► [World of Tanks] T34 and 275,000 Credits | T34 Epic Carry Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Battle Episode. Carry Gameplay vs Tier 9.
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Wanna see the replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/144767#self

Hello everyone!

I haven’t see that much credits ever before. How did he/she do that?
Anyway, in todays Epic Battle episode you see how to earn 238,000 profit!

Sit back and Enjoy!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. How so much cash? :O

  2. bad tier 9 players,premium account and all the luck in the world :P

  3. 1st

  4. so much money!

  5. Epic battle!
    That reload timer grabbed my attention though 😀

  6. Perfect game for a T34, very underestimated tank in T8/9.

    But seeing the ST-I doing the famous turret spins, I am just guessing he
    isn’t the most amazing avg player out there :D

  7. what was the t34 like when it was a t9 heavy ?

  8. IS-6 7k5 damage and only 194k credits with premium account

  9. DG dig the vids. How long are the personal missions running for? I am
    wondering if I have a shot at getting the two higher tier tanks.

    fYI. Balls deep is the only way to go !! Woot 

  10. this is also with a reward for a mission completition, in the replays site
    it doesnt show it like that!

  11. what a bad play by the enemy.

  12. Amazing game for the T34 thanks for showing it.

  13. I wish I would have that amount of cash every game, but im a noob…so I
    have to stay with 5k profit everygame.

  14. marquitoescort2011

    Max i did in my t34 was 5.7 k dmg 7 kills about 170m cash, not that much as
    this guy here, but not too far behind. He must had some mission going on.

  15. Mind linking that sight/reticle mod Dez?

  16. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    If Loraine would be any better, he would have rushed T34 after he fired cuz
    he can eZ kill him in 12 secs.

  17. Your English is very good Dez, keep it up. Just a quick question are
    personal missions permanent or will they be going in 6 months?

  18. I have been dreaming of a T34 game (CLOSE) to this one. Just wow!

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