► World of Tanks: T110E3 vs T110E4 – The Battle of Boomsticks! – T110E3 and T110E4 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review. Live Gameplay Series.

In this episode I am going to answer to one of the most FAQ’s… Which tank to choose, which tank the best – T110E3 or T110E4?
Let’s play with both of them and let’s see if we find out something.



  1. Nope its raining from the start of the mont

  2. im going ofr the e4 i want to use it like a heavy and i want a more
    reliable e100 the e100 is frustratingly random i know this will probably
    have the same sort of issues but the smaller size higher pen and i think
    better speed will be nice

  3. Good rewiew Dez

  4. can u explain me, why dont u accelerate your crew training on E3, you have
    200k xp on tier 10 tank

  5. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    “69” premium days. ^^

  6. New gun sounds are retarded. They all sound like freaking BB gun

  7. Well, E4 is kinda like E-100 with worse armor, better penetration… and
    that HUGE weakspot at the top of turret…

  8. Vector Signorelli

    every tier 10 td except the british ones is good

  9. Beast mode once again Dezzzz, Ship the Commander MutZzz

  10. Sadly E4 was nerfed a lot of patches ago, that’s why I still prefere the
    “Monster” E3.

  11. Both are good. I just like playing the playing in my E3 more. Now if it was
    just a little bit faster that would be great.

  12. Gergely Kun Szabó

    E4 is better because the turret

  13. Obj 263 vs t110e3 what sayeth thou, dez? Any input? Anyone…?

  14. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    T110E5 beats them both.

  15. Do the tier X TDs with 150-155mm guns do 750 average damage? On Xbox they
    do 850 average….

  16. your freakin awesome dez. you crack me up

  17. I got my E4 long before I got my E3. I really liked the tank but I still
    feel that E3 is a more solid and consistent tank, due to the tame nature of
    its 155mm gun which can be a little innacurate on the E4.

  18. if u like to play “heavies” like E4, then play E100, coz it has better
    armor, better gun, better speed, more hp etc…

  19. Good video. Nice going with live footage!

  20. I love my T30 and my E4 2 very good heavy tanks

  21. I’m on the tier 8s. Can’t wait to get both of these sexy ladies in my

  22. Just got the E4 today; my first tier X! :D

  23. Yo Dez, what country do you live in?

  24. E4’s turret armor is worse than T30.

  25. Got the T110E4, but think T110E3 is better

  26. what if e3 and e4 has a child ??? i think the answer is T95

  27. i like e4 because e4 has neck :P

  28. E3 is shit if you face an enemy with some brain cells. That being said many
    players are braindead morons so usually the E3 will get better results

  29. E4, turret is a huge advantage, you pay for it with a bit of armor, but
    worth it

  30. 5:55 i see 2 top tier tanks doing the same amount of damage all of the
    time, that figure is 0

  31. e3 vs e4, answer is e5.

  32. For me the T110E4 because of the speed and the turret.

  33. Yes I am totally creep and all that, but where are you from? Sounds like
    very Estonia-ish accent. Today, meanwhile in Estonia was sunny indeed
    too… Oh yeah, many tanks what do you have, have Estonian flag on side.
    (illuminati confirmed)

  34. I really missed you yesterday man, don’t let IT FUCKING HAPPEN

  35. More tank stereotype videos coming soon?

  36. Thinking about armour, because T110E3, has anyone else noticed that the
    VK4502B, the lower plate, is literally invincible? Seriously, it is
    impossible to penetrate, even with a direct hit with 330mm penetration gold
    rounds from my Object 704.

  37. I love that voice :D

  38. 4:30 can someone explain that joke?

  39. BTW that that new sound effects…when you shoot from t110e4 its like
    pistol..it could be more BOOM

  40. It was super sunny outside, so it would have been a crime to stay outside
    today 😀 :D

  41. Shame theese boomsticks no longer have a boom. Man these sounds suck..

  42. E4 is better

  43. T110E4 is “good” for everything but excellent for nothing in particular…

  44. T110E4 is beast

  45. shane balch (sbasab)

    carry gamez like a bauss, no cap and be sneaky sneaky!! dez u da man love
    your replays!!

  46. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    The IS7 and E5 did same amount of damage. It happens very often. Tomatoes
    does 0 dmg and there are at least 3 tomatoes per battle with same amount of

  47. Random dude of Internetshire

    KVs will pen huge part of E4 front, IS3 will pen almost half of front of
    E4. Basically useless armor, not worth the grind

    Case dismissed

  48. Dimitris Galiatsatos


  49. I have both…. I think the E3 makes more sense to it as a TD….. E4 is
    more fun to play, buy when looking for real fun I’ll go for meds and
    lights… in my personal opinion

  50. I’m early bois

  51. It was super sunny outside, so it would have been a crime to stay indoors
    today… But I still managed to sneak out one episode for you! :)

  52. Dez any estimated time on when the next Stereotype video is comin out? I’m
    loving them. thanks. keep up the great work!

  53. 45 Seconds ago seems legit.


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