally agreed with you, the people that are writing these missions don’t
    play the game, and have no idea how to scale and balance the difficulty
    levels of the requirements.

    I have no problem with the missions being difficult, its a tier 10 tank
    we’re earning after all. But for ***k sake, make the missions based off of
    skill and not the random chaotic bull crap that’s going on atm.

    I think that the problem is fundamentally with the Rampage mode itself, and
    the missions (bad in themselves) are just showing how poorly made it is.

  15. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    They said the T-22 is one of the best mediums in the game.
    They lost me as soon as they said that.
    Rip balancing I guess. I miss when things like this were just gimmick tanks
    that were just for fun.

  16. this patch is not bringing me back to wot ^^

  17. Dez it’s more like ‘résults’ instead of ‘rèsults’ ;)

  18. Once again we have platoon dependent missions in “Personal(from
    dictionary”1. private; individual”) missions”. If they are
    personal(individual)missions, then platoons or platooning should not be a

    Also some of these missions, it seem that no way average Joe(me), would
    ever be able to complete them.

  19. How long is the mission going to be available?

  20. I’m spanish but i really like your gameplays?

  21. Those platoon flag missions are pretty bs if you just want to play solo

  22. Last time I came this early, I got a girl pregnant

  23. First.. and the grind is real and its gonna be frustrating D:

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