► World of Tanks: Team Not Found Error = 13 Kills and Crazy Score! – Cromwell B(east) Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Cromwell B Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Cromwell B Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

When there is “No Team Found” error, you have to do by yourself… And this is what “NoobBoBStronkTomatoKemp” did in this battle!



  1. Somehow I feel it wasn’t the game, but you’ve picked replay because awesome
    name of player :P

  2. lol i got a 13 kill game in my Cromwell B 3 moths a go but this game had
    more skill and it was a 1V6 my one was a 1v5.

  3. Epic battle Crom! Congratulation! ;D

  4. I’m the only one who thinks that he is using aim hacks? cuz he keeps using
    auto too many times.

  5. 452 likes, 0 dislikes. It’s a world record! :)

  6. the day autoaim is better then manual aim was the day a cromwell B managed
    to clutch 1 vs 6 with 13 kills.

  7. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    No dislikes? Good job people, keep liking this.

  8. Double Double 4G

    He made this far more tense than it needed to be by relying on auto-aim so
    much – lotsa bounces and ricochets that could have been avoided and maybe
    saved him some credits and HP. You also don’t need APCR in the Crom IMO
    since it is a flanking tank – it’s nimble enough to get the sides and rear
    of pretty-much anything and the gun has decent enough pen for all but the
    most troll side and rear armor at tiers 6-8.

    Luckily he didn’t need to worry as the enemy team played like morons and
    bots :)

  9. fkin epic!

  10. Snippsnapp Gaming

    THIS IS FAKE!!!! or not…..

  11. I’m happy with a couple of kills and 1k damage in my Cromwell B.

  12. Rainbow Assassin

    WOT Bestreplays just submitted this 30 seconds ago as well :P

  13. so much auto aim… even when static..

  14. Kostas Karadimos

    For all you that say that you’ve seen it already on another channel(I’ve
    seen it too XD),two things:
    1)The guy has possibly sent this replay to every WOT Youtuber he could
    think,because it was an epic game and he wanted it to be seen,so,yeah…
    2)Commentary by Dez…All your objections are invalid XD

    The only thing I could say this guy did wrong is that he fired APCR on the
    Churchill I,it doesn’t have the best armor,he would have an easier time
    dealing with the O-I,and he would have made him salty(XD),and maybe not
    firing HE on the Pz Souffle.
    Otherwise,it was a blinder of a game!
    Keep up the good job Dez!

  15. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Cromwell is really great tank, if you got time to stop, shooting while
    moving is just …. wtf?! with 5 perk crew i am still missing shots from
    50m while going straight line without turning turret…. But guess that is
    the balance right..

  16. 0 dislikes <=> DezGamez starting to blocking noobs :D

  17. NIce replay, to bad the normal Crom has only 36 deg track traverse and
    circling enemys it’s a bit tricky, compare to a woping 50 deg track trav
    that Crom B has :)

  18. 8:13 :D

  19. I did 12 kills with my KV-1 at beta, over 40 impacts on my tank and
    survived. Good old times…

  20. Epic win god like monster killll

  21. Lukáš Havelka

    autoaim and red luck FTW

  22. Crom B is OP, confirmed.

  23. God damn. He ran rings around them and beat them like red headed step

  24. Go cromwel

  25. My goodness was that good sportsmanship in chat. Uninstall.


  27. Absolutely incredible game, although I must admit that the enemy was pretty
    damn stupid!

  28. Bartosz Mazurek

    Cromwell B (east) , I see what you did there ;)

  29. the vk had no ammo hahahahah

  30. Why the hell would you get in close with the OI if you could have just back
    away and finish him from afar?

  31. I got 10 kills in my Hetzer last night. Took me about 50 games though.

  32. martindrengenxbox360

    I often get into games where I am the only one advancing.. Once lost a game
    when 3 heavies were chilling in the back with the artillary.

  33. wow 11k exp

  34. wlide familya______LOL

    this replay was uploaded buy Best replays EU befor u

  35. I saw this replay on an Other Channel 5 Minutes ago.

  36. You sure he is a bot? (this afk player)

  37. Marty Camenzind

    never got this error before

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