► World of Tanks T-54 & T-62A Gameplay – Aggro like a Bauss! – USSR Medium Tank Power!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T-62A Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks T-54 Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Commentary.

You have seen British, Germany USA tanks, so in this episode I am going to focus on Soviet medium tanks. You are going to see super aggressive and super lucky gameplays in tier 9 and 10 medium tank. TodayÙs guests are T-54 with T-62A.

Sit back and enjoy!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Some beast mode on french or chinese vehicles?

  2. Pls play most OP Tier 7 t43 next like a few games in a row

  3. I would like some Elc Amx and amx 13 90 gameplay!! +DezGamez 

  4. AMX 40 OP! I would love to see an AMX 13 75 or 13 90 as I am just getting
    the hang of them myself!

  5. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    what equipment you use on the t62a?

  6. Dez, can you do a French tank video for the French 14 july day. Let’s do
    some égalité fraternité et liberté! AMX 40 for the win!

  7. Fire in T62a so scared me!

  8. Hi DezGamez would like to see AMX50B and STB1

  9. kv-4 and is-3

  10. Nice gameplay. Thanks

  11. AMX 50B :D

  12. Really took it to them in this one Dez. Then again strong pushes are what
    the russian mediums excel at in this game. and I always feel bad when I see
    FV4202’s as it seems WG loves to just shit on that tank all the time.

  13. Your voice cracks me up,in a good way of course,plus you have a wry sense
    of humor,love it. Keep on keepin on Dez.

  14. When did you stream ?

  15. amx 30 and amx 30b :D

  16. Not_so_epic_gamer

    Russian heavies 

  17. not many comments…..
    like this one cause why not!

  18. I rly love your videos man :D

  19. crabboy InTheForest

    I <3 frenchies
    Amx cdc
    Amx 13 90
    Amx 50 100
    Amx 50 120
    One of those please senpai!
    Otherwise==> Tog II
    Have a nice time!

  20. I would love to see some leopard action I almost have the leopard PTA
    myself just got 50k Xp to go and she’s mine


  22. Julien Brouilhounat

    IT’S JAPANEEEEEEEEESE TIME SHIP !!!!!!! go for that beast of STB-1 please.
    this iq what i would like to see in your next episode…

  23. We do need some quacks tho

  24. Haha – your live commentary/reaction is allways funny.. Really enjoy
    watching your videos.. Keep em up!

  25. 2:04 when did you learn italian?

  26. Lol dez when you were blind firing the jp he had already gone into the
    alley and was attacking the t57 heavy

  27. Yeah some Frenchies pls HappyPanda :)

  28. I would like to see the Churchill Gun Carriage now that it has been buffed.
    If you have it that is.

  29. Can we see AMX 13 90?

  30. I know you already played some German tanks, but can you play the VK 2801?

  31. pls power hour

  32. Gotta love getting some lunch, watching Dez videos, launching wot and then
    wishing sky cancer players would choke on a chicken nugget irl.

  33. Good game,even better coments

  34. Emilien Gosselin

    If you can’t see the splash when you shell hits the ground, that mean your
    shell has travelled more than 500 meters

  35. amx 40!!!!!!!

  36. Is it me, or does WOT look ugly as fuck? been playing alot of War Thunder

  37. Hey Dez. I’m curious to know what you think of WoT on Xbox? There is
    gameplay of WoT on the Xbox one in beta. Think you could look some gameplay

  38. mathieu cougnaud

    French tanks !

  39. Pershing and Centurion I

  40. What about japanese tanks? 

  41. Maybe japs or chinese

  42. Luís Henrique Dória Santos

    pls play the amx 40

  43. Darude Sandstorm

    Dez’s kaksteist kuud.

  44. David Hildebrandt

    AMX50B and Batchat pls!

  45. Le ELC biscuit! 😀 best light in the game imo

  46. pls do the AMX 40 for lulz!

  47. Brian “geeknik” Carpenter

    I thought I loved the German mediums, but then I started playing Russian
    mediums.. ;)

  48. LOL =]]] Dez u noob. :v the jg.E100 was long gone before u took those blind
    shot. look at the map.

  49. bastardo? you know some italian words? :D

  50. Do you even SPG? :P

  51. That “Fire” sound! wtf XD

  52. Can you try ELC?? 😉 lets put ur balls to the test

  53. Intel HD 2000 Gaming

    T-62a or Object 140?

  54. No mastery badge on the amx 40? Even I managed to get one and I’m really
    not a good player :p

  55. Authorised Gamer

    Hey Dez, in your opinion, what is the best tier 10 USSR medium? Just

  56. a scout episode would be cool.

    well played games 🙂 keep it up

  57. Awesome video as always!Maybe you could play the E-100. I love that beast.

  58. The T-54 game was a nail biter! A real thriller. Well played and love your

  59. Welcome to -301 club , do you want some cookies?

  60. Sarcastic Marauder

    Is the Object 430 worth the grind?

    • +Sarcastic Marauder obj 430 has really bad soft stats for accuracy

    • Sarcastic Marauder

      the obj430 has the best dpm in the game second only to the STB1. The line
      looks pretty good but i’m just hesitant at the T43. it looks really bad for
      a tier 6 med

    • The line is bit the tank not, it is woede then the obj. 140 and T62A, but
      the obj. 416 and obj. 416/2 are really and have awesome dmp.

  61. Ok I want to see some AMX40

  62. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    great vid man =)

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