► World of Tanks: T110E4 – 10,000 Damage – T110E4 That Could!

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Source: DezGamez

T110E4 . World of Tanks T110E4 Gameplay. World of Tanks T110E4 Review / Preview. Battle Series.

it is time for some more epic action in World of Tanks! In my previous I showcased another tier 10 tank destroyer, “ E-100”, but this time we have a beast from USA. Today’s episode’s main guest is going to be “T110E4”.
Game is played my “_Massacre_”. Thank you for this awesome battle!

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2289302#stats

Enjoy the video!


  1. Some great gameplay by the E4. kinda stupid to see he had 10 gold rounds in
    a TD with damn near 300mm of pen but alas some people just do things like
    that. Still props for playing it cool. GG indeed.

  2. losing 7 tanks in 1 minute = aim bot hack/mod!

  3. I really want to see you play some artillery. Like even if its on the test
    server. Like CGC, T92, B-C 155 something man XD

  4. wow!! that damn e100. i would have killed him. btw nice game dez!!

  5. Finally someone from SEA server!

  6. The armor of my e4 is a bit worse it seems. I thought it had the chassis of
    the e5. The machine gun is the same as e3.. But in both cases the e4 has
    the shorter stick :(

  7. I would like to rectify the lack of Death Star gameplay.. its been quite a
    while!… great video as always dez!

  8. What is it with people & the whinge about “Premium” (yes Premium NOT GOLD)
    why do they care as it comes down to personal choice as to the ammo you
    use. If that choice costs That Player more why do people care (it ain’t
    your credits) it just beggers belief the pathetic whine just like a jet
    turbine spooling up for take off.

    Epic game well played – nice video Dez :)

  9. E100 did like nothing all game, then took the Pools form the E4? F that

  10. Cheers Dez, it’s good to have some new content when i really need it! **Man
    crush intensifies**

  11. Boring game; 70% of shots are gold in a damn E4… This wasn’t anything
    special, noob enemies+noob team+gold ammo = easy damage..

  12. 298 penn yeahh let’s load gold for E75 and still aim for his lowerplate.
    Like 298 isn’t enough for the lowerplate…

  13. Yes another Great Video from the best Youtuber!

  14. Finally!! What I’ve been begging for forever lol.

  15. T110E4: Mediocre TD, best Heavy.

  16. Lel. SEA server. Love you Dez

  17. theres alot of comments from me :]

  18. did u notice at start at the video: sign where readed “drugs” there are
    drugs in world of tanks. weird. im going to drug shop. and i smash the wall
    with ny tank! i REALLY laughed alot

  19. omg. i pressed 13th like! oh no! im unlucky

  20. hiiii

  21. Could anyone please point me in the correct direction for emailing in
    replays? I’m probably being an idiot and just not seeing something straight
    in front of me, but the help would be appreciated

  22. Very well played, nice vid Dez keep it up. And, I challenge you Dez, find a
    Foch 155 replay that is as good as this ons is. Challenge accepted or
    Challenge denied?

  23. make on tier 8 epic battle episode for example , maybe light tanks with
    incredible amounts of exp , anyways ,keep up the good work <3

  24. first comment

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