► World of Tanks: T54E1 Epic Battle – Must, Carry, Harder! – T54E1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T54E1 Gameplay. World of Tanks T54E1 Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks “Epic Battle” Series.

For some reason you do not see T54E1 doing that good very often. In this episode you are going to see how “T_destroyer2323_tank” is trying to carry his team with this tier 9 tank against tier 10’s!
It was really interesting and enjoyable to watch this battle, so I hope you enjoy it as well!


  1. too bad this is “pay to win game”

  2. Gotta say, I wish I had enemies like these all the time…

  3. Andrey Rogachevsky

    T54E1 is like the Lorraine 40t’s brother that nobody likes.

  4. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Fucking autoloders. They broke game.

  5. WOW!

  6. ouch. that was a tough one to watch. still GG for using the T54E1 so well!

  7. Amazing. 

  8. What happened to wot diary and power hours episodes?

  9. GG, such sad ending, wish he won tthat game.

  10. Tender Element Sorcerer

    Congrats on 30k Dez! It’s awesome that I’ve been here awhile to watch you
    grow. Keep up the amazing work…I love this channel just the way it is :)

  11. What the hell is he bitching about RNG for? Of course a 50 120 is going to
    go straight through this weak ass turret. His sixth sense goes off, likely
    picked up by a scout, and a 50 120 view range snipes him. That is like the
    least RNG thing he could have chosen to bitch about. He then while
    reloading goes in front of enemy tanks he cannot shoot back at. This guy
    plays like crap all game, gets blessed by RNG all game, complains about
    RNG, and still gets magically handed a game far beyond what I assume he can
    accomplish normally. Why do idiots like this get featured? The Waffle 4
    which tracked him should have ended this game, though his poor play could
    have ended it much sooner.

    • nuclearsharkattack

      +Lemmiatem78 I kind of have to agree with you here. This is a game that
      should not have happened, it was a perfect storm of happenstance and
      idiotic play by the enemy at the worst possible times.

    • Martin Orphanides

      +Lemmiatem78 I wouldn’t say he played like crap all game, but he played
      poorly in the beginning. But generally I agree with you; the fact that he
      was alive at the end was much more down to luck than skill. And the enemies
      at the end were plain stupid: that JPE100 yoloing down the hill, and the
      E75 handling that situation so poorly. Oh man…

    • I’d like to see you do better

  12. This is why I can’t get Ace tanker on this tank hahaha

  13. How u watch other players when your still alive Dez?

  14. Good game, fun to watch. More WoWs destroyer gameplay pls? You are good at
    destroyers, it`s always nice to watch.

  15. Man he deserved that win :(

  16. The chat at 3:20 oh my god…

  17. I love this tank, I keep only one clip of Heat and that is enough for me.

    • +Filip Mišnić Yeah sorry I forgot as I really never fire it anyways as the
      tank is perfectly capable in T9 and you shouldn’t be shooting the front of
      any T10’s so the gold ammo is typically used for resetting caps when I need
      to pen.

    • +Moose Only It’s my favorite tank! I rarely fired gold rounds in T69 and I
      struggled but in the T54E1 I don’t have to worry about penetration and it
      feels so OP.

    • +Moose Only you mean APCR, this tank cannot take HEAT

  18. must go faster must go faster

  19. is t54e1 good?

    • +larsvd meyde Penetration is low, but could be worse. The armor on front is
      actually pretty troll, tier 7-10 tanks can bounce off from it. It’s not
      THAT big. The speed is OK, it’s not a Centurion. And finally, the clip
      damage is not THAT big, there are tanks with better clip damage.

    • Ginés Ladrón de Guevara


      It is awesome. A tank for 60 % + victories.

    • +shadowblobSS it has low pen no armor and is way too big, it’s also not
      that fast…. but its clip dmg is HUGE

    • +shadowblobSS What kind of tanks do you like?

  20. Very nice game and nice xp earnings, even with the loss. Sometimes those
    awesome games just end up being losses. GJ and GG.

  21. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile.

  22. to sad it was lose :-(

  23. Nice.

  24. First?

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