► World of Tanks: The Craziest Battle! – 1 vs 9? – T30 Epic 10,000+ Damage Gameplay!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T30 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T30 Epic Battle Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

Today I am going to show you what might be craziest game that I have seen in World of Tanks… and I have seen a lot of crazy and weird and sick and awesome stuff in 5 years of playing…

Check out how “chosenkys” is trying to carry his to victory, alone… vs 9 enemy tanks.

You are going to enjoy this!


  1. I never try to kill myself i fight it out till the end

  2. Hey Dez. An idea for the 15 vs 15 session – 15 cromwels/cromBs vs 15 skoda

  3. +DezGamez your narration just gets me every time, even to e extent I don’t
    even care for the world of tanks content as much anymore, it’s more just
    hearing you talk over it. SO good! Keep it up

  4. T110E5 or M48 Patton? Made new account for T95E2 and wondering which would
    be an easier grind.

  5. Why crazy game?
    Just because so many ridiculous things are happening in one game… :D


  7. Nathaniel Forcelle

    I feel that could have been a victory if he had turned his hull with his
    turret at the end :/

  8. Just an average gameplay by t30 and amaizing stupidity by enemy team!

  9. if he would turn his turret + tracks he would still be alive. But really
    epic stuff :D

  10. Wotko s Vokurkou

    he should turned the hull also.. it would save him some time and might
    killed arty before he zeroed in…

  11. Unkouwn Slacker

    why didn’t he turn his hull..

  12. That play in the end was mega noob Dez, he should have turned both his
    tracks and hull. Thats what cost him the game. Really really bad move. T30
    turret is known to be slow turning. No excuses. Up until than gg

  13. dank memes

  14. Honestly he should have turned his hull and his turret at the end. Wasn’t
    the best play at the end

  15. dank memes

  16. SomeGuy named GROM

    >mfw he doesn’t turn his tracks with his turret to get the shot on the

  17. once again cocksucking tomato clicker ends an epic battle. Fuck you WG.

  18. SeaTehNoobWorld

    5 tier 6 lts vs 15 tier 3 or 4’s

  19. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    That 34-100 might have tried to go underwater and flank the enemies.

  20. People really don’t know how long reload time T30 has…

  21. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    I actually know the O-Ni player … Feelsbadman, i apologize on his behalf

  22. he should have tourned the hull and turret at the end…^^ but gg!!

  23. he should’ve kept moving when arty came up behind him, nonetheless good

  24. I would have let him have it on all those kills

  25. realy good game but at end he should turn all his tank

  26. Crazy game indeed!! But why did he not turn his hull together with his
    turret? That’s such a nooby mistake -_-

  27. The Wooden Bowl

    Why did he even try to aim at the end? He should’ve just snapshoted the

  28. this is anoying

    when mm makes a match with 150 wn8 and lower

  29. is it possible to do more? turn the hull+turret, kill arty, kill su152,
    kill the other arty…is it possible to do more? yes

  30. the T-34-100 must be an artillery player

  31. O-Ni needs a medal for 0 damage and zero bullets used
    T30 need a medal to for not give up

  32. not on a face off episode buuuuut Type 5 heavy vs E100/maus/IS-7/T110E5?

  33. meh. he was good but not superb.
    the enemies were just idiots.

  34. Dez gamer are you an african slave?

  35. you deserve more subscriber man !

  36. dez love the vids and the accent

  37. Do a face off Charioteer Vs Centurion 1

  38. just asked Foch for some epic T30 beastmoding, and then you come in with
    epic T30 gameplay… What are you?!

  39. Great Vid watched the whole thing.

  40. Panos kolokotsis


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