► World of Tanks – That one Bounced! | Object 260 Gameplay Review

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Source: DezGamez

260 Gameplay Review and Commentary.
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In today’s epic battle episode we are going to take out very exclusive Object 260, tier 10 special premium heavy tank. I haven’t seen any . 260 the battlefield, yet. But I can tell you that this is one really tough tank to face.
Sit back and take a look what son of and IS-7 can do.


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. How many of you already have it?

  2. Sun of a gun ? 

  3. Still struggling with the concept :-(

  4. Great game , great tank ;D . Wp danyel191 !

  5. 260 is op

  6. Light Missions are RNG and luck based.
    Let me put that into perspective;

    I have completed all Heavy, Medium and TD missions for the T28c category.

    I thought I would have alot of problems with the TD and Heavy missions
    because the only TDs I have are the obj263, su12244 and E25. The only heavy
    tanks that I have are the E75 and KV2.
    I didnt have any problems completing Heavy and TD missions, they were easy

    Ok so now ask “how many light missions have I completed?” about 4….
    Guess how many light tanks I have?
    Bulldog, LTTB, Awf. Panther, T49 and T54 lt.wt.


  7. jeez that thing is pretty fast ! same as is-7 ?

  8. The armour, the speed and the gun, I think that tank will have a nerf

  9. Hahahaha…I only have the medium & heavy missions done on the stug IV

  10. Tanchistii romani. Forzaaaaa

  11. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    Not gonna get any of them…:/

  12. Dez – to me the Obj 260 is the entire reason for conducting the missions –
    such an awesome tank! Thanks for this video.

  13. The captions are out of control and flying aimlessly! Somebody put a stop
    to this!!

  14. probably cheated like people do on ru servers and or eu servers like clan
    thing on ftr said or this person has no life , but congratz.

  15. Caption Guy has made an appearance on Dez’s channel!! YAY!! 

  16. Can’t wait to balance this tank in my 261

  17. War Commander Box TV

    I dont have even the stug IV… :D

  18. jeffrey schreuder

    its medium tank with some of the if not the strongest heavy tank armor in
    the game and one of the strongets heavy tank guns in the game yes its op as

    you cant call this a heavy tank anymore this is in terms of playstyle a
    main battle tank just look at it this way

    a main battle tank lets take for example the leopard 2
    it has really strong armor it has a VERY strong smoothbore gun and its
    pretty darn mobile

    now the object 260
    it is pretty darn mobile such mobility that some medium tanks look at the
    tank with envy
    its got REALLY good armor
    and it has a VERY good gun

    thats the exact reason why the leopard 2 isnt called a heavy tank anymore
    same goes for the M1 abrahams or the T72 or any tanks like that.
    this tank in wot is on par with a main battle tank in this game
    its a medium tank and a heavy tank in one package just like main battle
    tanks these days

    also the argument it is hard to get why give the unicums an even bigger
    edge above everyone else?
    these unicums given the fact that they do clanwars already have the skill
    and posibilitys to get unique tanks why give them even more and why a tank
    that is so terribly overpowered compared to almost every other tier 10
    heavy tank and medium tank

    arent the M60,VK7201k(or whatever) and the object 907

    so my rant is done i stand by my opinion that this tank has to be nerfed
    and wargaming was drunk the moment they added this tank as a reward

  19. HATE all the stupid missions.. I don’t even have the stug yet…

    Platooning missions = SUCK I hardly play when my friends are online 🙁
    Arty missions = SUCK!!! I don’t play arty
    Heavy tank missions require capping = SUCK because capping is silly..

    But otherwise yeah missions.. pretty good idea and some are actually nice
    and make sense.

  20. Well, i dont even have the Stug and there are some people driving the Obj.
    260… (I bet they laugh at me… at all of us…)

  21. So lets sum up the Obj so Medium tanks speed Better armour than Maus on
    upper hull 400m turret and TD gun so yeah pretty balanced XD

  22. Bravo Daniel!

  23. Fucking far xD Still doing the Stug mission and stuck at platoon mission
    almost in all tank type >_>

  24. obj 26 hero :D

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