► World of Tanks – T95 Epic Battle – Enemy team, You drunk?

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T95 Gameplay, Tier 9 Tank Destoryer.
►Welcome Home!

You ready for some World of Tanks Epic Battles? I got you covered. Long time since we featured T95’s gameplay our channel, final time to fix that problem!
This really is intense and game tbh, well check out yourself!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. “I still got it, boys!” – Doom Turtle 2015

  2. first?

  3. lol, I heared lady’s and german. (I dont know why i commented for that)

  4. Dez and his love for Era :P

  5. Edgaras Stanulionis

    Enemy team was just fully retarded, 3 guys who were left against t95 had to
    to same what JPanther did – take it’s tracks off and off. Then t95 couldn’t
    do shit lawl

  6. The church of Ameno approves!

  7. Bravo mah!

  8. What is the name of that dramatic music? Someone please tell me!

  9. GalaWOTs Galavits

    i love it when T95s just go in ham and kills everybody

  10. lmao jingles would be proud. that t-54…damaged engine maybe? 0_o

    i sold my t25 out of boredom but might have to rebuy it now, normally i
    hate something this slow but this video has given me hope. that and the
    sexy new HD model! i’m a sucker for a pretty tank even if i hate driving
    it, might just have to load up on 105 octane and hope for the best. 

  11. if the enemy team was a little bit better the T95 was goign to lose so
    easy..he played very bad and he needs to learn how to aim and not use only

  12. Михайл Димитров

    7:56 probably t-54 no ammo?

  13. The t54… /facepalm

  14. 3 complete idiots at the end on the enemy team

  15. Dez, you need a new intro song. I have recommendations!

  16. Bit of luck. Bit of romanian skill. Bit or TURTLE OF FUCKING DOOM.
    Keep it up dez. <3

  17. “Let’s jump into action” , I didn’t really think that these words would
    make me laugh xD

  18. Epic turtle

  19. Lol that epic music from Death Star’s epic 2K dmg shot! 

  20. Dez what do you think about petition for super pershing? Can you suport it

  21. T95 is best 95! love this slow beast so much.

  22. Great video Dez! What was the song when u showed the graveyard and had RIP?

  23. Sorry,I’m new here but where are you from?

  24. This is the worst team I have ever seen. These guys have been smoking
    something realy strong.

  25. On your settings you can turn on the last known position on your map if
    it’s above 9.6

  26. I like these replays with 1 vs “…”
    Thx Dezz!

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