► World of Tanks: T49 Epic Solo Show – 2,100XP, 7,000+ Damage Carry Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T49 Gameplay / Review. World of Tanks USA Light Tank. World of Tanks T49 Battle, Epic Battle Series.

Today’s epic battle episode is going to be “One-Man-Show”.
You are going to see how “Gaz_the_Ram” is going to carry his team to victory pretty much single-handedly with light tank “T49”.

Enjoy the show and enjoy your weekend!

► Replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/2239759#stats


  1. this guy is from serbia <3 <3

  2. Fkn amazing replay. Thx for uploading! Guuuuuuuuuuud job

  3. You are pretty adamant I should enjoy my weekend.

    Oh well, ordering some boypussy twinks and meth to go with the cocaine and
    the fast car with no top. Best weekend one could ever have, trust me. Have
    to admit the greasy Tijuana middle-aged hooker with the botched boobjob,
    tequila and the donkey was pretty awesome too…

  4. stop camping biahatches

  5. love how he apologizes every time he pens someone xD

  6. Meatballs for life

    Aw he apologises to everyone he kills that’s so sweet

  7. at 3:24 333 dmg on the centurion,illuminerds cunfarmed!

  8. Jase Crossy (Razorbladesmile)

    how does he auto aim to targets behind buildings?? when he was going for
    the arty locked on without having clear vision…I wont that mod

  9. very poor play to shoot heat at the borsig a the end

  10. Wow that was one epic game

  11. Osbáth Gergő (osi)


  12. gg wp… Realy makes me wana go back into my T49 🙂 and please can I see a
    amx 13 90 replay next? Keep up the great work ;)

  13. this tank is not noob friendly. if you wanna be decent in it, you have to
    be good with timing, positioning, and picking the right targets. best game
    I’ve had was a 5000 damage. and I had to run away and hide behind my
    teammates while reloading and be a good little support tank. the key is to
    be unspotted while reloading, then pop around a corner, do damage to close
    targets and hide until youre unspotted. that way you have a higher chance
    of hitting a target rather than trying to snipe. a good way to play this
    tank is to go with the heavies and do splash damage to close heavy tanks
    and retreat. if your heavies are good, you will live because they’ll absorb
    the damage. if they’re bad, you can run away. don’t play this tank like a
    light or medium tank. its very hard to dogfight fast tier 10 mediums who
    are always moving and have a high rate of fire. and finally, this tank has
    very good dispersion on the move, given that you don’t rotate the turret.
    you won’t disperse so much popping around a corner as you would rotating
    the turret. that’s my experience with the tank. I got 2 stars on the gun
    and a dozen ace games.

  14. Hey dez! have you noticed every time that T49 driver shoots someone he’s
    apologising. What a guy.

  15. ffs its damage not damace

  16. Now i cant wait to buy my T49 but i need 70K xp but buldog is so op

  17. Fastly rendered by Yt 🙂 5 min and already full hd
    Ns vid Dez

  18. Fastly rendered by Yt 🙂 5 min and already full hd
    Ns vid Dez

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