► World of Tanks: The Big Boyz! – IS-4, IS-7 and AMX 50B Heavy Tank Gameplay – Teams Too OP!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks IS-4 Gameplay. World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay. World of Tanks AMX Gameplay. Gameplay Series.

to roll out with “Ze Big Boyz!”, because I don’t remember when I last played with IS-4 and IS-7 for example.
And you are going to see how hard it is to get some damage done when your teams are too ! 😀

Tomorrow another RNGesus episode!



  1. 50B is awesome i have the t57 hvy and its now bad but i think 50B is better

  2. Can you recommend a mod for your incoming hit/damage counter?

  3. Dez, your game looks amazing – what value would you place on your setup?
    Just curious

  4. their too big, u need little tanks. good vid though . :3

  5. I love your stuff mate, you always sound so chilled out

  6. Don’t care what u use dude u rock anyhow I ain’t got any of these Tanks ;(

  7. Stronk tenks! Death to scumbags! GG.

  8. some STB1 or 268 gameplay?

  9. Some more great games. IS4 and 7 really are assault tanks and fit your
    fighting style to a T. And that 50B game….yeah the CGC is broken as fuck
    with that insane firing arc.

  10. I enjoyed it, always so calming to watch while I am playing

  11. Gotta love the french autoloaders

  12. LOL AMX-50B final clip—>APPROVED. Gotta play the Lor. 40t man!

  13. You went from big botz to big biatch

  14. I dont care what anybody says the cgcs firing arc is op as fuck with the
    caliber of gun it has i have been 1 shot by those things from dam right
    stupid locations where no other arty could hit me but aome how the giant
    fuck you gun can…

  15. Hey Dez. What exactly are the differences between the IS-4 and IS-7? I Want
    the IS-4 over the 7. But i’m not sure why.

    • IS4 used to be the best tier 9 heavy in the game. As for tier x not as good
      and I think the IS7 is considered to be better. As far as I have sen IS7 i
      more used than IS4 in CW. Personally I have far better stats in IS7 than
      IS4 but that probably is due to playstyle

    • IS-4 has nothing special compared to the other heavy tanks, I mean it was a
      tier 9 long ago so yea..

  16. I play my maus e100 (these 2 because i need to improve the crews) and jpz
    e100 (this because that gun) so much more than i play my is4 is7 and object
    140 even though the is4 is probably the best heavily armoured heavy in the
    game right now. I dont drive the is7 because i dont really enjoy it. the
    object 140 is basically like playing with god mode on so its not satisfying
    to play but the is4 i keep for those days when wot is really pissing me off
    and it very rarely lets me down :)

  17. u needed to use the artic region replay dez, i was in there in the wt pz 4
    u where i IS4 we lost horrible

  18. They both were at E0 and got you at about 900m. Thats almost perfect for a
    CGC.. he can hit you there anytime. He even can hit line 1 because its max
    range 970m. Best arty for this map for sure :)

  19. Dez nuts! Get it? Fine, I’ll go home….

  20. once again i love to see your videos 😀 i just think that you have a really
    good talent for dezkindofthings xD and you got everything to be sucefull 😀
    (sry my english im portguese mate ;D) keep it up

  21. Lets go heavily armor tanks to the thinnest of the thin

  22. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

    Great games once again! keep em coming, always anxiously awaiting the next

  23. 50B is love, 50B is life! :)

  24. Nice selection of tanks.

  25. nice video

  26. The Conquerer GC gun arc is absolutely ridiculous so he could actually
    manage to pull those shots off. Its disgusting lol!

  27. +DezGamez if the GC goes to right side of the map behind the ridge (like
    D-E0 +/-), it can drop shells behind that rock and even splash tanks behind
    he huge one more on left (C1-2?) area. We tried that in training room while
    prep. for CW and it is actually crazy where that thing can hit you on this

  28. Gotta find that team that’s only good enough to slow down the enemy long
    enough so that you can rip through them LOL

  29. Tomorrow another RNGesus episode, HYPE! 🙂
    Enjoy your friday/weekend!

    • +Inzo62 I use vertical stabilizer, ventilation and gun laying drive becasue
      i want that extra 10% aiming speed! Without optics i have 417m view range
      so i think gun laying drive is more useful for AMX 50B, cause u don’t want
      to expose yourshelf too much!

    • +Inzo62 vents, optics, verts – as seen in the video 15:10

    • marquitoescort2011

      +DezGamez thanks dez u too bro. Sent u a awsome Fv4202 game. 7.7 k dmg and
      radley walters. check it out.

    • +DezGamez ConquerorGC can land shots almost everywhere because of its hight
      arc of shell flight.

    • +DezGamez Reccomended equipment on the amx 50b?

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