► World of Tanks: T54E1, FULL RAMBO MODE – 10,800+ Damage!

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . Epic Battle. Best Battle.

Did they ninja buff “”? I am receiving so many epic battle replays from you guys with this tank, so I had to ask! 😀
Anyways, today’s episode going to be textbook one-man show, by Apple1919, in T54E1… Time to go Full Rambo Mode!


Player: Apple1919
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3006263#details


  1. ModPack?

  2. 1919<3

  3. Wanna hear why dez is so good

    Read more

  4. British Chap Selling Brooms

    Dez,the T57 heavy is top of the tree so people are playing it to get the
    t57 or to train their crews

  5. #DezTo100K :D

  6. hi Dez 🙂 it’s me, K1ll3rb345t. I don’t know if you still remember me
    though, but I wanted to ask you if you are interested in my IS replay…
    I did nearly 5k damage, Acetanker and 2.6k basic XP with premium, so 1.7k
    looking forward to your respond :)

  7. This tank with AP its Sucks!

  8. AAAAAAAAAAND iam so close to the get this amazing tank :D

  9. I prefer 255 fast APCR over 300+ heat.

    the t54heavy heat is just frustration … compared too amx 50 B s APCR.

  10. this tank is my first tier 9 tank, but i cant do well in it for some
    reason… i have a 31% wr in it. :(

  11. Dez, where is Armored Warfare? I miss it ;(

  12. Guys, anyone has a clue how to use the free cam during replays?! In older
    patches you could just add an extra command line in one of the res_mods
    files but this file doesn’t even exist anymore in recent patches! Help?!

  13. B-C 25t AP is not bad, but it is situationally CRAP compared to T54E1. It
    has a almost twice the reload for only ~200 clip dmg more. B-C has 150hp
    less and has such paper armor that EVERY arty shell will make it
    unplayable/dead and almost every shell breaks 1-2 modules and a crew
    member. B-C has better mobility, but still needs much longer to empty the
    clip and much longer to aim. This doesn’t make B-C underpowered/bad, but
    there are MANY more situations that you would rather be in a T54E1 than a
    B-C 25t AP…

  14. Is this a mod or a feature from Wot the spotting allert?

  15. Ugh… Apple pen

  16. Have not watched vids for a good while. Pleasantly surprised when I came
    back. The quality of your editing, content and approach have all improved.
    Good job and keep up the good work.

  17. This game is a big fraud!!!!!

  18. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Ah God’s Unit… of course.

  19. “Good auto aim” AHAHAHAHA PLS DEZ ;)

  20. Helluva game!

  21. Great game play!

  22. thx for all your vidéo 🙂 continue

  23. i suggest you to read this 😀 : how about you will make a video… or more
    with a tank where you play 3 battles… in one of them you do verry good…
    on secound you do standard (normal) … and in 3rd you do worse… like
    pretty much nothing… i suggest you to do this… it would be funny… i
    guess :D

  24. You are probably the first Englisch speaking Wot YouTuber who actually
    pronounced Jagdtiger very very good :D

  25. I’ve seen this game somewhere else… not sure where.

  26. Atleast the prem ammo on this thing isnt as insanely overpowered as on the
    T54 with its 330 pen, wonder if they’ll ever change that

  27. Wow I’m pretty sure this is the highest T54E1 damage I’ve ever seen – Great
    replay, I really enjoyed it :)

  28. vlog en aboneer en duimpje omhoog lol

    3 words … birthday live stream ??? : P

  29. 2 day ago ..i was drunk .. and .. i i ii ..just bought it

  30. He survived the battle. That’s epic.

  31. Can we see the assault gamemode in your face off series? Would help show
    strengths and weaknesses of different lines if they take turns turns on
    offence and defense.

  32. So much gold… not the guys’ fault, WG decided to make this tank this way

  33. that guy needs to see a chiropractor. his back must be fucked up from
    carrying the whole team on it

  34. putos

  35. DezGamez, can you share your mod pack??

  36. thanx a lot for all those video a really love each one of it … keep it up
    !!! I love the way you interact whit all of your video Excellent work !!

  37. I accept that the T54E1 driver is using a shit ton of APCR. I just continue
    to find disgust in WGing for not buffing the pen of the normal AP to
    something at least more usable like 225-230mm. even with a buff like that
    it would STILL be rather low on the list for tier 9 medium tank pen and
    being about par with the Bacchat 25 AP. people praise the armor but I’ve
    always found it to be quite unreliable and the speed…ugh. It’s just like
    the T69 being almost unable to runaway from a flagging/sinking flank.

  38. Hey Dez. Which sights do you use in WOT? I keep on tying to find it but

  39. Best game i got in this is only 6500 dmg:(

  40. Gold noob i have t54 and that pen sucks to and i never have to shoot gold

  41. Dez, when are you going to change to 720p@60fps and 1080p@60fps? Just seems
    way smoother and more enjoyable. Anyways great video again, keep it up :)

  42. Good player and can’t blame him to use gold because of that standard
    penetration. That said, he would not even closely have the game he had if
    he didn’t use gold and WG are bastards for not balance tanks better and
    then limit gold ammo according to tank.
    It is pay to win game and this (and almost all other replays on youtube)
    proves it no matter how good player he was. If he had only one less clip of
    gold (and he should have much less) he would not kill (bounce at least one,
    but probably more shots) all tanks and it would be a defeat.
    And anyone who claims differently are delusional and I have only one
    massage to him – try to play half year without premium account and only
    couple of gold ammo per game allowed. BUM I dropped the mike.

  43. The autoload is real, them autoloaders are always fun to play with. Gg

  44. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    didn’t it always have a epic gun with epic potential? or am i HF again?

  45. It’s because it’s part of the Top of the Tree :-)

  46. After having played the T69 (which surprised me because I wasn’t expecting
    to have so much fun in it) I researched and bought this tank in order to
    get the T57H.

    From the very first game ’till now I have been doing nothing but trying to
    like this tank just to end up hating it more and more every bloody game
    that I play in it. While the potential damage of the clip is so sweet, the
    combination of bad pen, mobility and accuracy makes this tank utterly
    disgusting in my eyes.

    I can understand that it leads to a heavy tank and maybe it shouldn’t be as
    fast as the other mediums, but holy hell I cannot snipe, flank, brawl
    properly in this tank… The prem rounds make this tank ok enough… untill
    you shoot a full clip into the tracks of an E5 and don’t pen while trying
    to do your MT mission (2k damage to HTs) _…

  47. hey Dez, you pronounced Jagdtiger correctly but i prefer your Jaaagdtaaager

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