► World of Tanks: T110E3 – Nr. #1 Troll – 11,000 Damage – Epic Battle

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Source: DezGamez

Epic . World of Tanks T110E3 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Epic Battle Series.

After many many requests from you guys, I am going to show you some mid tier action as well!
In today’s epic battle episode your are going to see pretty badass damage farming by “1stWarlord” in his Soviet tier 8 heavy tank “”.

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2308367#stats
Enjoy the video!


  1. Normally I like your videos but the E3 is just dreadful. He bounced more
    shots this game then I bounced in 100 games. The sides are paper as is the
    lower plate, and it is an arty magnet. 1 tank can take your shot while
    another rolls along side and then its a pen every time on you. the gun is
    just dreadful as well, theoretically the most pen in the game but it
    bounces all the time, which is why he likely carries those HE shells btw.
    The worst part of the gun is the aiming, if you have to turn the hull 1
    degree you have to wait about 4 minutes to get it aimed. By then they have
    popped your side and moved on. There is a reason you rarely see these.
    Actually lots of reasons.

  2. true sign he’s a nub, aside from the 10 HE – he carries apcr. with 295 pen
    e3 doesn’t need prem ammo at all. can pen everything from the front; even
    against beefy armor just gotta hit a flat spot.

  3. Great battle, shame he lost as I would have liked to see what his xp would
    have been.

  4. Damn, his team sucked. what did they do in the game? Drive out and die?

  5. lol that Conqueror, so nub,

  6. 10 HE shells was the reason he lost and i seen this replace somewhere.

  7. Wow!!!!! One of the best E3 video ever!!!

  8. what a filthy tank

  9. APCR is worthless in this tank, I can’t think of any tank you need it for.
    I have the E4 and if you actually hit where you are aiming, the Standard
    rounds are soo good it doesn’t matter what you face. I still want to get
    the E3 after all this time.

  10. the damaCe is strong with this one

  11. just found your channel i like your voice it has a cool personality behind
    it great videos dude

  12. “Because……..yes” xD I love DG

  13. Bet he kicked himself hard for having 10 HE after that one dang.

  14. If I was to guess, that looks like default ammo load-out.

  15. do more vids

  16. Please dez try to get an anwser on the question of his load out

  17. What does don te jeboo mean?

  18. And this right here is why you should put some thought into your ammo
    loadout :)

  19. N Hai Nguyen (Skyline ゴジラ)

    Why does he carry 10 HE on a TD? less than 5 is enough

  20. Freakin nail biter approaching 9:00. I agree, epic.
    Buttclinch mode engaged LMAO
    Butt i don’t understand the low xp considering the high damage count…

  21. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    omfg, i would’ve been raging lol, gg. nice game in the e3

  22. Epic!


  24. Did Dez Gamez played on livestream with quickybaby WoT on xbob??

  25. If poor bastard had proper loadout he would have likely won :(

  26. Very good replay, love the T110E3 so much.

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