► World of Tanks: T-44-100 – Review and Gameplay – Worth it?

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Source: DezGamez

Tank Review. World of Tanks T-44-100 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks New Tier 8 Premium Tank.

Back with another tank review episode and our main guest today is “T-44-100”. This tank is going to be special reward tank for missions that you can find from here:

In this episode I am going to take my at it and let’s find out if it is going to be worth it.



  1. Both your versions of St. Emil are wrong, its the Sturer Emil 😉 The
    abreviation is very tricky/stupid though, everybody calls it the Saint

  2. Is it going to be in premium shop after the marathon finishes?

  3. Is this tank really worth 48€?
    I don’t think so. Even if i can fulfill 3-4 missions i need to buy 3-4
    tokens. 21-28€.
    For that money i can buy a CDC or T54 Prot, which are equal or better tanks
    and i dont have to spent a ridiculous amount of time.
    This mission is only for Hardcore gamers and wealthy tank collectors.
    My two cents

  4. I have the mod 1 and now i feel like I threw money away… it needs a buff
    fir its gun(the mobility is ok coz it has armour)

  5. It’s too hard to do the missions.
    Need to play for about 10 hours a day to do it.

  6. Another great video Dez, but this premium tank, meh!!. Its a T-44 and its
    premium, if it comes to the NA server I would try to get some of the
    missions, but dont know if I would spend any money on it. I love my T-54
    1st Prot, it makes me plenty of credits and trains all my Russian MED

  7. Oh man I would love to play together with you, the commetary is genius
    hahaha. ‘Oeh I’ve got his pooper!’ XD

  8. This st emil 😀 shooting full he and crying about idiots 😀 Nice tank and
    video Dez.

  9. TyTyTY..Great opening shot of T44-100 getting air..I was sold when tracks
    didn’t go out!

    Looks like WG is trying to make the “try harder” group happy!

    Great fighting and ty for showing off new tanks strengths!

  10. I remembered this tank was on rental I think in the SEA server.

  11. Again Wargaming shitting on people who bought their older premiums. All the
    new prems they’ve released recently have been soo much better than what we
    used to get (except the tier5 stuf which is garbage).
    Mutz – better than Panther
    t44-100 better than t54mod1
    is3a bettern than IS6

    To explain my point of t54mod1 being inferior to the new t44-100: – the
    increased armor of the mod1 is only good if tier 6-7s are shooting you, in
    tier 8-10 it hardly works
    – the 360 view range is crap, even with a 4 skill crew and optics you don’t
    get to 445; t44-100 has 380 which is much better at high tiers
    – mod1 has crap aimtime even with skilled crew
    – I don’t mind the low penn for the tier, but because of its mediocre
    mobility you can’t flank as effectively as a medium should, so shooting
    sides and backs of opponents isn’t easy. The t44-100 is so much faster in
    top speed and acceleration it can actually be played like a true medium.
    – mod1 = 6 degrees of gun depression; t44 = 7 degrees.

    I feel like WG should offer the option to replace my mod1 with the t44-100
    as the increased armor doesn’t count for shit if you take into account the

    I remember when the FV 4202P was released that every UK youtuber bitched
    about its crap gun handling and how WG scrambled to make the “gun feel
    British” in terms of handling. Well now I’m bitching that the mod1 (when
    compared to the t44) doesn’t feel “Russian” in terms of speed and
    flexibility which allows you to get over the lowish penn.

    Oh, and don’t get me started on the way the is6 was handled.

  12. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    Another prem tank thats better than normal tanks?

  13. ok
    first the challenge is realy hard to do and i have school sow no wot wants
    money thats it

  14. Looks horrificly OP. How can a premium tank be stronger than its standard
    counterpart? You can already use any crew in it, so it is generally going
    to be stronger than the stats say anyway. Why would you make it even

  15. The t44100 marathon came and went on the SEA server about a month ago.

  16. the gamma dezgames please turn it up just a little can barley see at around

  17. #DezGamez Lucky you mate I’ve never had good Match making in my T-44-100
    always tier 10 and it has a lot of trouble penetrating a lot of tier 10s !

  18. Oh fuck I need to get that

  19. ,,lot of us is going to get” yea sure,if you think that lot of us is 1-5%
    of wot eu community that actually plays this game very good and actally has
    time to do it,like wot youtube channels that make a livinig out of it,or
    even if we take away time and skill from equasion,how many people have tier
    8,9 and 10s from all nations?

  20. To much grind. Its basicly normal t-44. I have panther 8.8 and Super
    Pershig. I am student with job so i can afor premium time every month and
    premium tanks sometimes.

  21. I think the way to get it is just ridiculous IMO, What if you dont have
    money and what if you dont have every nation unlocked? Idk sees to me they
    could of done it better as in earning a lot of XP instead of killing 150
    enemies and getting 150k damage total with every nation

  22. Im prolly going to end up buying it and try and do what missions i can for
    some gold back. Will prolly cost me 40 bucks overall.

  23. One can never have enough Soviet medium tanks in this game.

  24. so you don’t think power to weight ratio/engine power is even important
    enough to mention? I have better power to wight on my heavy tanks! Really,
    you should had at least mentioned to people that it has engine just like
    T54mod1, and power to weight very similar to t54mod1. Standard T-44 has
    more than 5 more hp/t – over 20, which makes it accelerate a lot faster,
    pull back faster, and climb faster. But I guess that’s not important?

  25. <----

  26. almost impossible missions for a another mediocre premium

  27. looks like the motherland for console with side skirts

  28. 150,000 damage, 150 kills, per nation, in 32 days.

    that’s 1,200,000 total damage and 1200 total kills, divided by 32 is at
    minimum 37,500 damage per day, and 37.5 kills per day.

    I am an above average player, averaging about 1 kill per match and 1k
    damage per match.

    A typical match in WoT is about 6-7 minutes or so. We’ll say 6.

    Which means at bare minimum, I would have to play for 3.8 hours every day.

    It’s a lot more doable than the Dicker Max mission back in January or so,
    assuming you’re above average and have a lot of spare time on your hands.

  29. Is T-44-100 worth it ?!
    and does it make good credits ?

  30. Luís Augusto Panadés

    It is so riddiculous that a tanks like this has 23º of elevation and Grille
    15 has only 15°, totally artificial.

  31. this is well and good but most people won’t have a hope in hell of grinding
    out 3-4 of the mission nations let alone all 8. No most are just going to
    buy it and once again we are going to see a flood of morons who don’t even
    have tier 6 tanks driving a new premium around. I can already feel a
    headache coming…

  32. did we need it no is it probably the best choice for WG yes most played
    tanks are russian meds and this is a crew trainer in the price range of a
    FTW or very low paying player

  33. Isint this the same tank as the t54 first proto except with different name?

  34. Glad you did this, been waiting for QuickyBaby to do this review and he

    And don’t bother grinding it, just buy it. It takes around 5 to 10 hours a
    day for the average player to get this done. That’s assuming you’ve got a
    tank that can do it from every nation. So just buy it.

  35. I think the missions are ridiculous. No way I have the time to do them, and
    no way I’m paying full price (I guess I could do half of them and pay the
    rest). Can this crew train Chinese tank crews? If so, I think I might try
    to obtain one.

  36. dmax i will consider but this one wont cuz of mission impossible

  37. So basically this is a mission that can only be completed by people who
    have no life or people or want to ruin their life…

  38. would you consider this to be better than type 59?

  39. i typically find that the damage in these missions is this easy part the
    kills though i struggle with badly last time i had gotten the 150k damage
    for my germans but only had about 80 kills so that was a lot of time wasted
    just farming kills.

  40. i loved my t44 so if i could get one of these then that would be amazing
    for me

  41. that mission is fucking ridiculous are you kidding me, talk about a money

  42. does it get ammo racked every time someone sneezes in its direction like
    t44 does? i hate that tank. everytime. 1st hit taken… ammo rack damaged.
    2nd hit taken damages it again. hate it

  43. does it get pref MM?

  44. Got me only Czech line will be bothersome… other wise the rest nations
    are feasible

  45. did you notice if it had the same issue with ammo rack explosions as the

  46. I am not good enough in this game to make this missions.
    (and i dont have enough higher Tier Tanks to make this much DMG/XP/Kills or
    GL for all others. Sounds worth it.

  47. thejoedude thefirejoe

    so you can spend $50 or some stupid amount of money, or spend all day
    grinding for months to get it for free

  48. Sigurjonsson Stefan (neiwhy)

    Its a no mans life tank or a big budged mans tank. Eather way i will never
    get it…

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