► World of Tanks: T-22 Sr. Tank Review / Gameplay – NEW Soviet Beast, Tier 10 Medium Tank!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T-22 Sr. Gameplay. World of Tanks T-22 Sr. Tank Review. World of Tanks T-22 Sr., New Tier 10 Rewards Tank. World of Tanks Tank Review Series.

Today is going to one special , I am going to upload THREE “Tank Review” episodes!
episode is going to be about new tier 10 Soviet Beast medium tank – “T-22 Sr.”. This thing is simply amazing, DPM is slightly lower than on other tier 10 Soviet medium tanks, but the speed, aiming time and other stats are simply awesome!

Let me know what you think about this tank!



  1. OP OP NERF! (The player I mean…)

  2. Skoda T40?? WTF?? :D

  3. for sure a cw reward tank

  4. how many fucking tier 10 mediums does the soviet tech tree need ?!

  5. Looks like a boss ass crew trainer if it offers this ability

  6. And what do you know, another reward Tier 10, BRING US A FUCKING REGULAR

  7. Zerobladetion Wot

    do more 112 premium tank battles.

  8. Reloading time was so long as 105mm …


  10. if they put half the effort they put into these russian mediums as they did
    in to the rest of the game. Wot would be so much better.

  11. i want the czech tech tree inside me now

  12. I hate it already.

  13. That was one hell of a turretgasm i tell you!

  14. The first game was bad play by you. The E100 was killed by your fault.

  15. Not that I think it isn’t cool, but maybe fleshing out other lines instead
    of adding more Soviet T10 meds should be WG’s focus.

  16. Dez the spaced side armor on this thing is absolutely troll. Abuse it all
    you can.

  17. Damn Dez. it’s what? 3AM where you live and your still uploading Video’s?
    Get some sleep man! I would hate to see you burn yourself out.

  18. There will be 5 tier 10 RU mediums if this one goes live….

  19. Come on Dez, I expect you can make a better video with this tank. You did
    not analyze the armor profile of this tank first, so you played this tank
    very incorrectly in this video, wrong angling to be specific. This tank has
    INCREDIBLY OP armor. When angled correctly, this tank has e-75 level amor,
    and it can move like a light tank. Please make a armor profile video for
    this tank.

  20. f u google no real name

    i like your videos but this was a supbar review. you didnt even compare its
    armor to the other tanks. I would like to learn about its armor at
    different angles, its turret armor and its terrain passibility. what about
    gun depression?

    also, a 17% reduction in DPM is a huge nerf compared to its other T10

  21. How long ago did they say they were going to add the chieftain???

    And they add another Russian med that no one has heard of.

    Wargaming logic : )

  22. They spend more time giving these tanks out to dirt shitter clans, and less
    time offering cool tanks to their player base. It’s no wonder so many
    people have already moved to Armored Warfare.

  23. I don’t know how you can enjoy this game after playing AW dez. Even the
    tanks I remember being highly mobile now feel as if they were meant to
    plough fields. The modern machine of war is designed on the basis of shock
    and awe. It must have more power than it needs and be able to reach
    incredibly dangerous speeds considering the mass they shift. This is the
    only way I want to drive now.

  24. i like ur vids cuz u speak in ur vids :)

  25. LennieThePolarBear

    This tank looks fantastic! better hull armor than all the other Soviet
    mediums, due to the sloping, and better mobility as well. The only downside
    is the gun, and even then, it’s not all that bad, only the RoF is lacking.
    It also has that classic Russian spaced armor on the sides, so that’ll
    probably bounce a few shots.

  26. That looks like an epic tank! Great game, Dez!

  27. The garage scene was nice. Looked like a remote point on the Ukrainian

  28. That Sherman tho…

  29. Another commie tank go figure.

  30. I really wanna see M4A1 in action

  31. More Russian meds…

  32. Only 1 view when I watched this. Also this tank has better hull armor than
    any other soviet medium I believe.

  33. Humm, one to watch carefully when on opposition

  34. dennisshepard2011

    so how can you get this tank?

  35. Holy crap! Im early let me make a joke

    The tier 8 MM

  36. too many Russian mediums XD

  37. it is late there and you are still awake? well, thank you man, thanks for
    the video!!!

  38. another russian t10 med?! wow … i mean it is cool and all but they should
    also focus on balancing other tanks like the su 101…

  39. What you think about it?

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