► [World of Tanks] T-62A vs Object 140 Review | Which Tank Should I Take?

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Source: DezGamez

vs Gameplay and Review. Which tank better?
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Dear Sirs and Madams, today we are trying to answer one of the most frequently asked question – Which tanks should I take, Object 140 or T-62A? We are going to review both tanks, going to talk about stregths and weaknesses and going to have some gameplays.

What do you think, which one is better?

Sit back and Enjoy!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Your pick and why?

  2. Object <3

  3. I need 62 I have 140 and 907 and have seen ppl doing so well in 62 so I re
    brought t54 to grind it 

  4. if only the t44 wasnt such a piece of shit stock. that one tank ruined my
    fun for that entire line of tanks =[

  5. As an owner of both and having more than 1000 battles in them togheter. I
    would recommend the 140 cus of the better gun depression, and lower profile
    and you get rid of the huge turret tumor that is on the T62A but for that
    you trade it with a little worse top turret armour. 140 also got better
    front armour cus of better sloping. 

  6. 2nd class with t32.. cent 7/1 1st?

  7. T62a – bouncy turrets are as good as going balls deep !! 

  8. you will see when you get your obj. 430 II and when he’s in “full” how good
    that tank is


  9. You could not make this video in better time.

  10. I love both, but I feel safer hull down in the T-62a


    907 <3

  12. why do you allways get such good teams, mine always suck out int he first 4

  13. I’d say obj 140 because of Gun depression. 

  14. Thanks for the video! 🙂
    I’d say T62A

  15. How about the 430? 

  16. Obj140 is faster and has better gun depresion, t62a only has better turret
    in his faviour, but the obj140s turret isnt weak at all when you compare it
    to other t10 mediums. No brainer for me, obj140, I choose you!

  17. What about Obj 430 ?

  18. Is this mod legal?

  19. Dezgames have modpack??

  20. Attached your link to this video in the NA forums, hope you don’t mind!
    Keep up with the great vids.


  21. amazing LIVE commentary!!

  22. on my way to obj140, dont want to spend almost 70k xp on a gun for t62a. 

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