► World of Tanks Teaser | Tame Your Beast! | Patch 9.8+ Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 9.8+ Physics Update Teaser / Trailer. Tame Your Beast!
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: Max Cameron – Natus Vincere

+ hours of work and 2 minute teaser is ready! 🙂 Take a look how much fun we are going to have in the future. New physics are not coming with 9.7, maybe with 9.8.. Will see.

Huge thanks to my friend Z4nn1n for helping me with some of the clips!


Your thoughts?

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Oldskools modpack:


  1. OMG!:O Teach me, senpai!

  2. Tame your beast. New physics are coming! 

  3. Very nice video..

  4. Harold Tjokrosetiko

    Sick trailer

  5. First!

  6. Awesome video, can’t wait for your live stream once this is active. Keep it

  7. Very nice trailer 

  8. Very awesome cinematic!

  9. awesome vid dude

  10. Upside down trick shots….. YES

  11. Nice job man well done! ;)

  12. What’s the musique ??
    Very good video

  13. Fantastic, absolutely phenomenal Video editing. Seriously, it’s a movie
    grade trailer. Fantastic job. was a pleasure to watch.

  14. world of elcs! coming soon! 

  15. wow just wow 

  16. Very well done ! 

  17. Very nice bro

  18. Really nice teaser with good music and beautiful pictures 😀 a real movie

  19. Very nice video dez, good work.

  20. Wargaming pushed it to the limits!
    With the new patch you will be able to reach spots,that you wouldnt be able
    to do it before this!Just saying!

  21. Oh man, that upside down shot! I wonder who will get the first flying
    barrel-roll kill? :D

  22. This is really amazing!

  23. well put together video dude, nice job syncing the music and the footage
    which was also great!;)

  24. I wonder how this will impact the Asian server

  25. Masterincommander

    so in 2:15 seconds you put in about 15 seconds of actual physics footage
    which is what we actually all came here to see

  26. Sir Osis of Liver

    Sweet vid, Dez! Nice work.

  27. Beauty at its finest… DezGamez. 07

  28. Nice editing combined with good music. But please use a higher bitrate next


  30. A1 video DG! Amazing work

  31. They’re introducing 15 vs 15 ELC AMX battles? Awesome ;)

  32. nuclearsharkattack

    Ship — are you going to start doing *Armored Warfare* vids?

  33. These new physics have “Revenge of the Lights(Especially ELCs)” written all
    over it.
    Great job on the video, made me get hyped. 

  34. A fantastic editting. Now a days, there are a lot of WoT videos (in
    Youtube), but a very few of them are beautiful and professional. And, this
    video is a wonderful sample. It is like a move. Thanks for your perfect

  35. wow… just… wow…

  36. Amanita Muscaria

    Damn that was nice video thank you.

  37. wow… well done

  38. looks like that amx is going to be high on everyone’s want list after all
    these latest teasers on physics.

  39. 1:50, wait, I thought you will die when you are upside down? They changed

  40. Very ver cool:) I wish I could see my bulldog In these patch. Anyways realy
    good video. Keep up the good work!

  41. WOW!!

  42. Awesome video DezGames, keep up the good work!

  43. Fabulous compilation, backed with super cool music, I think its the best of
    this type you have done so far, great to watch first thing on a Sunday
    morning with plenty of good coffee … some things dont need words, this is
    a great example of that, bravo Mr Gamez

  44. The power of ELC AMX!

  45. This looks sick

  46. Whats the Song Name ? Its awsome

  47. EPIC!!!

  48. Alessandro Condorelli

    1:14 under water???? it’s fantastic!!! but when come havok Dez?

  49. RedEye Productions

    Really, really nicely done Dezgamez. One of the best WoT highlights ever

  50. Brought a tear to my eye, noice!

  51. Nice very fresh approach.
    Well done,good, awesome(?) editing!

  52. Comhghall Geraghty

    I love the way the action is in time with the music. excellent video

  53. Comhghall Geraghty

    Im going for elc amx for my next tank

  54. Comhghall Geraghty

    had to watch this twice.. Jingles could be I trouble after this

  55. fucking awesome!!!!

  56. wauu, can this game become more tetris then it was. apparently so.

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