► World of Tanks T57 Heavy Tank: 12,400 Damage Rampage – T57 Heavy Tank Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Commentary. Battle Episode.

Song name: Minoru – 187

Long time since I saw anyone doing that good in T57 Heavy. For some reason people are not playing with T57’s, or that just me?
Sit back and take a look how “chi3f” is going to carry this tier 10 battle with platoon mate “Boexx”.


Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1946939#team

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. What’s with the aiming reticle?

  2. Damn, now i feel bad about getting 4880 damage in a T69 in a 50% Tier 8
    game :(

  3. The 121 is a good tank?

  4. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    I see you’re a glitch ‘n swing fan too Dez? 😉 it would be nice if you kept
    the music in through the video though… I find background music in video’s
    makes them easier to watch. Else my brain just says “meh” and gets bored.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +DezGamez Dez games using his outro to get out of putting background music
      in. You lazy bastard you! ;D

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man
      There is music on the background to the end. 😀

  5. Awesome replay as usual Dez the T57 will prolly be my first Tier X tank
    cause i am loving my Bulldog so much i play a ton of games in it so ill be
    grinding away at T49 then T54E1 then T57 cant wait. But since i dont have
    prem account and im just about average player it will take me awhile.

  6. DezGamez what kind of tank replays do you want

  7. ” e-100 gold noob 😀 ” E-100 haves 250+(+) pen with normal ammo why he
    shoots gold? tell me D:

  8. thanku dez gamez keep up the keep up the great work :)

  9. Pretty good MM. When I take my 57 for a spin, it’s usually against a bunch
    of E 100s, 50Bs and IS-7s. I also run with 2 rep kits, this thing is a
    rolling ammo rack.

  10. +DezGamez can you feature an AMX 50b vid?

  11. Hey dez. Can you show all of the tanks in your garage? I’m curious. 

  12. I only fire he BTW, must have been his mantlet or something

  13. Lol that was me in the t49.. Dam noobs!!!

  14. I remember your old intro before you took your long ass break for
    university and your “personal business” dam I’m glad you kept the good shit
    whilst improving it even further

  15. +DezGamez – looks like this is a battle that some “pros” all calling #Epic

    Oh well – I am enjoying my weekend!

  16. For almost everyone: Music at the beginning is “Minoru – 187” :P

  17. What’s the song at the beginning?

  18. Music?

  19. Captain Hardaine

    first music name is ?

  20. The reason nobody plays it that much is since the nerf it’s not quite as OP
    as it was before.

  21. I can see that DMG is EPIC but I can also see there is no EPIC gameplay
    appart from damage farming… He was in the same place all the time just
    shooting… Still EPIC though!

    • GG, in this enviorment T57 is OP, when engagments are close range, since
      last nerf shooting with T57 on mid to long ranges is uter shit. I personaly
      used to love this tank but nowdaya I just use it for cw and sh missions and
      once per week maybe in random, since my ammo loadout is 12/24 :3 😀 so heat
      on T57, totaly legit.

    • +White Unicorn Yup. Show us some of your epic replays!

    • +jeremie murray .. i never said it was bad using gold ammo in his Position.
      I also never said he didnt aim well… learn to read my bro.. he used gold
      and the guy i responded to said ” Ap till the End” he was wrong…its not
      about good or bad nor noob or pro its just that he didnt use ap till the
      end.. srsly calm down

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      T57 Heavy is ridiculously over powered, so he didn’t NEED to make any
      game-winning decisions, the tank did it all for him…

    • jeremie murray (yoyoya2)

      +Fiundal undso what in the actual fuck. He is right he did aim very well.
      And your idiot response of how he used gold ammo shows why shitters like
      you never do well. He only had 3 AP shells left why would he go in with a
      clip of only 3 shots when he could go in with 4. Your logic shows why
      streamers like foch and circon have a bad influence on the community. But
      atleast they are actually good unlike most players who complain about gold

  22. I have a first timing but not a comment

  23. Nice game!

  24. That gun bloom bug :P

  25. Enjoy your weekend! :)

    • +DezGamez hey Dez, I really do enjoy your vids, but there is one thing
      which makes me cringe: it’s not FoTch, but Foch, with the ‘ch’ being
      pronounced like the ‘s’ in ‘sure’, or the ‘sh’ in ‘shoe’. Everything is
      ballsdeep epic, keep up the good work 😉

    • +DezGamez Likewise! ^^


    no one can say first now :)

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