► World of Tanks: T-50-2 – All-Time #1 Damage with T-50-2 – Past #3 – Patch 7.5

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Source: DezGamez

of Old Replays.

Welcome back to another World of Tanks: Past episode. This time I went back to 7.5 and going to show you the highest damage game uploaded to Wotreplays.com with T-50-2. I really miss that little bugger.

Played by: H0bg0bl1n
: http://wotreplays.com/site/571048#stats



  1. Once I was doing a T6 company and we fought a team with full T-50-2 team…

  2. Gabriel San Antonio

    I miss my T-50-2 ☹️?

  3. Мультфильмы нашего детства

    ku author your video style I really like , hello from Ukraine

  4. Wait, serevogorsk is tier 4 to 11???

  5. Doesn’t look much different from the LTTB.

  6. “if you wanna do dmg, it would cost you alot of credits” dude , BACK THEN
    there was no credit Prem rounds , it was all gold


  8. Yep, WoT dropped Severogorsk a while ago. Don’t remember liking that map
    too much.

  9. whats tier

  10. I asked for this last episode, and here it is. YAY

  11. “The Good Old Daze”…I miss them. Thanks for the vid! :)

  12. A timely reminder of why this game is entirely broken

  13. Very nice Dez

  14. Boy do I miss port a lot.

  15. This map looks bearable in this replay for some reason

  16. You made a time machine…out of a DELOREAN?

    BTW, I liked the title “Blast from thr Past”

  17. The T-50-2, famously renowned as the *Most Annoying Tank in the Game*! o7

  18. lol it’s legit a lttb with a 57 with a t50 turret

  19. got any epic games on the original Dragon ridge?

  20. good ol’ times

  21. Dragon Ridge!

  22. Lunar “Eclipse” MoonStone

    this is a old replay T-50-2 is removed

  23. Gold only, oh my fucking god

  24. one of my all time most played vehicles was the original tier 4 T-50. Many
    a pascucci’s medal earned. That thing was like a go cart. lol

  25. I played world of tanks on a friends xbox the other day it was like going
    back 3 years! some of the old maps are still used. for some reason the
    weather effects are really good on it too but thats about it.

  26. Highest damage game?


  27. Ísleifur Arnórsson

    r.i.p t-50-2 ?

  28. <3 RIP T-50-2 my old friend I miss you so bad my little Scout

  29. thejoedude thefirejoe

    wargamings second worse choice ever, removing everybodies favorite tank

  30. I think you confused Serene coast with South coast :)

  31. Aah the good old days when the game looked crap and MM was drunk af

  32. i really hate and respect that little bugger…. i remwmber that i couldn’t
    even hit a single shot at it… and was cursing hot… 🙂 damn good old
    days… :)

  33. I miss that tank so much

  34. Best tank in game i so loved but they removed it bcs why not :(

  35. And now they don’t have a Tier 5 light.

  36. 7.5 Looks more fun than 9.15/9.16 They fucked the whole game up, invisable
    walls, All tank nerfs, All tanks deletes/removes, Total not realistic. Im
    totally done with this stupid dumb ass game. It is getting more and more
    Pay to win. Believe it or not. Look at those price, 160 Dollar for a tank,
    some gold, credits, some modules. Nope.

  37. Damn this replay brings back memories.

  38. No physics… And today? This is not physics – this is SciFi… I don’t
    dare to drive light tanks, since TD can climb on rock by just scratching
    it… Pz IC – one pile of dirt on the ground and you’re on side… About
    tank we saw… Good little one, and nice bold play…

  39. Dez, why don’t you use suggestions?

  40. 7.5 and premium shots? I think you had to buy gold to use them.

  41. dude… 2012 gold rounds were gold rounds…

  42. that M41 used to have a big gun :D

  43. I loved the T-50 until they nerfed it :(

  44. TheAllegiantTraitor

    do you guys remember when tier VII amx light tank was above some tier VIII
    tanks in those sidebars?

  45. xX_Hyperbeast_Xx XOXO

    Dez Nutz

    Ok i’ll stop.

  46. waw too many bots on the red team……..

  47. :'( rip… rip… Dez you made me sad… you bastard 🙁
    still you are great #nohomo

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