► World of Tanks: T110E5 Epic Battle – 1 vs 5 – 6 Medals – Crucial Decisions = Epic Carry!

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World of Tanks T110E5 Gameplay / Review. World of Tanks Tank. World of Tanks T110E5 Epic Battle, Epic Battle Series.

Time for another “Epic Battle” , where today you are going to see really good thinking and crucial decisions by “dotree” in his tier 10 American “Captain America” T110E5 heavy tank. We can all learn from him, he kept cool head and carried this game to the end!



  1. I’ve been taking a break from WOT but seeing how these games have been
    going I might have to dust off my tanks and see if I still have some of the
    old magic in me.

  2. Wish i would get a game like that @_@

  3. Christian Hostetler

    I love all the people in the comments complaining about the 20 HEAT shells
    that he fired last and all the whining about luck and snapshots when if you
    look at his stats he has 3.2k Wn8 and 69% recent WR so he is kicking ass
    regularly. I hate to see such a good game be marginalized and diminished
    when all the pubbies in the comments could not manage what he did.

    TLDR- Quit your bitch ass whining and enjoy a good game

  4. great Wp game

  5. american tanks have such big heads!

  6. 20 Heat shells?..really…regular “wannabe” unicum setup… But good video
    Dez ?

  7. WG have said they will probably nerf the E5…

  8. classic OMNI, probably unicum… carrying 20(!) HEAT shells with a 258mm
    penetration on your standard ammo, just in case you actually meet some
    tanks with armor, so you dont have to aim and still keep your WN8 up, that
    also explains the autoaim… sry for the rant, he isnt using the HEAT until
    nothing else is left, but that was the first thing I saw… still an
    awesome match to watch!

  9. Lol no skill just auto aiming the sh*t out of enemy tanks and easy
    kolobanovs aiganst 3 artys oow and that 20 heat do

  10. lol what a nice game !

  11. Do you want to see a stock T29 do over 4K dmg and carry a game?

  12. Simply the best tanks you tuber keep it up dez

  13. meh.. lots of reckless plays, auto aim, luck and RNG. GG.. but not
    impresive. just luck. Still a great YouTube video.

  14. For the first 5 minutes of the video, I still thought this was you playing.

  15. Great game by the T110e5! But holy crap that amx 13 75 was an arsehole in
    chat. Hate people pointlessly bitching in chat and picking on people like
    that. One criticism; fair enough, that can be constructive. But going on at
    someone like that is pathetic haha


  17. I want to kill that 13 75…

  18. Possibly my favourite Tier 10 Heavy in the game atm.

  19. Zo many epic medalz! :O

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